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January, 2008

If you haven't played for awhile, stop by Sleuth to try out our three newest Featured Mysteries.

Cry 'Wolf'... 'Werewolf'!

Delhi is in a panic. Werewolves are attacking the populace! As a logical, reasoning detective, you know werewolves aren't real, but you're going to have a tough time convincing others of that ...

Author: ShadowChii | Setting: Delhi | Difficulty: Incredibly Hard

The Unwanted Guest

A meeting has been set up at a friend's house, but someone has something more in mind than chat. The solving of this case now lays on your hands.

Author: Lawrence Wargrave | Setting: New York | Difficulty: Intermediate

A Conundrum Almighty

The death of a priest in the local parish church sends shockwaves through the community. Is it a simple case of burglary gone wrong, or is something more sinister involved?

Author: Phoenix Shadow | Setting: London | Difficulty: Incredibly Hard