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Pet Peeve
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Old Shoe

May-2-2006 20:26

So this has ALWAYS been a pet peeve of mine; since the beginning of my Sleuthing.

*NOTE: This is not as big of one as the waiter/waitress 'fiasco' was*

Take a look at Sleuth Admin's detective page, for example.

Order o Socrates: Good(10)
Arcanum Brthrhd: Good(10)
Cosa Nostra: Poor(-3)
Eastern Triads: Good(10)
Circle of Light: Poor(-2)
Green Hand: Good(10) "

Notice that of is "o", not "of" in Order of Socrates
Notice that Brotherhood is shortened, and the word Dies is completely absent
"La" is missing in La Cosa Nostra
Isn't it "The" Green Hand, "The" Eastern Triads?

Now I know this was done because of margin widths, but can it not be fixed in any way? It's not only annoying, but also can be confusing as to what the factions are called. Perhaps they could even be shortened to just OS, LCN, DAB, GH, CoL, and ET? (Although that would be very confusing as well)

Just something that's always bothered me.


Diane Russell
Diane Russell

Mar-15-2008 23:34

Who is talking about McDonald's? Screaming and crying children can be in just about any restaurant these days... I guess you don't go out that much...

Diane Russell
Diane Russell

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Safety Officer

Mar-16-2008 04:21

Now THAT's unfair. :p

I figure my humour's gettign too subtle in my old age, so I'd just bump it up to slapstick :D :D

Ms Helen
Ms Helen
Con Artist

Mar-15-2009 18:12

this deserves a good old bump :)

Newest pet peeve - people who stop in the middle of bloody supermarket aisles talking whilst taking up every inch of space. Do these people not realise I havent got the time or patience to wait while they talk about the next door neighbour's uncontrollable child or how Mr and Mrs so and so are up to no good :)

Carolyn Spark
Carolyn Spark

Mar-18-2009 08:51

The people I work with, who think it's even possible to have a mid-life crisis when you're SIXTEEN! Not only that but it's so important for them to discuss this crisis, leaving me the only one who's actually doing any work!
Pet peeve= my co-workers. :p

Ms Helen
Ms Helen
Con Artist

Jul-20-2012 02:38

New list of pet peeves because hey it's been a while :D

People who park in parent/baby parking spaces who don't have children.

People who park in disabled parking spaces who aren't disabled.

Baby wipes warmers (yes do they exist really :s) If you really need to warm the wipe just sit on the damn pack :)

Ignorant staff in shops, restaurants etc etc. You're paid to serve people so fricking do it instead of gossiping about last night when you hooked up with so and so from the warehouse.


Chat speak - I still cannot get my head around it and the older I get the less I understand it plus it just makes me feel reaaaalllly old :)

Vacuum packed food that takes an hour to get into.

Food that goes off before it's 'use by date'.

When the weather forecast is wrong

Fruit in chocolate just NO :)

People who think their phones are more important than the person they are talking with.

Facebook game requests, if I didn't accept it the first time, I'm not going to accept it the next 63 times you send it

And that concludes todays moan ;)

Cordelia Falco
Cordelia Falco
Battered Shoe

Jul-20-2012 04:34

ooh, can I join in? :)

People who say 'yourself' when they mean 'you'.

Leaky headphones churning out irritating distorted noises on public transport.

The fact that train announcements in the UK talk about arriving 'into' a station rather than 'at' a station.

Cafes and restaurants which play music better suited to nightclubs.

People who talk in the cinema.

(Feel better now!)

M. Lacrimosa
M. Lacrimosa

Jul-20-2012 06:41

People who speak in Ebonics


Jul-21-2012 16:40

I'm still grumbling that townies who ask for a favor get a bit grumpy when you ask for their help.

I get it, but I don't have to like it. ;)

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