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The Expecting Miss Violet Parr
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Violet Parr
Violet Parr

Jan-5-2009 03:44

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Jan-18-2009 22:01

Ace danced slowly with Mak. He took the lead. He couldn't help himself; he had to watch Clift.

He trusted Scarlett. Really. But... well... there are at least two women in this room expecting, and both are expecting a baby of Clift's. Ace doesn't want to be an uncle yet!

"Ace, something on your mind?"
"I'm watching Clift. He's dancing with my sister." Ace stated bluntly.
"Uh oh! Now they're leaving! Oh my! They must be going to his cabin!" Mak joked.
"Ha ha, very funny." Ace mocked.
"Don't be so worried! Clift is a married man!"
"That's what worries me."
"Never mind. Oh look!" Ace exclaimed.
"What? I can't see behind me!" Mak laughed.
"That creepy guy Bane is dancing too. With Vivienne Garrett!"
"Oooh... how Clift's blood must be boiling right now!"
"He doesn't see yet. All he can keep his eyes on is my sister."
"Oh, Ace, stop." Mak playfully slapped his arm.
"Stop what? This could be serious!"
"Ace, Scarlett is smart enough to realize not to go with Clift. Paper marriage or not!"
"Okay, okay. But I'm still nervous!"

The song ended. As couples broke, Ace took this as a chance to cut in with his sister. Clift noticed Bane and Viv and went to break that up. And Mak noticed Violet sitting there alone, and went over to talk.


Jan-18-2009 22:12

Just before Clift reached his sister, someone else reached his sister.

"Bulldog!" Patricia Crab shouted out. She was decked out in a flowing blue gown that was obviously too small. "How dare you dance with this cheap floozy?"
"Cheap floozy?" Clift yelled, "That's my sister you're talking about, lady!"
"Cherry, I'm only mingling." Bane stuttered.
"Mingling my foot!"
"You're fat foot." Clift stated under his breath.
"I heard that, young man." Patricia looked down at Clift.
"You were supposed to, 'cherry'."
"Now, hold on here!" Vivienne spoke up, "I am a big girl and I will dance with whom I please!"
"Not as big as cherry." Clift said, again under his breath.
"You want your face shoved down your throat, Clift?" Bane stepped in his face, "I can do it for ya."

Meanwhile, every eye in the place was turned towards the loud commotion in the middle. Violet slowly sank in her chair, thanking God that no one yet knew of the marriage. She hoped, anyway.

"I'd like to see you try!" Clift shot back. All four were oblivious to the fact that even the waitstaff watching.
"I'll try, alright." Bane shot.
"Baney! Stop it this instant!" Patricia yelled.
"Clift, get your scrawny rear over here!" Viv told her brother. As the men consented, the women started cackling at it. They got in each others face until Violet finally decided to end it. When she pulled Patricia crab away, Scarlett sidestepped Vivienne.
By this time, the men were back at it, Ace pulled Clift aside and Mak shooed away Bane. T'was quite a scene!


Jan-18-2009 22:14

Finally, Ace ended up chattering with Scarlett like he intended. Clift was lectured by Vivienne, and Bane was getting an earful from Patricia Crab.

But, Makensie and Violet continued their private, and apparently interesting, conversation, and the ball continued.

Makensie Brewer
Makensie Brewer
Super Steeper

Jan-19-2009 00:58

Makensie finished with...." I just wanted you to know all of this Violet. Take this Black Journal , read it, and decipher what the initials in there stand for"

Violet just nods, and noticed Makensie seemed rushed, as if she was saying goodbye.

Makensie squeezed Violet's hand, and says, "You take care of and Clift, and the baby" Violet said, "Mak, it sounds like you are saying goodbye"

As Makenis started to respond, a gentleman approached Makensie.

"Excuse me, ma'am. At our next stop, your ride will be waiting for you there. I just wanted you to know", the gentleman said.

She nods, then looks at Violet, who was looking at her.

