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No Barnes About It
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Heimlich VonVictor
Heimlich VonVictor

Oct-24-2009 18:47

October 24, 1938- Heimlich VonVIctor felt a chill run down his spine. Autumn always had that effect on him. He looked up at the multitude of colors adorning the trees and placed his hands in his coat pockets. The pungent aroma in the air told him that, somewhere, leaves were being burnt. He took a deep breath and looked down, to the place he had visited as many times as he could in the past two years. The cold hard stone hadn’t changed a bit, and never would. It would always be a testament to the man resting under it.

FEBRUARY 10, 1892-
JUNE 15, 1936
“Justice for all. Above all else.”

He took a deep sigh. He never left anything behind, nor did he suspect that Richard would want anything left for him. He leaned down and placed his hand on the stone, “I’m doing alright Richard. Eric and I started up another agency. We’re doing it right this time, and Sergei is getting better at English every day. He’s even solving cases now; you wouldn’t believe how well he’s doing.”

“Excuse me, detective VonVictor?” a voice called behind him

Heim whirled around to find himself face to face with a young uniformed officer, “What do you want?” he demanded, “Can’t you see I’m in a cemetery?”

“Yes sir,” he responded, “and I’m terribly sorry to disturb you, but I’ve been asked to fetch you right away, it’s a matter of life and death!”

Heimlich let out a sigh, and leaned down to touch the stone again, “It never ends Richard, it never ends. I have to go now, but I’ll be back real soon.”


Heimlich VonVictor
Heimlich VonVictor

Jan-5-2011 15:34

"Pay up Uncle Heimie!" Josèe giggled as she put forth her outstretched palm, "That's $400 rent!"

Heimlich shook his head as he counted out the bills from his stack of money. Beaten by a child and he wasn't at all bothered by it. The party was in full swing. He looked around the room and saw Riza and Albert enjoying a drink together, Vulkie sampling from one of the trays of finger food, and Abby & Eric laughing about something with Marc. Even Charlie was here today. The old Heimlich would have hated people in his home, but this one didn't mind it quite as much.

"This just in," the radio crackled out, "we have received reports here in the studio that Senator Vincent Sterling of Pennsylvania has been critically injured in an automobile accident."

"Sterling!" Albert cried out, "My God! Henry, he's the one who selected me to take on the Barnes case!"

"What?" Heimlich said in surprise, "Do you think there's a connection?"

Albert shook his head. "I don't know." he replied, "I worked for him during his most recent reelection campaign, and he said I could use the press to make a run as district attorney! You don't think..."

Albert's speech was interrupted by the radio, "Ladies and gentlemen, we previously reported that Senator Vincent Sterling had been injured in an automobile accident on the way back to his home. We have an update for you. We now have the sad duty of reporting that Senator Sterling has died of his injuries at Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia. Sterling was sixty-two years old, and leaves behind a wife and two sons. No official statement has come from Governor George Howard Earle, however according to state law, the duty of appointing a successor until an election can be held will fall to the Governor."

"I have to go." Albert announced. The room went silent as everyone turned in surprise. "My state just lost a beloved Senator, they'll need me back home. I'm sorry, we have to go."

Heimlich VonVictor
Heimlich VonVictor

Jan-5-2011 15:39

Valerie walked to his side. "Does this mean we're leaving everyone?" she asked.

"For a little while." Albert replied, "We'll be back. I'm sure Josèe will be looking forward to seeing you again, and would like to come see Pennsylvania some time!"

Josèe looked at Albert for a brief second before bursting into tears and running up the stairs.

"What's wrong?" Albert asked.

Heimlich put his arm around him. "What's wrong is she's a little girl dealing with grown up things, and her best friend in the world is going away." He replied as he led Albert to the door, "Does this mean you've decided to keep her?"

Albert looked down ashamed. "I can't imagine what came over me." he said, "Cecilia always said I'm a father first, and everything else second. I think it's time for me to put that into practice."

