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No Barnes About It
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Heimlich VonVictor
Heimlich VonVictor

Oct-24-2009 18:47

October 24, 1938- Heimlich VonVIctor felt a chill run down his spine. Autumn always had that effect on him. He looked up at the multitude of colors adorning the trees and placed his hands in his coat pockets. The pungent aroma in the air told him that, somewhere, leaves were being burnt. He took a deep breath and looked down, to the place he had visited as many times as he could in the past two years. The cold hard stone hadn’t changed a bit, and never would. It would always be a testament to the man resting under it.

FEBRUARY 10, 1892-
JUNE 15, 1936
“Justice for all. Above all else.”

He took a deep sigh. He never left anything behind, nor did he suspect that Richard would want anything left for him. He leaned down and placed his hand on the stone, “I’m doing alright Richard. Eric and I started up another agency. We’re doing it right this time, and Sergei is getting better at English every day. He’s even solving cases now; you wouldn’t believe how well he’s doing.”

“Excuse me, detective VonVictor?” a voice called behind him

Heim whirled around to find himself face to face with a young uniformed officer, “What do you want?” he demanded, “Can’t you see I’m in a cemetery?”

“Yes sir,” he responded, “and I’m terribly sorry to disturb you, but I’ve been asked to fetch you right away, it’s a matter of life and death!”

Heimlich let out a sigh, and leaned down to touch the stone again, “It never ends Richard, it never ends. I have to go now, but I’ll be back real soon.”


M. Lacrimosa
M. Lacrimosa

Dec-22-2009 19:27

Marc stood up. "There is no doubt that Davis is working for Hollis. Anyone in their right mind knows that Hollis is heading the Order of Socrates. Perhaps, Davis is the Mayor's right hand man." Marc said, taking out his pipe. He didn't light it, but he put the end of it in his mouth and began pacing around the room, continuing on. "Hollis knows something. He knows something about The Eye of God."

Everyone nodded.

Vulkie stood up, "Even if he knows something about it, how are we going to get him to tell us?"

"Joseph? With your permission, I'd like to pay the Mayor a visit. I have my ways, my dear Vulkie. I have my ways." Marc said with a crooked grin.

He looked at Joseph and waited for a response.

Josèe Nin
Josèe Nin

Dec-22-2009 20:46

Josèe slowly opened her eyes. Her mouth was paper dry and something was in her mouth. Her wrists, arms, back, and, well, everything, hurt. Slowly sitting up, she discovered that her arms were bound tightly behind her, and her ankles tied together. Valerie lay, still unconscious, next to the young raven haired girl.

"MUMMY!" she tried to scream, but the gag muffled the sound.

Valerie stirred, then woke, panicking when she saw her predicament.

A woman, face covered entirely except for her large eyes, swiftly strode over and slapped Josèe hard across the face. "Do not make a sound, little girl. If you annoy me too much, you will die. Damn him for making me a babysitter!" the low, throaty voice commanded.

Tears swam down Josèe's face and Valerie sat motionless, wide eyed and shaking.

The eyes crinkled up, a sure sign the woman was smiling under the cloth as she said nastily, "If we don't get what we want for you, you'll be dead, too. I'll enjoy doing the job myself. Make sure I don't do it early."

Sobbing, Josèe scooted over to Valerie. The two young girls sat in the darkness, crying huddled together, dreading whatever was to happen next.

Anais Nin
Anais Nin

Dec-22-2009 21:26

The phone rang. Anais, sitting closest, picked it up after a nod from Heimlich.

"Hello? VonVictor residence," she spoke into the phone.

She frowned as she heard a child faintly screaming in the background.

"Hello? Who is that screaming? Who is this?" Anais spoke sharply now, a feeling of unease spreading through her as her gut clenched.

"That screaming? Why, that is little Josèe Nin. Being tortured. Valerie is next. Just thought you would like to know," a voice, disguised somehow, came through the receiver as the blood drained from Anais' face.


