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Sleuth: Shadow of the Villains

August, 2006

What: A major expansion to Sleuth

When: Monday, August 28th 2006

Hypothetical Software is proud to announce the upcoming release of the second major expansion to Sleuth: Shadow of the Villains. In Shadow of the Villains, players will be able to match wits against devious Arch Villains while unraveling wider mysteries of the Sleuth World.

Arch Villains: A dark cabal of Villains has unleashed a flood of crime across the streets of Sleuth. Will the detectives of the world match this new menace?

Shangri La: Visit this secluded, mountain city, where an enigmatic prince has promised to deliver the world from the clutch of the Arch Villains. What are the true motives of this mysterious figure?

Check back later for more details. And Happy Sleuthing.


  • Updated Game Look
  • Explore the Hidden City of Shangri La
  • Hunt Arch Villains around the World
  • Access more powerful items
  • Learn New Skills
  • Unlock Faction Themed backgrounds