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Sleuth: Shadow of the Villains

August, 2006

Welcome to the newest expansion for Sleuth: Shadow of the Villains. Shadow of the Villains is the second major expansion in the history of Sleuth. We're keeping many of the new features secret, so you can discover them for yourself. There are some rule changes, however, that we'd like to point out, to avoid confusion. You can review this list later by visiting the Shadow of the Villains FAQ in the Game Updates section. Happy Sleuthing.

Shangri La and the Prince
  • The Prince of Shangri La has offered a reward to anybody who can capture an Arch Villain.
  • To begin a Villain Hunt, you must visit Shangri La.
  • You need an official invitation from the Prince in order to travel to Shangri La... bit of a dilemma, no?
  • Pirates have blockaded all shipping lanes leading into Cairo. Who can lift this terrible threat?
Unlockable Sleuth Themes
  • There are now many game themes (backgrounds) available to choose from.
  • You can change your active theme from your detective page.
  • Most of the available themes need to be unlocked in the game.
More Daily Mysteries for Subscribers
  • Subscribers now have 12 daily mysteries available instead of 10.
Quitting Faction Mysteries
  • Your political standings are now affected when you quit a mystery the factions are interested in. The effect is the opposite you would have received for solving the case.
Open Ended Questions
  • You can now ask any of the townspeople specific text questions (you type them in). You can only access this option when you are not working on a case.