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Makensie Brewer
Makensie Brewer
Super Steeper

Dec-22-2008 10:32

((this is a thread that can be about any location, instead of having a specific place and having to skip around threads. Except for the USS Sleuthtania...that can be kept as its own when on ship))

((I copied and pasted Acemasters last update in the USS thread to here..since Mak is no longer on the ship))


Makensie Brewer
Makensie Brewer
Super Steeper

Dec-22-2008 10:34

((( this was my response before Ace's latest update ))

As Makensie drove off, she thought about the events that happened on the ship with Clift, all the feelings she was feeling, then thought about this Ace.

"Quite a gentleman", she thinks. "Ugh, men...I must stay away from them. They are more trouble than they are worth"

She will be glad to be at her apartment. Heck, she will even be glad to be back at her own office. Back to normal, as they should be.

Smiling, because this mess was all over with, she started humming a happy tune, putting Clift Garrett out of her mind, and this new, handsome face Ace out of her mind as well.

From now on, she was concentrating on her work at the agency, and not getting involved with anyone. "No men", she says quietly.

Feeling determined, she said to the driver, "Next street, take a right please"

Makensie Brewer
Makensie Brewer
Super Steeper

Dec-22-2008 10:36

(( this is what Acemaster last posted, just copy and pasting it to here ))

"But I thought you said you were..." The driver stammered.
"I know what I said, but I want you to make a right!" Mak interrupted.

They took a quick right. It was Mak's agency, of course. "If I want to think about work, not men, then maybe I should go to work." Mak thought to herself.

Mak cheerfully hopped out of the taxi, grabbed flipped the driver his money, and grabbed all four suitcases and once again stumbled with them. She dragged them inside, and plopped them on the floor.

"Ah, home at last!" She exclaimed out loud.

Makensie Brewer
Makensie Brewer
Super Steeper

Dec-22-2008 10:45

She grinned, glad to see familiar surroundings, and hollered for Barnabas, their agency clerk. "Barnabas!!!", she said. No answer. Thinking how much he hated this name, she yelled, again, "Barney!!!" He comes out in a rush, and said, "Makensie Brewer! I will be called no such name...that is disresp...." Waving her hands, and laughing, she said, "Oh, Barnabas, I did that on purpose! It made you listen to me didnt it?"

He grumbled, as she said, "Will you please help me with my bags? I'm a strong lady, but not THAT strong"

He nods, picking up a couple bags, and says, "What do you have in here? A piece of steel?" She chuckles, as she walks back outside to retrieve a bag, she left sitting.

As she walks out, she had the funniest feeling come over her. She looked around, down toward the street, and around. It felt like someone was watching her. Shrugging it off, as she turned to go back in, she heard someone hollering for her.

"Excuse me! Excuse me! Please! Wait!, this voice said. As they grew nearer, she noticed that she was a young girl of maybe 20 or so, with curly black hair, and a slim figure.

Makensie looks at her, and says, "Yes? What can I help you with?" Thinking to herself, 'All I want to do is go in and relax with a cup of coffee, after the cruise I had'

"My cat is missing, and I was thinking that you could help me", she said, out of breath from running.

"Wh-what? A CAT?", Makensie said, with a hidden grin. "Look, sweety, I am a detective, that is true, but, I dont hunt animals. Now, Im real sorry about your cat, but, I cant help you"

She quickly dismissed herself, and thought, as she went inside her agency, "A cat! Like she has time for such petty things" Makensie was a great animal lover, but, she's had a tough 2 weeks, and relaxation is exactly what she needs.

Not wanting to hear from anyone, no matter who it was, she said, "Barnabas, I dont want any visitors", as she walked up the stairs to her office.


Dec-22-2008 14:57

"I can't believe she did that! She failed the test! How sad..." Ace exclaimed. Makensie Brewer failed the cat test!

Ace devised it himself, with the help of his younger sister, Scarlett. They tested the skill of their rivals using this method, but Ace tried it on Mak to see how she'd fair.

Scarlett goes in, and asks about finding a cat. Solving the case: 100 points. The cat will be a randomly picked stray that is on the street at the moment. Scarlett yells at it, and tells the detective to get it. Naturally, the cat runs away, forcing the detective to chase it.

Catching the cat solves the case, but losing it: 80 points.
If lost, demanding money: 60 points.
If refused nicely: 30 points
If refused flatly: 20 points
If completely ignored: 10 points
If refused rudely: 0 points

Mak scored 30 points. 80 points is considered good, so, Mak failed. Ace loves to get a bearing on new detectives he meets, so Mak will certainly endure a few more skill/personality tests in the future. ;-)

Makensie Brewer
Makensie Brewer
Super Steeper

Dec-22-2008 16:05

Makensie sat at her desk, totally exhausted, but yet, excited to be back to work within her agency.

Taking a sip of her coffee, she began thinking of that little girl. It wasn't like her to turn away from anyone, when in need to find something, or someone. Especially a kid...even though, children aren't her thing.

A cat, she thinks, chuckling. Then, she suddenly felt guilty. Shrugging it off, she got up from her desk and went to her big, bay window, and looked outside.

She did that often when in thought. She couldn't get that girl out of her mind. Her face looked very familiar. She knows that she has seen that face somewhere before, or someone who looks like her, but she just couldn't place who or where. Then, a thought came to her.

