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The Expecting Miss Violet Parr
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Violet Parr
Violet Parr

Jan-5-2009 03:44

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Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Jan-18-2009 04:55

“It means that Mr. Lancaster was not the only one who knew about this baby. It also means that Mrs. Parr’s life is now in danger and that we have a killer right here on this ship. Now, Miss Brewer, however you will find fit to inform Miss Parr about this is only your decision, but I urge you to do it fast. It is…deadly imperative, I think.”

“But…this would also mean telling poor Clift her baby might not have been his…”

“I think that’s the least of everyone’s worries at this point. And also…I kind of took care of that in a way” he continued smiling.

“Oh ya, I’ve noticed” replied Mak, who’s attention was drawn by the black journal on the table. “You mind if I take this with me?”

“Not at all. I recon a new pair of eyes might find something new about it. Unfortunately it contains no names, just letters…just initials. And who knows…after all…it might have done it his own wife…it’s trivial, but also possible.” He paused then started with a slightly imperative voice: “Well now, Miss Brewer” he stood up “I do believe I have a masked ball to get ready for. If you’ll excuse me…”

“Of course. I need to reach Violet too.”

As she was passing through the door frame she turned her look again back towards Bane. “I take it we can count on your help with this, detective?”

“Unfortunately yes, Miss Brewer…I’m in this up until we get to find this killer and I can clear my name.”

She then left in a hurry aiming towards Violet’s cabin.


Jan-18-2009 09:18

"Ladies and Gentlemen, we are now stopping at the Zaanstad port in Amsterdam. If this is your destination, please exit in an orderly fashion."

This ship was from London to New York, hitting Europe in a roundabout way and then crossing the Atlantic.

Ace thought nothing of their stop, which was one of the four Amsterdam ports in Holland. He was just reading a book in the library and waiting for the masked ball.

Several minutes later, a bouncy woman with browl curls and rosy cheeks practically skipped into the library. She wore a red top with a bright yellow skirt.

She stepped over to Ace. He didn't notice theintrusion, and dropped his book when she merrily said, "Hello!"

This wasn't the kind of library that needed a "Shhhh". Just a shelf full of books that anyone could take anywhere and read. Ace just decided to sit in the armchair there.

"Scarlett!" Ace stood up when he saw her smiling face, "What are you doing here?"
Scarlett hugged her brother, "Oh, I just thought I'd join you. Did a play in London that paid me enough to come on. Vivvy's here, too."
"What are you doing in Holland?" Ace smiled.
"Well, I've never been there... and... it was the next stop on your ship. What? I'm not just going to pick any old ship!"
"Uh...huh... What play?"
"Werewolves of London."
"Oh my! What were you?"
"I was the head werewolf's lover werewolf, Viv played one of the people the werewolves eat."
"How... invigorating..." Ace chuckled.
"Yeah, well, it was a stinker, but it payed well."
"I'm glad of that! Now my sister is here!"
"Yup! Going back to New York. Ol' Broadway."
"And I'll restart my practice. Sure was nice of Mr. Withers to fill in for me back there. Again."
Scarlett giggled, "Let's go back to my cabin. It's just down the hall from yours. Maybe we can play some backgammon."
"Aren't you going to the masked ball?"
"Ball? Oooh... I have a gown, but I don't have a mask."
"Well, they thought of that. They have a zillion in the gft shop."


Jan-18-2009 09:22

"Wonderful! Then, I'll meet you at you back here? I'll find Vivvy and we'll go get some masks and change. She's in 221a, I'm in 221b." Scarlett laughed.
"Okay. I'm all ready, so I'll meet you back here?"
"Swell!" Violet giggled again, "I'll go find Vivvy."
"Ahhh, that girl." Ace says aloud as she bounced out of the library.

Scarlett Masters
Scarlett Masters

Jan-18-2009 11:16

Scarlett tiptoed up. Vivienne Garrett was fiddling with the key to her cabin. Scarlett slowly but surely came up behind her, and just before Viv knew she was there...

"HI VIV!!!" Scarlett shouted. Vivienne jumped ten feet high!
"Scarlett Masters! You are no longer a werewolf! Don't scare me like that!" Viv giggled.
"Listen, there's a masked ball tonight. We need masks."
"Oh, goodie, a ball!" Viv giggled again. She was very much like Scarlett in that respect. "I have a great gown, lime green! I hope I can get a matching mask!"
"Well, I have a bright yellow sparkly dress I'm going to wear. I hope the have a bright yellow sparkly mask!"

