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New Player Contest Books Available

August, 2008


There are several new books scattered around, some aboard the Sleuthetania, and some elsewhere.

Thanks to Anikka and Sophie4 for compiling these books. They are all compilations from contests on the Message Boards.

Seuss Noir

by Various Authors
The Seuss Noir Contest ran on Sleuth Noir from January 18?"31, 2008.
The premise: Take an existing Dr. Seuss story and transform it to noir.

Beatle Sleuths

by Various Authors
The Beatle Sleuths Contest ran on Sleuth Noir from February 17-20, 2008.
The premise: Create a noir parody of a Beatles song.

Fill My Tummy!

by Various Authors
The Fill My Tummy! Contest ran on Sleuth Noir from September 18?"28, 2007.
The premise: Given an opening line and closing line, write a Noir mystery story to fill the space between opening and closing (fill the tummy, so to speak).

Two lines were given, and it was the entrantís choice which to use as the opening and which to use as the closing line. There were also limitations on how often words could be used; most were allowed only once, with certain exceptions (the, and, a, I, that, they) allowed up to three times.

Once Upon A Noir

by Various Authors
The Once Upon A Noir... Contest ran on Sleuth Noir from November 18-30, 2007.
Premise: To rewrite a fairy tale as a Noir mystery.

The Epic Ode Contest

by Various Authors
The Epic Ode Contest ran on Sleuth Noir from October 1-25, 2007.
Premise: Write an "epic ode" dedicated to Sleuth Noir.

There Once Was a Gumshoe in Sleuth...

by Various Authors
Premise: Itís Limerick time! Sleuth Limericks, that is. And I think some people had just a little too much fun with them...