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Makensie Brewer
Makensie Brewer
Super Steeper

Dec-22-2008 10:32

((this is a thread that can be about any location, instead of having a specific place and having to skip around threads. Except for the USS Sleuthtania...that can be kept as its own when on ship))

((I copied and pasted Acemasters last update in the USS thread to here..since Mak is no longer on the ship))



Dec-31-2008 21:48

Violet opened up the door and there stood Bonelady, she seemed to be in a hurry and didn't have time for pleasantries, "Ms. Parr, I know we have not formally met, but I am looking for Makensie Brewer, a good source told me that she is here, it is urgent that I speak with her at once."

Being the eloquent hostess that she is, Violet invited Bonelady in, "I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name."

"The name is Bonelady, Makensie and me work together at Dawg Pound Investigations, I apologize I don't have the time for chit-chat, but there is an urgent matter, is Makensie here or isn't she?" she explained excitedly.

"I am expecting her any minute, but she has not arrived yet, feel free to come inside and wait for her, can I get you a cup of coffee or anything," Violet offered.

"Thank you for the offer, but no thanks, this has to do with a case that all of you were working on," she began to expalin as she was walking in the door.

Just as Violet was closing the door, Makensie showed up at her apartment. "Bonelady, what are you doing here? I told everyone at the agency that I was working on a case unrelated to DPI, I really don't appreiate you coming here to check up on me." Mak told Bonelady matter of factly.

"Just can it with all the don't appreciate it stuff, it seems that case you are working on does have something to do with DPI, tracking you down wasn't easy, but I finally managed to find you." She continued.

"Whoa, slow down, what do you mean it has something to do with DPI? What's happened?" Makensie began to worry.

"It's Lil, she's gone missing, I just found out about it myself, c'mon we have to go, " she pulled at Maks arm starting to drag her out of Violets apartment.

"I'm not going anywhere," Mak protested, "Where is ctown? Did he put you up to this? I swear that guy needs to stay out of peoples personal lives, I told him that I was taking some time...."



Dec-31-2008 21:52

"Look Mak," Bonelady interupted, "I know he has done some childish things in the past, but you haven't really seen his serious side, this is no joke, he is back at the Agency going through the crimes scene, he sent me to find out where you are. He knew all about the case you were working on, he even told us to leave you be. But tonight when him and me went into Lil's office to talk with her she was gone, there was a broken window with a rock in the middle of her office, He immediately sent me to find you, didn't even give me a chance to go over the evidence with him. Now are you coming or not? I have Barnabas waiting downstairs with the car running."

Makensie just stood there not sure what to do, Bonelady began to head for the door. Makensie looked at Violet trying to gauge what she should do, but deep down she knew what she had to do.

Makensie Brewer
Makensie Brewer
Super Steeper

Jan-1-2009 13:34

Makensie would've loved to have stayed and had lunch with her friends,and she would've liked to have seen Ace....Clift...both....but, she was dedicated to her agency, and if one of the Directors has gone missing, she knew she had to be there to help as best she could.

"I really must go to help take care of this", Makensie says to Violet.

Violet nods, and says, "Of course! Actually, when Ace and Clift arrive, I am sure they are going to want to help, as well. I do too so, once they get here, we will find you, and do our part to solve this bizaare event"

Makensie gives Violet a quick hug, and said, "Thank you, my friend. I will see you in a bit then"

As Makensie walks out the door, Bonelady said, "Will you hurry up, we must get going"

Looking at Bonelady, she says, "Don't you even start woman. Oh, and Violet, Clift and Ace are going to help us with this"

Bonelady nods, and says, "Great! The more help the better"

They began discussing who possibly could've done this, as they walked onto the street.

Clift Garrett
Clift Garrett

Jan-2-2009 04:41

With his mouth stuffed, Clift grabbed two chocolate croissants whilst
walking out of Violet Parr's apartment.

He paused at the door and turned to Violet. "Sorry, Vi... I need to go after Bonelady and Mak, I really can't have Mak alone at this hour of need."

"Bonelady sounded very serious and in haste." Violet replied. "The situation must be grave."

"I'll do what I can... Sorry again Miss Parr."

