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Pet Peeve
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Old Shoe

May-2-2006 20:26

So this has ALWAYS been a pet peeve of mine; since the beginning of my Sleuthing.

*NOTE: This is not as big of one as the waiter/waitress 'fiasco' was*

Take a look at Sleuth Admin's detective page, for example.

Order o Socrates: Good(10)
Arcanum Brthrhd: Good(10)
Cosa Nostra: Poor(-3)
Eastern Triads: Good(10)
Circle of Light: Poor(-2)
Green Hand: Good(10) "

Notice that of is "o", not "of" in Order of Socrates
Notice that Brotherhood is shortened, and the word Dies is completely absent
"La" is missing in La Cosa Nostra
Isn't it "The" Green Hand, "The" Eastern Triads?

Now I know this was done because of margin widths, but can it not be fixed in any way? It's not only annoying, but also can be confusing as to what the factions are called. Perhaps they could even be shortened to just OS, LCN, DAB, GH, CoL, and ET? (Although that would be very confusing as well)

Just something that's always bothered me.


Ms Helen
Ms Helen
Con Artist

Oct-14-2006 13:09

Eugh that annoys the &*$% outta me as well.

And while we're at it I hate people that don't use their indicators. I mean come on people they're there for a reason


Oct-14-2006 13:47

I drive a cargo van with no rear windows, so this one really gets me.

I hate being on a 3-lane highway in either the left or right lane, trying to get over to the middle lane, WITH MY BLINKER ON, when some putz 2 lanes over decides he wants to quickly cut into the middle lane too, without any warning, right in the spot I'm trying to get to. It's gotten to the point that I don't change lanes unless ALL the lanes are clear at the time, to avoid a major accident.

Reese Withers
Reese Withers

Oct-14-2006 13:55

Grrrr, Ms Helen, I hate that too!! I always throw my hands up in the air, and go wtf? dont they make blinkers on that type of car or what? Jerks lol last time I threw my hands up in the air (which is a habit i have when a driver ticks me off lol) they stepped outside. such rage...of course, I had to step out too. I swear, some people make it so tough to act like a lady :) LOL

Another one that annoys me is drivers who ride their brakes. Oh my god...I just wanna knock them along side the head!

My mom hates driving with me....I can be in a great mood and get behind the wheel, and turn instant b*tch lol Of course, when she drives, she does same thing...and my Dad is always wanting to step out of the vehicle and "talk about it" with the idiot drivers out there, so I get it honestly from both parents :) LOL

Lucky Stiff

Oct-29-2006 18:54

Ok another one that hit me this morning....

When you go through a drive through, and place your order, say for a blueberry coffee with extra cream and sugar, and they repeat it back to you completely wrong. So you then repeat it again, and they ask you once more to repeat it. At this point, you've ordered three times and then they tell you to drive around without saying it back to get to the window, and they ask you what you had. When you do FINALLY get the coffee, and pull open it and......

its black.....AUGH

Old Shoe

Oct-31-2006 00:23

"Blueberry coffee with extra cream and sugar"

UGH!!!UGH!!!UGH!!! Why not just pull up on your skateboard and ask for a banana daquiri and a ghetto latte???

But I do feel the drive-thru window thing. My favourite drive-thru window moment has to be asking for a cheeseburger at McDicks and having random look-at-me-in-my-first-job-respect-the-visor kid ask me if I wanted it "fresh" :)

Here's what's irritating me today:

The fact that my phone number is like one digit away from that of a roofing company, and no matter how many calls I get I still don't have the guts to accept the gig.

Broken guitar strings.

The massive space between how good KFC smells and how bad it tastes.

Shiny happy people (holding hands).

Loud leaf blowers. (No...not talking about hockey fans)

The way the "E" in the "DELL" logo is keeling over.

Sailing on TV.

Simpson's episodes from the Tracey Ullman days in reruns.

The phrase "it's all good" being used by TV newscasters.

Wigs that look cool but itch.

Wind chimes.

People on cell phones to people who are less than fifty feet away.

Everything Julia Roberts has ever done.

Buskers who lip-synch.

Warning labels on cigarettes (yes I KNOW that my lungs look like incontinent roadkill.

Pencil sharpeners that don't.

Walt Disney (the man and the legacy)

Blatant false advertising (again)


and finally, installation/assemby instructions that look like they were written in the FIRST attempt at rebus code.

*done for now...ahhhh*

Lucky Stiff

Oct-31-2006 03:50

Things I've learned today from reading Crunch's post:

1) DUDE you got a Dell, and you're still trying to set it up....

2) He is not as happy as he imagined he would be with the orange mullet wig

3) He does NOT like people with oily t-zones

4) Apparently, in Canada, you can get a chold to ask you if you want things "fresh" at a place called McDick's (they have DRIVE THROUGHS for that now?)

Things I did NOT learn from reading Crunch's post:

1. WTF is a BUSKER?

sorry this is not a blatant hijack attempt, just more stirring questions generated by the mind of Crunchpatty....

Old Shoe

Oct-31-2006 08:52

*powders T-zone before posting cause I'm high-maintenance like that*

Y'know, it strikes me that it's been waaaay too long since we had a good hijack 'round here - which probably points to the success of the 'anything and nothing' thread.

Let's play you show me yours and I'll show you mine...a busker is a street performer of any sort. The best 'busk' I've ever seen was an a cappella kids choir. The worst was this guy who would throw on an Elvis costume and buck his hips in tune to "All Shook Up", which played on his ghetto blaster in a constant loop outside the coffee joint where I earned my first visor. The second worst is probably me - playing guitar in front of same coffee joint after the shift, which got me fired.

That's is a chold? Can I get one at McDicks or does it require the McSurgery?

Mullet wig: itchy, yes, but well worth it.
New Dell: DUDE, it's already clogged with drive-through wig hair.

Lucky Stiff

Oct-31-2006 18:35

LOL. dont play all coy with me, like you didn't KNOW what I was talking about (the stirrings are visible)....

I have recently decided to form the CHOLD protection society, and you are my first target Mr. McPatty (now we all know why you have that name)

*would pay ACTUAL money to see you play the banjo in front of said coffee shop in mullet wig and Coors Lite baby tee :)*

Safety Officer

Oct-31-2006 19:50


In the rural 'city' I live in there has been a long standing busker ... a "one man band" replete with guitar, harmonica, symbols on the knees, whistle etc etc ... man must be pushing 60.

Anyway he sells his own CD's of Australian folk music. And testimony to how truly horrendous he is, (and proof positive that there is a market for 'everything') the local shopping centre plays on their PA under their covered walk ways as a "deterrent" to stop young people from loitering!

It works!

Safety Officer

Oct-31-2006 19:56

*plays his CD on their etc etc

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