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Makensie Brewer
Makensie Brewer
Super Steeper

Dec-22-2008 10:32

((this is a thread that can be about any location, instead of having a specific place and having to skip around threads. Except for the USS Sleuthtania...that can be kept as its own when on ship))

((I copied and pasted Acemasters last update in the USS thread to here..since Mak is no longer on the ship))


Makensie Brewer
Makensie Brewer
Super Steeper

Dec-30-2008 10:09

As the men went to get them something to eat, Makensie and Violet were lost in their own conversation. She was glad to have had this opportunity to sit and actually talk to Violet about things other than murders. Makensie found that Violet Parr was a very warm, gentle person, with so much class, and she knew they bonded as women, as well as friends.

Violet took a sip of her wine, then placed it back to the table, as she said, "So, Mak, has tonight changed anything about you and Ace, or is Clift still lingering around in your thoughts?" All Makensie could get out, was, "Tonight is confus....", then the men were back with food.

"Here you go, Mak. Just for you", Ace said, placing the plate in front of her. She smiled up at him, and thanked him for being such a gentleman. "Of course, that is what us men do for our women we care about", Ace said in response, as he grew very quiet for a bit, after that. What did I just say?, he thinks to himself.

Clift gave him a quiet look when he said that, then turned his attention to the beautiful Violet Parr. "I hope this satisfies you", Clift said, with a smile. "Most certainly. Thank you very much this! This looks just ravishing. With all that dancing, I'm famished" Clift looked pleased, as he took a seat beside her.

Meanwhile, as Makensie ate, she silently watched everyone around her. Taking in the crowd, which is what she does best. Never the talker, always the quiet one. Arent those the ones you have to watch out for?. she thinks, chuckling to herself.

As she did so, Ace leans over, wiping his mouth, and says, "Having a nice conversation with yourself?" He laughs at his own humor, as does Makensie, and swats him with her napkin.


Makensie Brewer
Makensie Brewer
Super Steeper

Dec-30-2008 10:18

Her attention went to Violet and Clift, as she grabbed her wine glass. They do make a charming couple,should it work out for them that way, and even though this has become a surprising outcome with them four, with, she is sure, more twists to come, they have become two of her dearest friends.

The fearsome four, she thinks, which made her chuckle again, but this time, it was less obvious.

Then she looked at Clift, who at the same time, caught her eyes. Staring at each other for a bit, she knew, as well as he did, that they always will hold a special place for one another in their hearts, and the bond they have, will always be there.

She smiled, as she tipped her glass in a silent toast, as he did the same with a grin.

The silence ended with Ace saying, "Well, that was very good, and now I'm as stuffed as a Christmas turkey" He pushed his plate back, rubbing his belly. "I imagine you are full. Your plate was practically stacked to the ceiling with food", Makensie said, with a chuckle. "Of course, I'm a growing boy", he said, laughing.

As they talked among themselves, Makensie placed her napkin on the table, and said, "Excuse me all. I must make my way to the ladies room. I shall return"

Ace and Clift both stood, as gentlemen do, when Makensie stood, and headed to the bathroom.

Such charmers, she thinks, and smiles to those she passed along the way to the restroom.


Dec-31-2008 06:24

"Well, I believe, I would like to dance." Clift stood up, probably hoping to dance with Violet.
"Oh, no." Violet smirked, "I ate too much. If I stand up..."
"Don't worry Violet, I can stand up!" Ace chuckled, and before Clift knew it, everyone was laughing. Why? He and Ace were prancing around the dance floor like fairies!

Clift didn't know what he was doing, but, he used to be a performer, right? Right. Performers don't get embarrassed from performing, right? Right. But a romance/drama performer who's never even come close to a comedy role in his life might get embarrassed at that.

But Ace, he danced like an idiot! It was quite a sight to see.

Mak came out of the bathroom not expecting what she found. Ace was in the dance floor getting laughs all-around. Suddenly, Ace spotted her! Oh noes!

Ace yelled, "Come-on!" As he pulled her in. By this time, he'd established a rhythm, which Makensie caught, and soon, every brave soul there was dancing their little heart out. Good thing there was music this time!

Makensie Brewer
Makensie Brewer
Super Steeper

Dec-31-2008 06:56

Makensie couldn't help but to laugh, as she was dancing with Ace. His humor was out of this world, and she hasn't had this much fun a very long time.

As they danced, Clift was watching them, as was Violet, who were both laughing at Ace, and shaking their heads.