"Oh, I'll call later to tell you what is needed in exchange for the girls. I'll call your house, Mrs. L'Anglais. No worries," the phone clicked.

Anais dropped the phone in the cradle, spun around and grabbed her coat, telling everyone as she put it on, "Josèe and Valerie were kidnapped. I'm going to look for them. They are torturing Josèe. I never should have come back. Never," each word came out clipped, and a hard cold look had come over Anais' face.

Joseph had jumped up during the call, and now grabbed for Anais' arm. "Wait. Where are you going to look? New York is a big city, Anais. You can't look over every inch alone."

"Some father you are. You aren't going out to search for your daughter?!" Anais said in a low, forceful voice. "I will turn this city upside down or die trying. Let go of me, Joseph," she yanked herself out of his grip, and opened the door to a man with his fist raised, ready to pound on the door.

"YOU!" Albert VonVictor screamed at Anais, the smell of vodka heavy on his breath. "YOU LET VALERIE BE KIDNAPPED!"

Behind them, Heimlich said coldly to his brother, "The daughter you don't love enough to keep, Albert? Why are you here? Why do you care?"

Anais replied to Albert in the low, deadly voice she had been using, "Whoever it is had Josèe, too. And from what I have obse

Anais Nin
Anais Nin

Dec-22-2009 21:28

Anais replied to Albert in the low, deadly voice she had been using, "Whoever it is had Josèe, too. And from what I have observed and heard, I love and care for Josèe a hundred million time more than you care for Valerie. Get out of my way. I'm going to look for them."

"You little-" Albert began and slapped Anais hard full across the face and knocked her to the ground before anyone knew his hand was even up.

Joseph lunged for Albert as Anais kicked him hard in the knee cap, making Albert fall to the ground beside her.

"Stop," Anais screamed, and everyone stopped.

"Albert Von Victor? I will press charges against you for that. No one hits me and gets away with it," she said, eyes flashing. "And I despise drunk people breathing in my face. Get the hell away from me. I'll find your daughter, you ungrateful" she broke off into mutters as she got to her feet.

Everyone stared at her.

Anais looked at Heim, and an idea came to her. "Actually, Albert? I won't press charges against you if you don't press charges against your brother."

Albert stared up at her, not comprehending.

Anais gave him a kick. "Did you hear me? Explain it to him, people. Someone go to my apartment, they kidnappers are calling there next."

Then she was gone into the night.

Riza Hawkeye
Riza Hawkeye
First Nomad

Dec-23-2009 14:10

“Wow, that woman’s got some lungs on her,” Riza thought as she watched Anais scream at the fighting group and then bolt out the door lightning fast.

Everyone was silent for a few moments, stunned by this sudden outburst by the most mild-mannered person of the group. Joseph picked himself off Albert and dusted himself off. He looked particularly forlorn, still staring out at the street where Anais had run. Albert now had another black eye to add to his other wounds.

“Not sue?” Albert asked, processing the words slowly. “Yeah, you bastard,” Heim yelled as he turned around to face him, “A lawyer like you should know a good deal when he sees one.”

Albert started to sob as he staggered up, clearly still inebriated. “Valerie, Valerie, I never meant to give her up. I just couldn’t care for her like a proper father.”

“If you want to get Valerie back now, you’re going to have to hold off on prosecuting Barnes. Now get out of my house!” Heim continued in a disgusted tone, not even looking at his brother. Albert opened the door and walked through, looking back. Heim kicked the door shut.

A tense silence followed. “Alright,” Molly said finally, looking slightly more energized now. “Some of us will have to go over to Anais’ place for the kidnappers.” Vulkie nodded in agreement.

“Right, I’ll go,” Heim agreed, clearly thinking about the safety of the girls. “I’ll go too,” Joseph said, “But about those documents, Riza…”

“I can’t just not give Hollis the papers. He’ll send his men after me. It’s not me that I’m worried about; I can take care of myself. I just know he’ll target anyone around me too.” Riza frowned.

