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May, 2006

Hypothetical Software is very proud to announce three original featured mysteries written by our very own Michael Bagen (John Hale): The Doomsayer Trilogy.

Players completing all three mysteries in the Doomsayer Trilogy will gain access to special prizes that are not available anywhere else in the game.

Episode 1: The Prisoner
Saturday, February 4th

Domino Walker has escaped from prison. Find his accomplice and you will find him. But finding him will require an odd bit of help from a certain shady character and ultimately, when you get your man, you will find far more is at stake than you originally thought.

Author: Michael Bagen | Setting: New York

Episode 2: Killers
Tuesday, March 28th

Terrence Zorn is a hunted man, and now a captive of unknown enemies. But there is more to his kidnapping than simple revenge. The great killers of the underworld have been summoned, and all will not survive.

Author: Michael Bagen | Setting: London

Episode 3: The Gift
Saturday, May 13th

The Final Reckoning looms as three people seek to unravel the mystery of the Doomsayers and their insidious plans.

Author: Michael Bagen | Setting: Delhi