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Detective Biography

Most who knew me growing up probably arent surprised that I turned into a detective...and a mean one at that. My Aunt Pearl still says to this day, "You always had alot of anger in you, girl, and u still do" Rightfully so, I might add.

I grew up in New York, in a poor family. My father tried to make ends meet the best he could. He worked in a warehouse down the road. Rumor was that the mafia owned it, but, my father never let on if it was the truth or not. It wasnt my place to ever ask any of my folks business. My mother worked too. I was never too proud of her occupation but, again, it wasnt my business. All it mattered was that food was being put on the table, and clothes were being kept on my back. More than what I could say for my mother. She was a stripper in a run down bar a few blocks over from our place. Pops didnt like it too well, he would hear the comments in passing sometimes but, the tips were good, and money was all that mattered.

I had to hear the disgrading too of my mother from my pals. I would get so angry at them. So mad, that I punched Ginny Evans right in the nose breaking it. Boy, you should've seen the blood spatter. I thought I would be all freaked out but, I wasnt. I smiled when I saw her grabbing her nose, and crying off to her mom.

One night, I received terrible news. My Aunt Pearl, who was my Mothers sister, came over, and told me that my father was dead. I didnt believe it at first. She said it was true. He went to a bar after work, and some guys down the way were drunk, and making negative remarks about my mom. Oh my Dad took care of them in the bar but it was when he walked out that they got'em. They shot him 4 times in the chest, and just ran off. The stupid cops didnt even do anything. Something about them belonging to a mafia group or something, so they were too scared to do anything.

"That is just bullshit, Aunt Pearl", I remember saying. She tapped my mouth with the back of her hand, and says, "Now you watch your mouth young lady. I know this is hard but, you arent too big for me to put over my lap and give a good swat too" I looked at her , with tears in my eyes, and said "Im sorry Aunt P" She grabbed me in a hug, and told me that everything would be ok.

I still miss my Dad, and it was the cause of his death and the way it was handled, that made me choose being a detective. As soon as i was old enough to work, I got a job and saved my money. I moved out of my folks house. I guess my Mom is doing ok. I dont have much respect for her these days. She is doing things now that would make my Dad turn over in his grave.

I thrive on finding the bad guys, and one day, I will find who killed my Dad. They will be sorry!


Waiter + 2


Order o Socrates:  Poor(-3)
Arcanum Brthrhd:  Poor(-1)
Cosa Nostra:  Fair(8)
Eastern Triads:  Poor(-1)
Circle of Light:  Fair(4)
Green Hand:  Poor(-1)
The Tea Steepers:  Neutral(0)
Shangri La Tigers:  Neutral(0)


Bartender (New York)
Tailor (New York)
Waiter (London)
Barber (London)
Calligraphist (Shanghai)
Fish Monger (Shanghai)
Barber (Delhi)
Concierge (Delhi)

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Karl "the Snake" von Schneider

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The Hound of the Baskervilles
Arthur Conan Doyle

The Moonstone
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