"Where are you going, Mak?", Violet questioned with concern. "You can't leave. You have a baby...who will watch over you? Clift will be upset....I will be, for that matter"

Makensie smiles, and said, "Violet, I thank you for being a dear friend to me.....I will miss you both. As for Ace, he doesnt deserve to be apart of this the choices Ive made for myself. I've decided to leave, and have this baby on my own. You, ofcourse, can stop by my apartment anytime, as well as Clift to check in...and I will be sure to let you know what I have...a boy or a girl, but something tells me, it will be a boy" She smiles, and finally is comfortable being pregnant and knowing there is a little life growing inside her.

"There is too much going on , and I just feel I need to be at peace right now, under my current conditions", Makensie said.

Violet hugged her, and said, "I do understand, my friend. You take care of yourself, and Clift and I will be in touch"

Makensie didnt feel like much in the party mood anymore, after telling her secret of her plans.

She stands up, and walks to Clift.

When he saw her come up to him, he stepped away from Ace, and walked to her, as he could see she had something to say.


Makensie Brewer
Makensie Brewer
Super Steeper

Jan-19-2009 01:05

She gave him a hug, and said softly, "Thank you Clift for always being there, and through all this craziness, you have proven to be an upstanding man, and someone that I can trust"

He started to pull her back in question to what was going on, but she cut him off, saying, "You have an open invite to my apartment in and Violet are welcome anytime. PLease go talk to Violet, she can fill you in....and she has some other valuable information to this situation going on with JOey Bane, and the rest. You will always be loved by me Clift....and you will always be considered a dear friend to me. I want you to be apart of our childs and Violet both. I will let you know as soon as I have him or her"

She stepped back, looked at ACe, but he was caught up in everyone else, so she thought it best to just let him be.

She walked off to her cabin, to await the next stop, so she could go and have a peaceful life, until her child was born.

Clift stood there watching her, in total shock, and also, felt a tug in his heart. He looks over to Violet, as she was watching, and he walked to her immediatly wanting to know what was going on.

Meanwhile, Makensie returned to her cabin, shut the door, locked it....and looked forward to when this ship docked.

She changed into her bed clothes, and immediately fell into a deep sleep, feeling very comfortable with her decision she's made.

Violet Parr
Violet Parr

Jan-19-2009 04:37

Sometime after the beautiful Miss Makensie Brewer left the Ball Room, the lights suddenly went out.

There was silence for a few moments and then someone yelled reassuringly: “No reason to worry Ladies and Gentlemen... This must be just an electrical fault in the power circuit; we shall have it fixed instantly.”

Violet tightened her violet shawl around her shoulders, and her left hand went instinctively to her stomach: She knew that so much can happen in an instant.

She rose from her chair and started making her to the left wing exit.

As she stumbled across people in the dark, she bumped into someone... a woman.

Violet held her breath and readied herself for a confrontation, but to her delight she heard Vivienne Garrett's cheerful, giggly voice. "Scarlett is that you? You're too tall to be you!"

Miss Parr gently rested her hand on Vivienne's own. "It's Violet Parr. I was just on my way out Miss Garrett. It feels unsafe to be in this dark room no matter the number of people around us and the familiarity of the surroundings."

Vivienne Garrett laughed. "You detectives always take life too seriously. You should consider playing on the stage, Violet."

"I do not believe acting was ever my calling." Violet spoke, somewhat unconvinced by her own statement.

"Well... I'm going back to our table Violet. I need to find Clift and Scarlett before leaving this lively party."

"I shall see you in the morning." Violet Parr released Vivienne and made her way quickly to the left wing exit of the Ball Room.

Once she was out she made her way into the dining area and kitchen before finding her way back to the deck.


Violet Parr
Violet Parr

Jan-19-2009 04:40

Miss Vivienne Garrett went back to the table.

"Clift? Are you still after my friend?" she mused. "Scarlett? Are you still trying to sweet-talk my brother?"