Molly Maltese
Molly Maltese
Old Shoe

Jan-6-2011 10:46

Molly had drifted up behind the two to say her goodbyes, but stopped with a funny expression on her face as she heard Alberts words.

"Its not a perfect art, dear." she said quietly, then after a smile turned her eyes to Heimlich.

"Well, I'm afraid business awaits, Heim dear. Do call me next time you have an exciting turn of events won't you?" She planted a kiss on his cheek.

"Until next time." And with that, Molly turned on her heel and walked out the door without a glance back.

M. Lacrimosa
M. Lacrimosa

Jan-6-2011 11:11

Marc drank the last of the scotch he had in his glass and pulled out his pocket watch. It was getting late. Tomorrow would be another day full of some sort of adventure. He said good bye to Eric, Abby, Vulkie, and Charlie. He turned and walked toward Albert and Heimlich.

"Heimlich, my old friend. I think I should get going. It's getting late." Marc said. "Albert," Marc said turning toward him, "it's been a pleasure to meet you." He extended his arm and the two men shook hands.

"Heim, if you ever need me, you know how to reach me." Marc said. without another word, Marc walked through the door and into the night.


Jan-9-2011 10:33

As Vulkie looked at the platter with fingerfood with one eye, she looked at Eric and Abby with her other eye, while tasting one of Heim's famous fingerfood. It was a small piece of bread with some nice smoked salmon on it, together with some herbs. Marc was laughing and immediately, Eric and Abby started laughing too.

"Laugh all you want Mr. Marvington... My time will come, then I will laugh one day, with my boyfriend... if I have one then..." Vulkie thought, as she furiously chewed on the piece of fingerfood she had taken from the platter. She then concentrated on Heimlich, who was playing Monopoly with Josèe and Valerie. "Mind if I join you, just for a seat only?" Vulkie asked Heimlich, who pointed to a chair next to him.

While sipping from her champagne with one hand before her eyes, she got a hand placed on her shoulder and the voice of Heimlich whispering : "I can sense something's troubling you. Mind if we talk about it?". Vulkie nodded in agreement, and just as she was standing up with Heimlich, the radio crackled and told the story about Vincent Sterling. Vulkie was shocked to hear about his death. Albert and Valerie had to leave to Pennsylvania and as they went to the door, Vulkie gave one more glance towards Albert... She knew this wasn't going to be the end of this, she would definitely see Albert VonVictor sometime in the nearby future...

***After the party***
"You wanted to talk about something?" Vulkie asked. Heimlich nodded. "Now that everyone has gone away, we can talk about it.. I sensed something was wrong, totally wrong... The way you casted that glare at Eric... It was filled... with pure jealousy, wasn't it?" Heimlich asked. Vulkie let out a tear. "I keep protecting him Heim, for my own sake! I loved the man, I still love him... But.. but.. seeing him with "that" girl, it makes me furious inside and jealous and... and.." Vulkie replied as she sank onto the couch.


Jan-9-2011 10:36

"Heim, I can't keep this up. I saved his life, more than once.... I sacrificed his life, also more than once... Why did I do it? For justice? For a hope of redemption, that he would come back to me? I don't know... Heim, I met him at the church... We talked and I... well... never mind." Vulkie said. Heimlich nodded. "You are a good detective Vulkie... respectful to your friends; they respect you. It was due to that one mishap, that we mistrusted you once... but you've made it up, by any chance you could take to make it up... Now, I suggest you go back to your home, have a good rest there, and I'll contact you... You can be sure of that..." Heimlich said, while staring out of the window.

Rain began to drop down from the clouds and drip onto the windows. Vulkie walked out of the living room as she cast one more glance towards Heimlich. She noticed he was getting older and even, as she thought for a second, letting a tear roll off his face. With that, Vulkie walked out of Heimlich's house, not knowing what the future would have ready for her...

Heimlich VonVictor
Heimlich VonVictor

Jan-18-2011 15:16

"Why does everyone always leave?" Josèe asked quietly.

