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Detective Biography

"I am not apologetic for the way I was raised. Why should I be?"


“When I was younger, a member of my family was murdered and Barry Grant was hired to solve the case. When the case was eventually solved, I was forever indebted to him and, thus, had to warn him when I came across some information that I believed put him in danger.

I broke into the War Department’s hospital, a classified facility, and warned Barry. I had heard Mr. Frank Georges, noted criminal mastermind and previous owner of the Marquee Theatre, threatening to kill Barry. Later investigations and prying -with the help Christopher Keller and other friends including Ran, Yoyo and Dr. Harrelson- revealed that Frank Georges had intended to end my life all along rather than Barry’s.

It turned out that due to linguistics, I misunderstood my name for Barry’s when it was uttered. I also discovered that Aisha Georges, the Arab wife of Frank Georges, is my birthmother. Though I was devastated, it explained a lot. My mother was always a little harder on me than she was on my siblings. I had always believed that it was simply because I was the only girl in the family and she had favoured the boys. Of course, that could still be true, but I will now always wonder if it is.

I disappeared shortly afterwards, leaving my good friends behind in Shanghai. I never heard from most of them again.

I went to Shangri La and spent months there, meditating and calming myself. I re-emerged composed and at peace with myself and all others. Of course, I never wanted to see the likes of Frank and Aisha Georges again, but I managed to somehow wish them well.

I returned to London.

As my train reached Victoria Station, there was a huge explosion and a woman who sat opposite me throughout the journey was killed. My detective instincts kicked in and with the help of my good friend Yoyo, I started investigating her death and the train explosion at Victoria.

This was followed by a series of unfortunate events: my brother Leopold lost his job due to his leaking of information that I needed from the Yard. My father, Sir Albert Parr, was taken ill. I stopped working and retired as a detective and started living off my savings. Leopold lost his London apartment and moved in with me. I kept all this from my parents and my savings are now supporting the both of us."


Miss Violet Parr was born the seventh child and only girl in her family in 1907 to Sir Albert Parr, an English aristocrat, and Mrs. Madhuri Parr, a Britain of Indian decent. She studied Law and completed her LLB at the prestigious London School of Economics and Political Science. At age 24, she retired as a Lawyer and embarked upon her career as a detective with Moonlighting.

Currently at the age of 29, Violet Parr has retired from detective work and is currently residing at her home city of London with her brother Leopold.


Order o Socrates:  Fair(1)
Arcanum Brthrhd:  Good(10)
Cosa Nostra:  Neutral(0)
Eastern Triads:  Fair(7)
Circle of Light:  Fair(2)
Green Hand:  Neutral(0)
The Tea Steepers:  Good(15)
Shangri La Tigers:  Bad(-15)


Shoe Maker (New York)
Waitress (New York)
Podiatrist (London)
Tea Merchant (London)
Stage Manager (Shanghai)
Barber (Shanghai)
Missionary (Delhi)
Tailor (Delhi)

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The Mysterious Affair at Styles
Agatha Christie

A History of Indian Philosophy
Surendranath Dasgupta