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April, 2017 The Battery Boardwalk: Open for Business
December, 2015 Sleuth Noir Free to Play: December 20 - January 20
July, 2012 Make Wire Transfers between Detectives at Bank
July, 2012 Quitting the Money Twist Now Pays Off
January, 2011 New Scripted Mystery: Sins of the Father
December, 2010 Skill or Dumb Luck: NEW RARE ITEMS
August, 2010 New Scripted Mystery: Indian Dream
July, 2010 Invasion of the Friends
July, 2010 New Scripted Mystery: Wheel of Misfortune
June, 2010 Detective Sal Iva wins the Shady Lottery!
June, 2010 New Scripted Mystery: Falcon's Sacrifice
May, 2010 Villains Flee to Cairo
April, 2010 Shady Yaks Back
January, 2010 Titles / Achievements
December, 2009 Fourth Annual(ish) Avatar Beauty Pageant
November, 2009 Autumn Updates
August, 2009 Some Summer Updates
July, 2009 Who Said Love and Shady Don't Mix?
April, 2009 Urgent Telegram!
August, 2008 Sleuth Radio Airing Live on Aug 17th!
August, 2008 New Player Contest Books Available
July, 2008 New Sleuthetania Quests
May, 2008 USS Sleuthetania to launch on Saturday, June 14th!
April, 2008 Impending Launch of the USS Sleuthetania!
March, 2008 London Featured Mystery: The Executioner's End
February, 2008 Shades of Mystery officially live!
February, 2008 Shades of Mystery now in Open Beta! (try it out today)
January, 2008 January Featured Mysteries
November, 2007 New Shades of Mystery Screenshot and Gameplay Movie
October, 2007 Apply to be a Shades of Mystery Beta Tester
August, 2007 Sleuth: Shades of Mystery - New Screenshots!
August, 2007 Cairo University seeks Aid from Adventurous Sleuths
July, 2007 Sleuth: Shades of Mystery Announced
July, 2007 Intercontinental Arch Villain Grudge Match!
June, 2007 Third Annual Avatar Beauty Pageant
May, 2007 All-New Sleuth Mail System
April, 2007 Shady Answers Your Questions in His New Column
March, 2007 Create your own Mysteries and Intros in the Writers' Workshop
March, 2007 SleuthCon I June 15-17
January, 2007 A Second Chance for Retired Detectives
December, 2006 Detective Apartments are Here
November, 2006 Detective Apartments Announced
October, 2006 Books!
August, 2006 Shadow of the Villains Launched
August, 2006 New Faction Shirts on Sale
August, 2006 Desktop Wallpapers Available for Download
August, 2006 Shadow of the Villains Launch Date Announced
July, 2006 The Unread Will Now Available to Non-Subscribers
July, 2006 Shadow of the Villains
June, 2006 Mystery Fiction Contest Winners
June, 2006 Second Annual Avatar Beauty Pageant Results
May, 2006 The Doomsayer Trilogy
November, 2005 Introducing Sleuth Footwear
August, 2005 Featured Mystery News
July, 2005 Featured Mystery News
April, 2005 Croesy2002 wins First Annual Sleuth Avatar Beauty Pageant... somehow
February, 2005 Cities of Mystery
November, 2004 Mop Men Contest
April, 2004 Commerical Launch
February, 2004 Public Beta Test Begins