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Detective Biography

At the moment, I am both eight years old and two years old. I think I'm the only one who can say such a thing, too!

My mother's name was Lisette. She died when I was really little. I don't even remember her! Her older sister started taking care of me then. Her name is Anais, and even though she is my aunt, I don't call her Aunt Anais. She's Mummy.

I met Daddy when I was eight. His name is Joseph. He was in love with my mother before she died. I think he might love Mummy, too, but I don't know. They look at each other when they think no one else is watching.

You want to know my BIGGEST secret wish, EVER? I wish Mummy and Daddy would get married and live together. Then we could be a REAL family. I'd love to be part of a real family.

Then I have a bunch of aunts and uncles. They are really Mummy and Daddy's friends, but I call them Uncle Heimie, Auntie Riza, Auntie Vulkie and everything.

Uncle Heimie has a niece, too. Her name is Valerie. We decided that we are actually sisters though, so I have a big sister! I love having a big sister! Except, right now? I'm really, really, really, REALLY scared. These mean, scary people kidnapped Valerie and me, and they are about to kill us! And Mummy and Daddy and everybody don't know where we are. I am glad Valerie is here though. It makes it a little less scary.

Favor: Fortune Teller


Order o Socrates:  Poor(-1)
Arcanum Brthrhd:  Poor(-1)
Cosa Nostra:  Poor(-2)
Eastern Triads:  Good(10)
Circle of Light:  Fair(1)
Green Hand:  Poor(-3)
The Tea Steepers:  Neutral(0)
Shangri La Tigers:  Neutral(0)


Bartender (New York)
Tailor (London)
Waiter (London)
Stage Manager (Shanghai)

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The Hound of the Baskervilles
Arthur Conan Doyle

The Adventure of the Empty House
Arthur Conan Doyle