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Fourth Annual(ish) Avatar Beauty Pageant

December, 2009

There's no doubt about it, Sleuths can be a cerebral bunch. In an effort to keep us in touch with our more shallow qualities, we continue the annual tradition of the Sleuth Avatar Beauty Contest homage to vanity.

Sleuths gathered at the lush New York Penthouse of Big Lucy for a live gala event celebrating this year's contestants. The winner and runners up were awarded custom items and cash prizes. Spectators were also treated to a live Sleuth Trivia contest hosted by the Heigh Leigh Irregulars.


The Contessa   Anais Nin   Lady Zeugirdor   Riza Hawkeye   Laura Vo
Caledonia   Elizabeth March   turtledove   Dawn Dragon

And the winner is...

The Contessa takes first place, with a total of 37 votes, out of 142 cast. Congratulations to her majesty, who received a custom made Beauty Queen Necklass for her prize.

Anais Nin is your first runner up, with 21 votes. If, for some reason, The Contessa is unable to fulfill her duties as the 2009 pageant winner, Anais Nin will take over for the remainder of her reign.