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Intercontinental Arch Villain Grudge Match Results

July, 2007

Mate Against Mate! State Against State!

Twenty One detectives from around the world threw down in the biggest, meanest Sleuth-off in history. When the dust settled, the upside-down Commonwealth Gamers won it all, with all three members completing their hunts on day #4.

The winners were rewarded with highly-coveted keys to the Palace of the Prince of Shangri-La!


Team Members Score
Commonwealth Gamers Secret_Squirrel, Cordelia Falco, Coco Cola 59
Europe - eastern, western, middle (US of E) Rosamund Clifford, Evelyn Gardner, Lady Ruby Caplan 52
Beach Bums (West Coast) detectivehappy, Benny D. Town, Zanjana 35
Oh, Canada! AraLives, Carrie Mehome, fillemaligne 33
Nice Beavers (Canada) Beef Flaps, David Palmer, Ranier Peperhaut 21
Eastern Seaboard (US of A) biggie528, Longwater, nicnic 10
Britain - size doesnt matter, its what you do with it that counts Adam Carter, Parlabane II, Brasco De Gama 0-DNF

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