"I totally understand Mr. Garrett." Violet nodded. "I will stand back and wait for Tony Masters to come over and brief him before catching up with you."

Clift leaned in to kiss Violet on the cheek, and as usual she leaned back to avoid his kiss. They shook hands instead and she called after him, "Please take care of Mak and Bonelady."

Clift yelled something in reply, but his mouth was too stuffed for Violet to decipher it.

Violet tutted. "Speaking with his mouth full... even in light of these circumstances... unspeakable manners!"


As Clift ran down the street from Doyles Estates and made his way to Dawg Pound Investigations, he started thinking about the kidnappings.

He got a wire a few days ago from Vivienne telling him that she was safe and sound after the NY police found her. Vivienne was not too harmed to begin with and she and Scarlett seemed fine.

Now someone else has been kidnapped from DPI, and Mak needed to help and he was of course going to be there for her.

Clift arrived pretty quickly to DPI since he took the London Underground. There he found someone waiting for him...

Violet Parr
Violet Parr

Jan-2-2009 13:42

Miss Violet Parr turned and went back into the dining room.

She was still taking in the morning events... Bonelady's sudden arrival, Makensie Brewer's sudden departure and Clift Garrett's extreme reaction to the situation.

It was apparent that detective Lillian Angel, more widely known as Lilangel, was in serious danger.

Violet suddenly recalled meeting Bonelady so suddenly.

Her first meeting with Bonelady was reminiscent of her first meeting with Barry Grant: It was brief, sudden and very intense.

Bonelady herself seemed like a very intensely caring person, and also a character and detective to be reckoned with. Violet knew very little of her, except, of course, her widely famed crush on her Director and boss, Ctown.


Violet started to put the food spread on her dining table in containers when Leopold walked in.

"Morning Vi..." He cheerfully spoke.

"Good morning, Leopold. I see working again is doing wonders to your morning mood." Violet noted.

Leopold nodded. "It is great being back at the Yard, and I learnt my lesson about the dissemination of classified information."

"Point taken." Violet shook her hair free.

As Leopold approached her, she suddenly and vigorously stepped back. "What is that smell?"

Leopold was slightly stunned. "It is my new cologne... Don't you like it?"

Violet, heavily averted, very suddenly felt sick... and when Leopold took another step towards her, she vomited... all over him.

Makensie Brewer
Makensie Brewer
Super Steeper

Jan-2-2009 14:15

As Clift walked up to DPI, he found Reese waiting on him.

"Reese? What are you doing here?", Clift asks, a little more irritably than what he wanted to.

Reese said, in her dry manner, "Well, I am her cousin...she does call me when she needs my help. What are YOU doing here?"

Clift kept his patience, and said, "I'm here to help Makensie and DPI with the disappearance of one of their Directors"

Reese started to say something, but, Clift wasnt hearing anymore. He quickly walked into DPI.

He made his way to ctown's office, as he tapped on the side of the door, Makensie turned toward him, and her first reaction was relief.

She smiled brightly, then pulled herself together, saying, "Hi Clift! Come in"

ctown looks at Clift, and says, "How did you know of this?"

Makensie didnt let Clift answer, instead, she did so herself, and said, "I asked him to be apart of this. As well as Tony "Ace" Masters, and Violet Parr" ctown nods, and says, "That's fine. We need all the experienced detectives we can get"

Clift made his way beside Makensie, as she looked at him, and quietly said, "Thank you for coming"

As their hands sat at their side, he quietly, and gently squeezed her hand, and whispered, "I always will be here for you, Mak"

Her heart did a flip flop, then their attention went to ctown, as he continued to brief them on what was going on, and what he wanted everyone to do.


Jan-2-2009 21:29

Ace was a tad late for breakfast, thanks to a little run-in with Scarlett. He showed up, only to find that Violet had just upchucked on her brother.

"Oh, my! Are you okay, Violet?" He asked as Leopold let him in.
"Yes," She answered warily, "It's just that cologne!"
Ace held his nose, "Yes, I see... So sorry I'm late." He said nasally.
"Lilangel has gone missing." Violet said bluntly, "Mak wants us to meet her at DPI."

As they walked in, they found ctown giving a few instructions...