Scarlett and Vivienne went down to the gift shop. Sure enough, Scarlett found a bright yellow mask, Vivvy found a lime green color.

The went back to their cabins to change into their gowns. Scarlett finished first and went back to the library to fetch Ace.

"Wowee!" Ace marveled, looking up from his book, "That's bright! You're burning my retinas!"
"Oh, stop it." Scarlett laughed.
"Nice mask. Matches perfect!"
"Check out these shoes!"
"They look like Dorothy's ruby slippers... only in yellow."
"Yes, they do." Scarlett moved her feet, "Viv's wearing something in lime greene, so I can't wait to see it!"

Vivienne Garrett was a stunning woman. At one time, she had long, flowing brown hair, but when she joined the stage, she had it bobbed and dyed it red. She was fairly tall, and quite beautiful with a lot of acting ability. Scarlett Masters was quite different. She was short, only five feet tall, with short brown curls and a smile on her face. It was a long, rosy smile, that was very common in little girls. Sure enough, Scarlett's personality had gained her several roles as a child.


Scarlett Masters
Scarlett Masters

Jan-18-2009 11:25

Vivienne Garrett soon came in decked out entirely in lime green. A long, flowing gown, a lime green mask, and a cunning little hat. She also wore shiny lime green heels.

Vivienne went to look fo her brother, whom she had not yet seen. So, Scarlett took her brother back to play some cards or backgammon before the masked ball began.

((Note: If Scarlett or Vivienne (if Clift is protective) get off this boat with children, someone's going to have permanently broken legs. And, maybe a little farther up. ;-) Thank you. ;-) ))

Makensie Brewer
Makensie Brewer
Super Steeper

Jan-18-2009 13:03

Makenise was ready for the evening to start. She didn't know if it was because of the fun it was supposed to be, or just that she wanted it out of the way, in fear of what was going to happen next.

She smoothed her black dress down in the front, tucked her gun away she had, in the little purse she carried, along with the black journal she had with her.

This is so crazy, everytime we go on a vacation, or a trip, or whatever we are, something always happens. The curse of being a detective, I suppose, she thinks to herself.

Clift was approaching, as she said, "Hi Clift. Do you know where Violet is?" He looks at her, knowing somethng is bothering her, but, instead says, "She is in the cabin, I assume. Is everything ok?"

Unlike Makensie, she walked on, and said, "Oh, just fine" Her voice said differently, as Clift watched her then turned and headed to wherever he was going. Everyone is acting strange, he thinks. What happened to this fun we were supposed to have?, he wonders.

Makensie approaches Violet's door, and knocks. She waited a bit, watching other tourists pass by, smiling at them as they did, as if she was just another happy tourist. How far from the truth THAT was, she thinks. With all the information she just received from Joey Bane....her mind was too busy to be happy.

After getting no answer from Violet, she decided to head to the ballroom. It was almost about to start, and she had no idea where everyone was at, but, knew they would show eventually.

She made her way to the area where the party was being held, and found a seat, her black mask in place. ((((I never been to a masked ball party or whatever so forgive me if I dont use proper wording for this LOL))))

A waiter came along, and asked, "Excuse me, ma'am. Care for something to drink?"

She asked for a glass of water, when really, she wanted a strong drink. One of the things she's missed since being pregnant.


Makensie Brewer
Makensie Brewer
Super Steeper

Jan-18-2009 13:28

As she waited for her water, she looked around, her leg crossed over the other, thinking of how to tell Violet what she found out from Mr Bane. Atleast he doesnt seem to be a threat in all this, she thinks. Seem being the key word.

The waiter returned with her water and she thanked him with a smile.

Taking a sip, she sits there rather impatiently.

"I can't sit here and wait. This is driving me crazy", she says, out loud.

Ace walks up, and says, "What is, Mak?"

"Nothing. Something. Everything", she said.

Then she said, "I'm sorry for my rudeness earlier, Ace"

"Oh, no worries Mak. I know you aren't the polite type", he said, with a chuckle, to show he was kidding.

Ace takes a seat, as Violet walks in, as elegant, and beautiful as ever.

She walks over, smiles at her friends, and sits down.

"Where is Clift?", she asks. "He is sure disappearing alot in the last day or two" Violet seemed a bit nervous, but still held her composure, as she always does.