Makensie finally said, "Whew! Ok, Ace! I am very full, and although, this dancing does do me good to work off them extra calories I ate, I really need to sit down, before I fall down...BUT, you, my friend, can stay up here and 'cut a rug' all you like" He laughs, and says, "Hey! You can't leave NOW, in the middle of our dance!" She grins, and says, "Oh yes I can, and I am"

She half walked, half danced back to the table, as Ace stood there with his arms out, yelling, "Come on!! Where is the adVENture!"

She laughed, and waved her hand at him, as she sat down. Looking at Violet and Clift, she said, "That guy has way too much energy" They chuckled, as we all watched on.

Ace made his way back to his seat, and said, "You guys, I'm telling ya. Party poopers"

He took a deep breath, trying to catch his breath, as Makensie leans over, and says, "A little winded, are we?"

"I guess I ate too much too", he said.

"Refreshments, anyone?", he asked.

Clift stood up, and says, "I believe I need a refill, how about you Violet?" She looks at him, places her hand on her glass, and says, "Oh no, I'm fine for now, thank you"

Ace looks at Makensie, and said, "How about you, party pooper?" He winks, to ler her know he was kidding. "Actually, I think I will have one more drink"

Clift and Ace walk off again, to get the drinks.

Violet looks at Makensie, and said, "Now it is MY turn to make my way to the ladies room. Excuse me for just a bit, Mak" Smiling, she stands up, and walks to the restroom.

Makensie nods, and looks around, watching people dance, then notices her cousin, Reese Withers walking in with a handsome gentleman at her side.

Makensie Brewer
Makensie Brewer
Super Steeper

Dec-31-2008 07:07

"Hmmm, the cocky broad actually dresses up nice", she thinks, chuckling.

Waving her over, Reese heads her way, as her gentleman friend walked to some people he knew.

"Well, Makkie, what brings you to this ritzy place?", Reese asks, winking.

"I need to be asking YOU that!", Makensie replied, laughing.

Reese sits down beside her, and said, "I thought I would check out what its like to live the glamorous side of life......and...I dont like it" Makensiel aughed at Reese's dry sense of humor.

"SO who you with tonight?", Makensie said. "Oh just some guy I met at the local pub. Told him if he wasnt my date for tonight, he'd be found in the back alley", Reese said, as she looked around. "Oh Reese! You are terrible", Makensie said, smacking her arm.

"How about you? What poor guy is YOUR date?", Reese said. She lit up a smoke, as Makensie says, "Ummm, cant smoke in here"

"Says who? I dont care..Ive been kicked out for worse things. Now, who you with?", she asks.

Makensie shakes her head, and says, "That one over there" , and she pointed in Ace's direction.

"Clift? I thought you two were on the outs", Reese said, motioning for a guy, who she thought was a waiter, to bring her a drink.

"Ma'am, I'm not a waiter. The drinks are over there", he said.

"Exactly, now get me a drink, will ya? Damn...where are all the gentlemen at?", Reese said, looking at Mak. Surprisingly, the guy went to actually get her drink. He was probably scared NOT to.

Makensie sighs, and says, "You never change. Anyway, Clift and I were never an item, dummy. We were friends"

"Okay, then why is he your date?", she asks. "He isn't but we are all here together"

"ALL here. Ok, you lost me", Reese said.

"I'm with Tony "Ace" Masters. Violet Parr is Clift's date", Makensie said, impatiently.

Reese whistles, and said, "Days of our friggin lives, huh?" Makensie says, "What?"

Reese chuckles dryly, but said nothing.

Makensie Brewer
Makensie Brewer
Super Steeper

Dec-31-2008 07:17

The guy who was playing waiter at the moment for Reese said, not too friendly, "Here", and put the drink in front of her.

Reese looks at him, and says, "Well you unfriendly as...." Makensie interrupted, and said, "Thank you kind gentleman for getting my cousin her drink, and having the patience to actually DO it" He smiles at her, and said, looking at Reese, "You ought to learn manners from your cousin", and walks off.

Reese looks at Makensie, and said, "You are too friggin nice, do you know that? I thought I tought you somethin' growing up" Makensie smiled, and said, "You did...but, I handle myself in a different manner"

Meanwhile, Ace and Clift walks up, and Ace says, "Well, who do we have here?" Reese looks at him, no smile, and said, "I'm Mak's cousin...and well, who are you?" Makensie closes her eyes, and shakes her head. Ace laughs, and said, "I'm Tony...but friends call me Ace" Reese stands up, and says, "Please to meetcha, Tony"

Clift greets Reese, and says, "Long time no see, Reese" She responded with, "Not long enough"

"REESE!! Quit being so rude to my friends!!", Makensie said, very serious.