Makensie Brewer
Makensie Brewer
Super Steeper

Jan-2-2009 21:49

Makensie looked over to Violet and Ace as they entered, and smiled, as ctown was talking.

Violet walked up beside Clift, looking a little distanct, as Clift looked at her. "You feeling ok? You look pale", he asked. "I'm fine. Shhh, lets listen to what is going on", Violet said.

Ace walked on the far side of Makensie, and whispers in her ear, "Sorry so late"

Smiling warmly, she said,in a whisper, "It's ok. The meeting is just getting started basically"

His hand bumper her own, as Makensie looked on to ctown. Thinking to herself, This is crazy. "What is?", Ace said quietly. She looks at him, and shakes her head with a grin.

"Now, we all need to be alert, and sharp while on this case. Lil is very important to this agency, and ofcourse, to our questions, before we get started?", ctown was saying.

Tireless Tiger

Jan-3-2009 07:14

It was obvious that ctown was a bit flustered but the recent turn of events, he was glad that others were helping DPI get to the bottom of what had transpired the past several days.

"Ok, first off, I want to know what all of you know, there is nothing to small. I want to know who is responsible for this and whoever it is better hope that the police catch them before I do!," he was ranting.

Bonelady tried to calm him down, "Boss, you need to relax, why don't you get some sleep and let us take over the investigation, we'll find her"

Ctown gave Bonelady a cold stare, "Sleep? How in Gods name can I sleep when my co-director has gone missing? If I find out it's another one of these factions that is responsible for this, there will be an all out war. Now, I thank all of you for coming, but we have work to do. I'm gonna start off by going to talk to La Cosa Nostra, we will meet back here in 3 hours and I expect full reports from each of you."

All of the detectives slowly began filing out of ctowns office, Makensie and Ace were engaged in idle chit chat on there way out the door when ctown spoke up again, "Umm, Mak, can you stay behind, I need to speak with you a moment."

Makenise told Ace she would talk to him later and bade him farewell. "What can I do for ctown," she asked as her was closing the door to his office.

"Mak, I'm gonna really need the members of this agency to focus on this investigation, I need to know that your head is straight. It's apparent there is something going on with you and Ace, and while it's none of my business...," he was telling her.

"That's exactly what it is, none of your business, look, Lil is a dear friend of mine and I am just as concerned as you are, but keep my personal life out of this, I know I will be able to, your just gonna have to trust me," she told him an dthen left his office to begin her investigation.

Makensie Brewer
Makensie Brewer
Super Steeper

Jan-3-2009 11:56

As Makensie walked out of DPI, Ace was waiting for her, as well as Violet and Clift.

"What was that all about", Ace asks.

"Oh, nothing, just ctown making sure my heads on straight for this", she said.

Ace smiles, and says, "Now, why would he think it isnt?"

Clift looks at Makensie, as Ace says, "Ok, now, lets get started. Who is doing what?"

Makensie sighs, and says, "Im going to start at the bar. Bartenders see alot of things, and who knows, maybe Shady will even know something"

Ace said, "Great idea. Violet, would you like to come with me?"

She smiled, and says, "Actually, I'd prefer to be teamed up with Clift. There is things we need to discuss"

Ace nods, looks at Makensie, and holds his arm out, and says, "Just you and I, kid. Lets go"

Clift looks at Makensie, looking as if he wanted to say something, but, smiled at Violet instead, as they walked in the opposite direction.

ctown walks out in a hurry, and said, "You guys havent left yet?"

"Leaving right now", Makensie said, in response.

ctown looks at Ace, and says, "....and YOU dont keep her distracted from this, until we find Lil!" , as he walked off at a quick pace.

Makensie looks at Ace, and says, "Sorry, he is a little stressed"

Ace said, "No worries! Understandable, now....lets get to the bar"

They walk along the sidewalk, as Ace looks at her in a very serious manner.

"Makensie, I have things thats been on my mind for a long time about you...." Ace started to say, but then was cut off by Reese walking up beside them

"You missed the meeting, Reese", Makensie said.

"I dont need to listen to a meeting to know what the hell to do. Now, where are YOU two going?", Reese asks.

"The bar", Makensie said.

"Where are the new love birds going, Clift and Violet?", Reese asks.

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