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A Second Chance for Retired Detectives

January, 2007

Opportunities for greatness sometimes come disguised as temporary defeat.

For the first time in the history of Sleuth, detectives will be given a second chance. Detectives who are retired due to collecting too many false accusations can now come out of retirement, but the price is high.

Retired detectives are assessed the following penalties when reactivated:

  1. Loss of 25% of their Experience Points
  2. Loss of 90% of their Money
  3. Loss of Skill Points commensurate to Experience Points lost. Since no skills are lost in the process, this usually means the detective will start with negative available skill points.
  4. Loss of one randomly selected piece of Equipment
  5. Loss of all Contacts
  6. Loss of most of their Political Standing Points

The option to bring a Sleuth out of retirement is now available for any sleuth ever retired through the history of the game!