"I passed him on the way here, going in the opposite direction of the ballroom", Makensie replied.

Ace knew something was going on with Makensie, and he was determined to find out what was going on, but, he wasn't going to push the issue. Somehow he knew, and felt, that tonight, it will all come out.

Makensie was abnormally quiet, if that was possible, as she thought of how to pull Violet aside to tell her all she learned.

She decided to wait until the party was in full swing, and to allow everyone to get settled.

She caught Ace's eyes, as he was studying her, so she just smiled, her easy going smile, to show all was alright, when really it wasnt. She knew she didn't fool Ace, he WAS a detective after all.

"Ok, well, lets get this party started huh?", Ace said, trying to break the silence.

Clift Garrett
Clift Garrett

Jan-18-2009 13:33

... Meanwhile ...

As Clift was walking he saw someone familiar standing by the door of his cabin. Clift's face suddenly brightened up and he rushed to greet his only and beloved sister.

He hugged Vivienne very tightly then held her away and took a look at her.

She was as beautiful as ever. He, of course, still preferred her natural look. Her natural light brown hair was very close shade to his own hair colour, but he knew that working on the stage sometimes required actors to look, well a bit more artificial.

Her red bob got her all the good roles.

"Clift, my married brother!" Vivienne giggled as she said. "You! Married! I still can't bring myself to truly believe it!."

"I explained the arrangement to you Viv. It's a paper marriage."

"Still, how she got you to commit to even that is beyond me! Quite the convincer Miss Parr must be! Wait shouldn't she be Mrs. Garrett now?"

"No in fact," Clift shrugged. "She -not surprisingly I may add- opted to keep her maiden name as is."

"How very unusual... well won't you comment on my dress? You always loved the many shades of green."

"...And lime green my... Viv you just look delicious!" Clift bowed. "May have the pleasure of escorting you to the Masked Ball?"

"You may indeed..." Vivienne locked her arm in his. "What about Miss Parr?"

"She's probably already there, she always keep going on about how tardiness in the height of rudeness bla bla bla..."

Vivienne giggled merrily. "Clift, you devil!"

She slapped him on the arm lightly as they made their way into the Ball Room.

Clift Garrett
Clift Garrett

Jan-18-2009 13:40

When Clift walked in with his sister Vivienne, he saw Mak, Violet, Ace & Scarlett all sitting on a table towards the centre of the Ball Room.

He walked up to them and further introductions were made.

The music started playing and it was very lively.

Clift immediately approached Scarlett Masters and asked her for a dance. Ace asked Mak to dance and the two couples went to the dance floor leaving Vivienne along with Violet Parr.

Vivienne spoke. "What a lovely evening Violet..."

Violet smiled politely. "It is indeed. Beautiful dress you are wearing, Miss Garrett."

"Thank you." Vivienne loved both Makensie Brewer and Violet Parr dearly as well as Ace Masters because of the positive influence she believed the three were having on her brother Clift.

She looked at Mak. "Miss Brewer is starting to show a bit. It is very exciting I must admit... getting two nephews or nieces at once. Clift is very lucky... once the children are born I am sure he will know what a blessing they are from God."

Violet smiled but did not comment.

She must be having second thoughts, Vivienne concluded. The whole pregnancy/fake marriage thing maybe scaring her now. She turned to look at Makensie Brewer and decided that Mak was handling her pregnancy much better than Violet was coming to terms with hers.

Clift Garrett
Clift Garrett

Jan-18-2009 13:45


Meanwhile Clift was dancing with Scarlett Masters.

"What beautiful eyes you have Scarlett." He smiled looking into her eyes.

"Now, now, calm down Mr. Garrett," Scarlett said mockingly. "My brother warned me about you and your charm."

She giggled cheerfully as he twirled her and said. "Maybe you shouldn't believe all you hear." He smiled.

"Well, maybe that is true, but I shall believe what I see." She spoke nodding towards Violet and Makensie. "Two pregnancies should be more than enough to ward any woman away from you."

Scarlett continued to giggle as she mocked Clift.

Clift suddenly saw, to his surprise, Joey Bane walking up to Violet Parr.

The two exchanged a few words and then he moved.

Joey was not wearing his mask but he had recognised Violet in her full purple outfit... then again it was hard for anyone not to.

Since marrying her Clift had a chance to have a look at her wardrobe. He had to look hard to find article of clothing that was not a shade of purple!

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