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The Expecting Miss Violet Parr
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Violet Parr
Violet Parr

Jan-5-2009 03:44

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Violet Parr
Violet Parr

Jan-5-2009 03:46

Violet suddenly faced Clift with a straight face.

"If you are implying that I could be with child Mr. Garrett..." Her sentence lingered for a while, then her face dropped and with a sigh she said. "... then yes, you may be right. I could be pregnant."

Clift Garrett was flabbergasted by her simple statement.

He was shocked. It was only one night they spent together. He looked at the facts: They were both young enough and it was possible. He quickly tried to deny it to himself. "Isn't it possible though that you were really simply averted by your brother's cologne?"

"It is possible, yes." Violet replied thoughtfully.

There was silence between them for a few minutes.

Clift spoke nervously. "Violet, I am not the marrying type... and even though I like you, I am not in love with you!"

Violet's eyes widened. "Well, if you think for a second that I am the marrying type, then you Mr. Garrett have been labouring under a very unfortunate misapprehension."

"Excuse me?" Clift inquired.

"Clift Garrett, I would not marry you in a million years: You are unstable, emotionally deceitful and you chew with your mouth open." Violet made a face to signify that the last trait she found to be the most horrific.

Clift was visibly upset by her monologue. "So what happens if you are with child? You are planning to give it away?"

Violet was horrified by the very thought. "My flesh and blood? Never. I suppose we will have to marry, on paper, just so that the child is not dubbed bastard."

Clift listened and Miss Parr continued. "After the marriage ceremony is complete, you may leave to be wherever you want to be. Once the child is born and registered as yours and mine... we will apply for an annulment."

Mr. Garrett considered this seriously. "Under what ground do you propose to annul this marriage Miss Parr?"

"Simulation of Consent." Violet shrugged adjusting her purple scarf.

"What?" Clift was not accustomed to legal terms.

Violet Parr
Violet Parr

Jan-5-2009 03:59

"Simulation of Consent... It means not intending, when marrying, to remain faithful to the spouse." Violet smiled then added. "Which is something you are very well accustomed to by experience."

"That was not fair." Clift looked hurt.

"Granted." Miss Parr quickly apologised. "I am sorry Mr. Garrett."

Clift suddenly wondered. "Wait if the marriage is annulled does that not mean that the child will not be legitimate?"

"The Church may have its reservations, yes..." Violet continued. "But as far as this goes civilly, it should not be a problem. Leave the legalities to me, after I was a practicing lawyer towards the beginning of my career."

Clift was lost in contemplation. "But you are not sure you are with child?"

"No I am not." Miss Parr assured him. Suddenly the aroma of a man passing by made her feel ill. "But I am getting surer by the minute."


Jan-5-2009 04:09

((I know I haven't been posting much, but that's because I'm not really sure what to say... :-) I think I'll let someone else keep fielding these until there's actually something for me to write. ;-) ))

Clift Garrett
Clift Garrett

Jan-7-2009 02:30

((Just feel free to jump in Ace, the story is wide open ;) ))


Clift noticed Mak and Ace as they were passing by the tea shop, he hoped that his ultimate and sheer shock of his life was not so evident.

He noticed Makensie's beautiful eyes looking in the window.

She saw him and Violet sitting down having some tea, over, what was, a deep conversation.

Clift's expression was like he had seen a ghost.

He noticed her and tried to smile but could not, he was just so horrified by the prospect of being a father out of wedlock... actually a father at all!

He felt that with his free, happy-go-lucky life style, he would make a terrible dad.

He looked to Violet, he did not know what to tell her... marriage seemed so entirely out of the question: whether fake or real.

Miss Parr was dead serious, and Clift knew that she was carrying his child in his heart of hearts... He wondered if an abortion would be acceptable to Miss Parr, but he did not dare ask remembering the flesh and blood comment.

"Miss... Parr..." Clift got up suddenly shaken. "I need time to think and clear my head. I will come find you later..."

Violet understood and nodded politely.

Clift Garrett got up and stumbled out of the Tea shop and Miss Parr's vision.

Clift Garrett
Clift Garrett

Jan-7-2009 02:39

Clift needed a drink... badly! And it wasn't Tea he was after.

He saw a bar nearby with a huge sign over it "Lil's Bar". He quickly walked in and went immediately to the Bartender and asked for a drink. "Scotch... on the rocks..."

As soon as he was handed his drink he attempted at it with one gulp, but someone tapped his shoulder, he turned to see Mak and Ace.

Mak spoke first: "Clift are you okay? You look terrible."

Clift's first instinct was to hug Mak and he did, the way a child would hug his mother. Mak turned to Ace. "Is he drunk?"

Ace shrugged. "He just looks like a wreck to me... I dunno maybe!"

Clift spoke. "I'm NOT drunk! At least not yet... Ace would you kindly go see Violet in the Tea Merchant's Shop... I left her alone there having Tea. I think she will appreciate your company..."

Ace rolled his eyes. "If you want me to go Clift just say it!"

"I do." Clift was honest. "But I also know Violet needs you or someone with her right now, but I just can't be that someone!."

Mak turned to Ace and nodded to him that he can go to Violet.

Together they helped Clift into a booth by the windows, and then Ace took off.

Mak sat opposite Clift. They were silent for a few moment until Mak softly said: "Well?"

Clift Garrett
Clift Garrett

Jan-7-2009 02:44

"Oh, Mak!" Clift spoke. "I am really scared by the seriousness of it all... I don't know if you know this... But there was this one night.. The night Scarlett Masters went missing, that I spent at Violet's... and... well she's probably pregnant now...!"

Makensie was too shocked to speak.

She knew things developed quickly between Violet and Clift before they seemed to once again fizzle out -in Mr. Garrett's true tradition- but she did not expect this... in a thousand years.

