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Second Annual Avatar Beauty Pageant Results

June, 2006

After a year suffering under the iron fisted rule of 2005 pageant winner Croesy2002, the citizens of Sleuth once again gathered to cast their votes for their favorite player avatar of 2006.


Chawnes   Chelsea Bando   Kagome_70   Zane Bentley
Lucian Ty   Serena Siren   Barry Grant   crunchpatty

And the winner is...

Serena Siren wins first place, with a total of 56 votes, out of 184 cast. Congratulations to Serena who will recieve her choice of three custom made prizes: a Crown, and Tiara, or a Pageant Sash.

Chawnes is your first runner up, with 46 votes. If, for some reason, Serena Siren is unable to fulfill her duties as the 2006 pageant winner, Chawnes will take over for the remainder of her reign.