“Then we’ll need to fake some documents and have Riza deliver those to him,” Marc spoke up, pacing around the room, thinking furiously. “These documents say where these lesser valued gems are stored. If we change the location, one of his men would probably show up there…”

“And we could catch him and pump him for information,” Charlie finished.


Dec-23-2009 14:32

"I have some experience in "forging" papers and handwritings... Also, the Banker owes me a favor or two..." Vulkie said and Riza looked up and smiled.

"Good. Here are the documents. You start right away with them... The only thing is, we need a location..." Riza said.

Just then, Heimlich and Joseph left the house and went to Anais's apartment. Molly sat in a chair, Marc got the green light to find a method to get the mayor talking and went away after Joseph and Heimlich left.

That only left Molly, Vulkie, Charlie, Riza and Abigail... "Molly, Riza and Abigail, I want you to stay behind here... In case the kidnappers make another call here... Charlie and I are going towards the Banker... We'll think of a location when we are headed that way..." Vulkie said and so, Charlie and Vulkie left.

***Outside the bank***

"So, what location are we going to do..." Charlie said and Vulkie thought out loud. "It must be a place where we can observe them, make a trap for the person(s) and we must know the place thorougly..." Vulkie said.

Immediately, Charlie came with an answer. "I know a place! The warehouse in the docks, where Marvington was stashed..." Charlie said

Vulkie immediately smiled. "Good thinking Charlie..." Vulkie said and she gave Charlie a small kiss on his cheek. "What's that for?' Charlie said, blushing. "Because.... you came up with a good location..." Vulkie said, but she thought something else...

"Ruby, darling, I need your "expertise" of forging papers..." Vulkie said. "Well, I can't do anything for you...' Ruby replied. "You know you owe me a favor or two, so..." Vulkie said, in a small threatening way. "Sigh..." Ruby sighed, "Ok. I'll help you..."

***Heimlich's house***

"Hiya people..." Vulkie said, as she entered the living room. "Hiya Vulkie. How did the paper-forging go? And why is there lipstick on Charlie's cheek?" Molly inquired

"Ehmm...." Vulkie said and immediately, Charlie changed the subject...

Joseph Zeo
Joseph Zeo
Tale Spinner

Dec-23-2009 15:15

"Slow down boy! The speed limit here is 55 miles per hour." Heimlich clicked, but Zeo wasn't listening. He continued to fly his vehicle toward Anais' place. Calm as he looked (for he was born with a limited range of facial expression), Zeo was all liquid inside. His own daughter, kidnapped. He should have realized the danger as soon as Anais showed up in New York with his daughter. He should have put the two in a box and shipped them back to London right away, but it's all too late now.

Zeo knew he had to be rational. He must keep calm. 'Who would have kidnapped Josee and Valerie? For what purpose?' Zeo thought as his continue on at 80 miles per hour. "If it is the Order's men, I'm sure they would force Albert to continue on with prosecuting Barnes." Zeo yelled to Heimlich over the noise of speeding on the freeway. "I know you don't want to talk to your brother, but you must find out what they want from him."

Heimlich nodded. Zeo knew Heimlich was very fond of both Josee and his niece. Zeo just didn't know to what extent. In no time they arrived at Anais' place. They knocked on the door but no one answered. Suddenly Zeo heard Anais voice from behind him. "How did you get here so fast?"

Anais got her keys out and as she was unlocking the door, the telephone inside began to ring...

Molly Maltese
Molly Maltese
Old Shoe

Dec-23-2009 17:07

Molly raised her eyebrow at Vulkie's reaction, and then decided she was largely uninterested in the affairs of Blondie and her beau.

"Well." she said, a tiny slur in her voice. "I've got to go now. Call me at home if something comes up, won't you? I...need to attend to some things"

She tottered to the door, waving off the half-hearted exclamations from the others. "I can drive."

She could...for the most part. Except for the sudden demolition of a neighbors fence, the hasty removal of a mailbox and the skewed parking job she pulled in front of her apartment building.

"Lord." she said, getting out and surveying the deep dent in the front of her car. "Well. That's a problem for another day."

