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Alpha Screen Shots


Crime Scene
Crime Scene


Clue File : Lipstick Stain
Clue File : Lipstick Stain


Case File Screen Shot
Case File

Suspect File Screen Shot
Suspect File

Suspect File Screen Shot
Suspect File

Suspect File Screen Shot
Suspect File

Clue File Screen Shot
Clue File


City Map Screen Shot
City Map

Neighborhood Map Screen Shot
Neighborhood Map

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Updated Feb 24, 2008!
Sleuth: Shades of Mystery is now live!
Play Sleuth: Shades of Mystery!

Hypothetical Software, maker of the long running internet mystery game Sleuth Noir, is proud to announce the upcoming release of our newest web-base detective game - Sleuth: Shades of Mystery.

In Sleuth: Shades of Mystery you'll take on the persona of a private detective in a city beset by crime. Use your wits and skill to solve baffling cases while you unravel secrets buried throughout the city.


  • Create and customize your own detective with our unique character creation system.
  • Search crime scenes and suspects homes for clues. Question witnesses. Somewhere there is a murderer waiting to strike again, unless you can stop them first.
  • Buy, Sell and Trade rare and unique items with other players in a dynamic economy.
  • Join with other players from around the world to create Detective Agencies.

Technical Requirements

  • Broadband Internet Connection
  • Web Browser with the Flash Plugin installed

Gameplay Videos

Crime Scene Crime Scene
Searching a two room Crime Scene for clues.

Apply for Beta

Limited beta testing will begin in late November followed by more larger test groups to follow.

You must login to apply for beta.

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