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Mop Men Contest

November, 2004

Contest Dates: November 16-22

The Contest is over. Thanks for playing.

Mop Men Contest Winners Score
The Winner of the Mop Men Competition 8040
Bryola Blue 6160
Paxton's Sweetheart 6020

All three winners of the Mop Men Contest receive signed, hardbound copies of Mop Men by Alan Emmins.

About Mop Men

**Mop Men contains some graphic descriptions, photographs of crime scenes and potentially offensive language.**

The author of Mop Men, Alan Emmins, is a member of the Sleuth community of players. Mop Men is his first book.

Mop Men is "a strange true tale of our times about death and cleaning and making money. Neal Smither was looking for a change of career when he saw Pulp Fiction and came up with the idea for a business venture."

Find out more about Mop Men