When she received no answer she sat quitely on one of the chairs waiting for the whole matter to be resolved.

On the chair immediately next to hers, she found a lush purse that seemed purple in the flickery light of the table's candles.

"Violet must have left her purse on the chair." Vivienne Garrett took the purse from the chair next to hers with the intention of returning it to Violet later.

Suddenly, a gunshot was heard... Vivienne heard the noise coming so closely from behind her and felt something cutting the air next to her.

Before she could react another gunshot was fired... and this time Vivienne fainted instantly as the bullet grazed her bare left arm.

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Jan-19-2009 06:17

[A little before the shooting…]

Upon the little incident on the dance floor being settled Bane was escorted to the bar by Patricia Crab.

“I am deeply disappointed in you, Mr. Bane! DEEPLY! Almost getting into a fight like that. It does not suit you!”

Bane blinked at her as if he had just woke up from a dream. “W-who…what…exactly did I do, Mrs. Crab?”

“How dare you ask me that? This is insulting! First, instead of picking me up for the ball I find you already here dancing with that…actress!” she said posing a totally disapproving face. “Then, when I have approached you…for YOUR OWN GOOD, you talk to me like I’m some common woman! And WHY, may I ask, instead of finding you by my side after that horrible incident on the deck, I found myself being carried by 2 valets? Where were you? Oh, Mr. Bane, you’ll have to pay me a lot of attention to me from now on if you want this to last.”

Bane listened to her while his view appeared to clear up and by the time she ended it looked like he was his old self again. He started to think looking at Mrs. Crab: “Hmmm…with this lady on my back I’ll never be able to take one step on this ship without her keeping an eye on me, let alone laying low and finding a killer. I need to ditch her one way or another.” He looked around and suddenly a tricky smile appeared on his face. “Well now…I think I have an idea.”

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Jan-19-2009 06:18

He looked back at Patricia Crab and said out loud this time:

“Why, Mrs. Crab…those valets were ordered there directly by the Captain. I do believe he actually told them not to leave you even if this ship were to sink…”

Mrs. Crab suddenly lightened her face with interest. “The…Captain?”

“Yes…in fact, I also think I heard him mentioning his deep respect and admiration regarding you. Unfortunately he was called with stringent business on the command deck, so he could not stay.”

“Oh, my!”…said Mrs. Crab throwing a peering look over the crowd.

“I do believe I saw him here tonight mingling with the guests” Bane added.

“My dear Mr. Bane, I have to kindly ask you to excuse me. My presence is required elsewhere.”

“By all means, Mrs. Crab, by all means” said Joey with a smile watching her move away with a hand rose in the air as if she was a ballerina. Then to himself: “Now that was an easy one…hehe.”

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Jan-19-2009 06:19

[Quotes taken from Joey “Bulldog” Bane’s journal " Edited and published by The New York Times - 1947]

July 15, 1934 " aboard RF Crown Odyssey cruise vessel across North Atlantic " day 2 " current destination: France

Entry 1 " 19:45pm

“The memory losses are getting more frequent every day. The pills the doc gave me don’t seem to be helping any more. I’m starting to get worried, as apparently during these blank episodes I don’t black out, but I become a totally different person. Maybe I need to see another doctor…should do that as soon as I step back in New York.”

Entry 2 " 21:35pm

“The strangest thing just happened. I remember entering the ball room and speaking to Miss Parr, then everything is a total black out. I woke up talking to Patricia Crab while she was lecturing me for getting into some kind of a fight…what fight? I was amazed to find out that apparently I was dancing to that lime green cookie with a cherry on the top and then some quarrel had arisen. It seems that little lady was actually Clift Garret’s sister. Me…dancing? I have 2 left feet! What the hell was I thinking? And then getting into a saloon brawl when I should keep a low profile? Damn…I need to be more careful about this...I guess my only option for now is to increase my doze and hope for the best. Good at least that I’ve managed to shake our “dear” Mrs. Crab off my back.”

[End of quote]

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