Suddenly she was aware of her hand being held by Clift.

"What am I to do Mak? I cannot be married... even on paper... even if for nine months... but I cannot leave Violet like this as welll..."

Mak was still getting over her initial shock... and it took her a long time to speak.

Makensie Brewer
Makensie Brewer
Super Steeper

Jan-7-2009 06:25

She really didn't know what she felt yet, being this was a total shock, so before she could comment, she said, "Be right back"

Standing, she walked to the bartender, and said, "a double bourbon, and coke, and a scotch on the rocks...."

When she returned, she put the drink in front of Clift, and sat down and immediately took a sip of hers. She needed that, after hearing the news she just heard.

Clift looks at her, grabbing her hand, once again, and said, "Mak....please say something"

Forgetting the case they were supposed to be working on, she took a deep breath, took another sip of her drink, and said, "Well, I am sorry that I can't say congratulations, Clift. It isn't real happy news to me to be honest, and I can see it isn't to you either BUT, you know that you have to do what is right. I know you are a good enough man to do that"

He nods, then says, "I don't know the first thing about marriage, about being a father..."

Squeezing his hand, she said, "I know they say that it's the proper thing to do, marry a woman if you get her pregnant, but, in my opinion, you don't have to do that in order to be the child's father. In fact, I think it is a mistake doing that, but, you have to do what is right for you. Well, and for Violet, but, I know that no matter what decision you make, you won't leave Violet alone. She will need you"

He could see how hard it was for her to say those comforting words, and he never had more respect for her, than he did right now. He also realized something else, and it wasn't the Scotch talking.

"I love you", Clift said, just out of the blue.


Makensie Brewer
Makensie Brewer
Super Steeper

Jan-7-2009 06:39

Makensie wasn't shocked to hear that, surprisingly. She looked at him, and said, "Clift, you are upset right now, and you are drinking...."

Cutting her off, he said, "No, I know what I am saying, and I'm not drunk. I knew I always had a thing for never could leave my mind....I feel such a protectiveness over you.....and, I can see in your eyes how much this bothers you but, yet, you, being the good friend you are, and the beautiful woman you still are here for me. I respect that so much about you....and although it is bad timing, as usual....I finally know how I feel...I love you....I don't know how yet, exactly, but....I know that I do"

Makensie smiles, then says, "Well, Clift, wow...I never was expecting this, but, I will tell you the feeling is mutual"

She was scared to say them 3 words...even though she knew she felt them, and knew of her heart of hearts that she loved this man too, but, she was afraid to put it out there.

Clift smiled, and said, "I always knew we would finally get to this point....just, unfortunately, we realized it at a bad time"

"It's ok....we know it, all that matters but, now, you have more important things to deal with", Makensie said.

As they sat there, ctown walks in, and spots Clift and Makensie in the booth, drinking, and obviously in deep conversation.

"So, are we getting any closer to finding Lil?", ctown asked, looking at Clift, then turning his attention to Makensie.

Makensie slid her drink back, and said, "Ummm.....sorry ctown, we got distracted a bit...but, we are going right now to continue this"

Clift nods at ctown, and said, "It's my fault, not hers"

"I'm not pointing fingers at anyone...this is just an important matter, and things to get done. I want you all back at DPI in 3 hours", he said, and walked off.

Makensie slid out of the booth, as Clift waited for her.


Makensie Brewer
Makensie Brewer
Super Steeper

Jan-7-2009 06:53

She stood up, brushing her suit down, as he said, "After you" She started to walk by him, as he grabbed her arm.

He said, "The last time I kissed you, I was in a drunken state but this time, my senses are all there"

Taking his hands, and placing them on each side of Makensie face, he pulled her near, as he gave her a long kiss. She rested her hands on his arms, as she kissed him back.

When they pulled apart, he smiled, and simply said, "Thank you"

She smiled, saying nothing in return, as he put his arm around her, and they started to walk to the bartender and begin their questioning.

As Makensie walks up, the bartender looks at her, and says, "Well, Makensie, I haven't see you in a very long time. In fact, I haven't seen any of you for a very long time"

Smiling, she said, "Yes it has been awhile"

Clift took over and explained what was going on, as Makensie asked, "Has Lil been in here at all?"

"Oh dear, no, not at all!! I can't believe this is happening! Please find who did this", he said with great worry.

Patting the bartop, she said, "No worries - we will find her"

Makensie turned to walk out, as Clift placed his hand on the lower part of her back,guiding her to the door.

"I am actually surprised that noone has seen Lil here, being that she owns the bar", Makensie said, with great worry.

In a light squeeze, he said, "Don't worry, we will get to the bottom of this. Well, we have to be back at DPI in 3 hours...I'm trying to think where we could go next"

They knew they had Clift's situation on their minds, but, they were detectives, and as always, work always seemed to come first in their lives, no matter what was going on so, they got back into detective mode, and walked on.

She looked at him, walking beside her, and she thought, I feel so safe when I'm with this man. A soft smile appeared to her face, and, as if Clift could feel what she was thinking, he put his arm around her, and squeezed her

Makensie Brewer
Makensie Brewer
Super Steeper

Jan-7-2009 07:00

feeling every bit the protectiveness, that the squeeze was supposed to mean.

Life is a funny thing, and how everything happens, she thinks. Her life was definitely full of surprises...and confusion.....she chuckles silently to herself, then says, "Where to now?"

She was starting to feel aggravated because she couldn't get any lead on Lil's whereabouts.

Makensie said, "Lets try going to the Podiatrist to see when the last time he seen her. They are good friends"

"Lead the way", he said, with a soft smile, as he keeps his hand on the small of her back.

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