"Well, Josèe," Heimlich replied, "it's complicated. People need to go about here and there in order to get to where they need to go."

"But why do they always go away?" She cried out, "It's just not fair!"

Heimlich sighed, "Remember Josèe, that in order to get to here, you always have to leave there. In order to get there, you have to leave here, and there becomes here and here becomes there. If you never went anywhere, then you would never meet such wonderful people right?"

Josèe nodded, "I guess. Valerie wouldn't have come here if she didn't leave somewhere right?"

"That's right!" Heimlich said with a smile, "Sometimes, as I suspect with your mommy, you need to go back to there in order to remember why it is there and this is here."

Josèe laughed, "Uncle Heimie you're funny!"

Heimlich smiled, "Only when I'm not trying to be Josèe."

Suddenly serious again, Josèe looked at Heimlich, "What will happen if the light comes back and takes Mommy away?"

Heimlich nodded, "Then your Daddy will take care of you." he replied.

"But what if it takes him too?" she cried, "What if both of them disappear?"

"Then I will always be here little one." Heimlich replied, "You never have to ask."

"Will you go away forever one day Uncle Heimie?" she asked fearfully.

Heimlich nodded, "Yes my dear, I believe I will one day, but not for a very long time."

"What will happen then?" Josèe asked.

"Well," Heimlich responded, "by then I presume you'll be old enough and wise enough to take care of yourself. You and Valerie will have your own children, and you will have each other to look after."

Josèe looked at Heimlich, "What if I'm not brave enough?"

Heimlich smiled as if remembering something from a long time ago. "Until then, there must be no regrets, no tears, no anxieties. Just go forward in all your beliefs, and prove to me that I am not mistaken in mine." he replied.

Anais Nin
Anais Nin

Jan-21-2011 16:13

Anais woke slowly, her mind hazy to what had happened, but felt safe. Opening her eyes, she slowly twisted her head to see who held her. Joseph. Her daughter's father. Josèe. Everything came rushing back as Joseph began to stir.

"Joseph?" Anais whispered as she squeezed his arm gently. "Joseph? Wake up."

Joseph's eyes flew open and he found himself staring into Ana's eyes with his arms around her. He had dreamed of it so many times. But never like this.

"Good morning, Ana."

Anais pulled out of his arms and walked to the window. Staring out at nothing, she asked quietly "Do you think Josèe will ever forgive me for going off like I did?" She paused breifly as she clenched her eyes closed and asked in a voice so quite Joseph couldn't hear, "Will you?"

"She's not going to let you out of her sight for months. But yes, she will, Ana. You are her mother."

Anais reached for Joseph's hand and gave it a squeeze. "Let's go. Josèe needs us."

Anais Nin
Anais Nin

Jan-21-2011 16:48

"Where's Josèe?" Anais asked immediately as Heimlich opened the door to let them in.

"Where were you?" he replied.

"Not now, Heim. Where is she?"

Joseph gave Heimlich a nod as he closed the door.

"Shhh. She's upstairs, asleep. She didn't fall asleep till after midnight," Heim relented as Anais raced up the stairs two at a time. The two men's gazes followed her until she disappeared. A silence fell over them.

"I'll have her tell you the news. You'll probably understand better than I do, anyway," Joseph said softly to Heimlich, shattering the quiet.

Above their heads they heard a cry of "Mummy!" Anais' soft murmurs could he heard. Joseph turned to Heimlich with the beginnings of a smile, placed his hand on his shoulder, and said sincerely, "Heimlich, thank you for taking care of Josèe."

A look of understanding passed between them, lasting for only a moment before Anais came downstairs, Josèe in hand, with wide smiles stretched across both of their faces.

Heimlich VonVictor
Heimlich VonVictor

Feb-6-2011 17:34

I think that about wraps everything up in a neat little package. Thanks for reading if you did. The next story should come out in a couple of months and will follow a much different structure.

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