She hiccuped and went up her front steps, ascending the stairs until she reached her door. Humming half-heartedly, she unlocked the door and stepped inside, her foot meeting something hard in the process. She looked down, and saw a very familiar gold statuette placed in her path.

"Oh--" she said, realizing what she meant, just as a hand reached out from the darkness and yanked her forward by her hair.

"Tell me why you're involved in the Eye of God case!" a voice rumbled, the door slamming shut before her.

M. Lacrimosa
M. Lacrimosa

Dec-23-2009 19:42

Marc arrived at City Hall in record timing. His car could actually speed when it wanted too. He pulled into the back of the building. He couldn't believe what he was about to do. But it was for the best, he thought to himself. He wasn't in this for the reward, but he was in on this for justice. Too many people get killed for stupid things everyday.

Marc got out of his car and entered the building. He pulled out his pocket watch and looked at the time. It was almost closing time. Marc knew exactly where he could hide and wait for the Mayor to come out. The mayor didn't always drive his car. Sometimes he walked. And today just so happened to be that day that Joseph Hollis was walking home.

Marc stepped into the alley's shadow and waited. He peeked around the corner to see the mayor comming toward him.

**From Mayor Hollis's Point of View**

Joseph Hollis sat in his office reviewing some paper work. It had been a slow day for him. He removed his glasses and wiped them off. Looking at his clock, he realized it was time to go home. He got up and walked out of his office. He excused the body guard and told him to go home. Most of the other staff was gone.

Mayor Hollis walked outside. "Beautiful day today," he said to himself as he turned right. Joseph continued to walk. He reached an alley to his left when a shady figured appeard.

**Marc's point of view**

The mayor stepped closer and closer. Each second ticking away. Every second that passed, Marc could hear his heart beat. 30 steps away; "I can't believe I'm doing this," Marc thought.

15 steps away; "Too late to turn back, Marc. Time do this."

1 step away; Marc stepped from around the corner thrusting his fist into the Mayor's throat. The punch knocked him to the ground. It wasn't hard enough to kill him, but it would silence him from screaming for help. Marc had learned that fighting in the war.

One more punch to the face, knocked Joseph Hollis to the ground. (contin..)

M. Lacrimosa
M. Lacrimosa

Dec-23-2009 19:55

(That last sentence should say that punched knocked him unconcious. Not "to the ground")

Joseph Hollis awoke to find himself in a dark room. He was tied to a chair. The room was pitch black except for one little light hangin above his head. The light only lit up maybe about a foot around him. Everything else was hidden by darkness.

"HELP! SOMEBODY!" The mayor screamed.

"Hold your breath, Mayor. No one can hear you," Someone snapped.

Joseph Hollis heard foot steps walking around him. The floor was concrete and they echoed with each step the man took.

"What do you want with me?" The mayor said.

"I want some answers, Joseph. And only you have them." The man said.

"This must be the man that hit me," Joseph thought to him self. He cursed himself for not being more aware. Had he only been paying more attention, he could have gotten a look at him.

"My first question is, what do you know about the Eye of God?" The man said. The foot steps were now going in large circles around him.

"What about it?" The mayor replied.

"I want to know where it's at. You see, I know you had something to do with the robbery. Now where is it?" The voice said to him.

"I don't know-"

"Don't lie to me Mr. Mayor. That wouldn't be very honest for a man like you. I mean, look at you. You're a big wig politician for crying out loud. Of course, if you chose not to respond to my questioning, I will call you out on everything I know. I know you're running the Order of Socrates. I'll expose you the public for everything you're worth. And you'll lose all of your fame all because you are head of a mafia group." The voice said to him.

"Now, I'm not going to ask you again, Mr. Hollis. Where is the Eye of God?" the voice asked again.

"I dont' know where it's at. But I can tell you who to talk to as long as you swear not to give my name as a source," Joseph said. He was scared. He couldn't lose all his fame! He'd rat anyone out! (Contin...)

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