Calling for Barnabas, she steps away from the window, and walks back to her desk.

"Yes, Makensie", he said, standing with his hands on his hips.

"Will you please get in touch with a detective by the name of Acemaster. I believe he works at Hunter's Academy", she said.

"What should I tell him?", he asks.

"That I would like to meet with him. Have him come here, we will send a driver", she says.

Thinking, he says, ".....but, ummm, we don't have a driver" She looks at him, smiling, and says, "Congratulations Barnabas! YOU, my dear man, have become our temporary driver"

Grumbling, he walks out.

Chuckling, she lights a cigarette, a bad habit she is trying to break, and flops down in her office chair.

"Look at all this paperwork that has piled up since I've been away", she says, with a sigh.


Dec-22-2008 16:29

"Ms. Brewer would like to meet with you." A stocky man said bluntly when I answered his knock.
"O...kay..." Ace stammers, confused. "Who are you again?"
"I'm Barnabas Macklin, the clerk, and now, driver at Dawg Pound." He sighed.
Perhaps I did it just to be irritable, but I let out a perky, "Well, nice to meet ya! Any driver of Mak's is a driver of mine!"

Barnabas let out another sigh as we got in the car. I was a bit wary of driving away with this man, so I sat in the back seat. Easier for me to turn a gun on him than visa versa.

But, it wasn't necessary. We drove up to the headquarters of Dawg Pound Investigations, and Barnabas led me inside to speak to Mak.


Dec-22-2008 16:31

((Sorry about not choosing first or third person writing there. lol It's hard to write in third when I'm so used to first. :-) ))

Makensie Brewer
Makensie Brewer
Super Steeper

Dec-22-2008 16:53

As Makensie sat at her desk, Barnabas taps on the door, and walks in.

"Mak, the detective is here, at your request", he said.

"Great Barnabas. I will make sure you have an added Christmas bonus this year", she said, with a smile. Thinking, 'I will be sure to tell ctown to make his check a good one'

Nodding, he said, "Thank you" Nodding at Ace, he steps out, as Ace says, "Thank you, Mr Macklin"

"Mr Macklin?", Makensie says, with confusion.

"Yes, that's what he said his name is", Ace responded.

"No, his name is Barnabas Gravelle. I swear, that man....", she said, chuckling.

Remembering her manners, she said, "Please, Ace, sit down"

Ace sat down, as he was told, and could very much see that Makensie Brewer was woman who was always in control, and a very strong woman, at that.

"Why did you ask to see me, Ms Brewer?", he questioned.

She smiled, and said, "I want to know something. First, could I interest you in something to drink?"

"No, thank you. I am fine", he responded.

She couldn't help but notice how ruggedly handsome Acemaster was, then thought of Clift....."Damn", she growled.

"Excuse me, Ms Brewer", Ace said, with a puzzled look.

"I'm sorry...just have a busy mind", she says, with a smile. "Oh, and please, call me , Mak or Makensie", she added.

He nodded, as she continued with, "Ok, getting down to things here. I want to know who that young girl was that visited me earlier, and why she chose ME?"

He was almost speechless, and he said, stuttering, "Umm...h-how, I mean, w-who...."

She smiled, with charm, and friendliness, saying, "Oh please Ace! I am not some new kid on the block. I know a game when I see one. Besides, now I know why that child looks so familiar. She looks like YOU. Now, please.....fill me in on this little thing you have going here. A cat?"

He chuckled, a bit nervously, and begins trying to explain his actions.

((( its ok, Ace...RP however you feel comfortable ;) ))


Dec-22-2008 17:17

"... so, don't worry, I do that to everyone. You aren't special." Ace finished his story. Catching his gaffe, he stammered, "Err... I mean, you are special, just not to me... UMMM... er, you see... I mean..."

Mak laughed heartily at both the thought of the cat test and Ace's little mess-up.

"So, I guess I failed, huh?" Mak finally replied.
"Yeah, well... I guess you did..."
"Oh well. Can I help it if I'm too tired to chase a stray cat throughout London?"
Ace laughed at this, then turned attention another direction.

"By the way," he mentioned, "That 'little girl' is actually my 23 year old sister, Scarlett."
"Really?!?" Mak exclaimed, "She looks no older that 15!"
"I know!" Ace replied, "She does have somewhat of a girlish charm. She's actually an actress here in town."
The mention of actress made Mak think of Clift again. Once again, she exclaimed, "Damn." Only a little louder this time.
"Is there something on your mind, Mak?" Ace asked, puzzled, "Any reason why you curse randomly?"
"Oh, it's nothing." Mak assured, "Just... well... it's just that a few things make me think... think of something that happened back in Shanghai."
"Love?" Ace asked wisely.
"How'd you know?" Mak smirked.
"Oh, I've done that before." Ace told her, "After my first wife died. We had been married almost two years. I would randomly say a bad word every time something reminded me of her."
"Oh, I'm sorry!" Mak cooed.
"No, it's fine." Ace assured her, "It's been about two years now. Joy was a wonderful woman, though, and I will certainly never forget her."


Dec-22-2008 17:18

((Sorry about that Gravelle/macklin thing. I didn't know is name, so I ad-libbed. ;-) ))

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