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Third Annual Avatar Beauty Pageant Results

June, 2007

There's no doubt about it, Sleuths can be a cerebral bunch. In an effort to keep us in touch with our more shallow qualities, we continue the annual tradition of the Sleuth Avatar Beauty Contest homage to vanity.


BurghThing   Rosamund Clifford   AraLives   Tinuviel
Lulah   Cordelia Falco   Ima Vagabond    

And the winner is...

Lulah takes first place, with a total of 61 votes, out of 242 cast. Congratulations to her majesty, who received a custom made black lace fan for her prize.

Tinuviel is your first runner up, with 53 votes. If, for some reason, Lulah is unable to fulfill her duties as the 2007 pageant winner, Tinuviel will take over for the remainder of her reign.