Clift grins, and said, "It is quite ok, Mak. I probably know where it's coming from, and cant quite blame her"

"No excuse for rudeness", Makensie said, looking at Reese.

All Reese said, in a very dry tone, "My apologies. Now, Makensie, you have a nice night, and have fun. I have to find Joey, so we can get outta here but until I get a few free drinks in" She gave a quick hug to Makensie, looked at Clift , and walked off.

Makensie looks at Clift, and Ace, and said, "I really apologize for her behavior" Clift said, "Oh, no need. You cant control how she is ...and that is just her" Ace said, "That's right. Just a different personality but, man, am I glad YOU are not like that. Why..Id have to take you out the back door, and beatcha" He makes a fist, and acts like he is boxing. They laugh.

Makensie Brewer
Makensie Brewer
Super Steeper

Dec-31-2008 07:20

Clift looks around, and asks, "Where is Violet?"

"Restroom", Makensie replied, then said, "Oh...there she is ...talking to her Director"

He watches her for the longest time, before taking his seat.

"Love struck, are we?", Makensie says, smiling. He looks at her, and said, "Are we?"

Nothing else was said, as Ace was talking to some people behind her.

Clift Garrett
Clift Garrett

Dec-31-2008 10:37

Clift touched Mak's foot with his foot underneath the table playfully.

He smiled and looked into her eyes saying nothing. Ace was not paying attention to Clift and talking to some friends behind him.

As Violet approached and sat back she noticed a moment being shared by Mak and Clift. Makensie quickly pulled her leg back and put her hand on Ace's arm, somewhat confused.

Ace turned to her, "You okay Mak?"

"I'm just fine." Makensie assured him, then turned to Clift once more giving him a 'no-no' look. Clift smiled cheekily and held Violet's hand whilst looking at Mak.

Violet, of course, could read what was happening like a book, but it didn't seem to bother her much. She turned to Clift. "Yes, Clift?"

"Pardon?" Clift was confused.

"You are holding my hand are you not?" Violet nodded towards his hand on hers, "I assumed you wanted something." She smiled.

Clift smiled back. "I do want something, a dance? Do you do the Fox Trot?"

Violet shook her head. "I'll only dance if Mak will dance as well."

Clift turned to Mak, "Whatcha say Mak?"

"I say..." Makensie started. "It's time to dance ourselves home Clift!"

Violet Parr
Violet Parr

Dec-31-2008 13:43

... and they did.

At least Ace did. He half-walked half-danced his across Kingsway and the other London Streets whilst both Miss Parr and Miss Brewer encouraged him slightly now and then.

Clift and Ace started chatting about Miss Reese Withers, Makensie's cousin, who, Violet knew, was a fascinating woman in her own right.

"Mak," Clift started. "Looks like I left a bad taste in Reese's mouth since we met last."

"Please excuse Reese, Clift, you know how she is." Mak explained.

Ace added. "Yeah but come on, when Clift said 'long time no see', she replied 'not long enough'!"

Violet suddenly started giggling uncontrollably. She could not imagine the situation herself, but still found it rather funny. "Miss Withers' quite the character..."

"I don't see it..." Clift shook his head and disagreed.

"Well of course you do not," Violet chuckled. "She made a perfect ninny out of you Mr. Garrett!"

They finally reached Doyle Estates, where both Miss Parr and Miss Brewer lived. Ace offered to escort Mak to her apartment, Clift offered to escort both Violet and Mak to their apartments.

"You cannot even choose whom to escort..." Violet said under her breath.

"What was that Vi...?" Clift asked.

"Oh nothing, I was just saying that both Miss Brewer and I are perfectly capable of escorting one another thank you." Violet assured him.

Clift leaned in for a kiss, and Violet leaned back to avoid it.

It felt awkward for a moment. Suddenly, Ace felt too weird to approach either Violet or Mak for a good night kiss, and just waved instead.

Violet invited them all for a full English breakfast at her apartment the next morning and they all happily accepted.

Violet Parr
Violet Parr

Dec-31-2008 13:48


The next morning, Miss Violet Parr surveyed her table in the dining room just before the guests arrived -she had invited the gang as well as her brother Leopold:

A tray covered with muffins, crumpets, cheese & raisin scones, chocolate coffee bread pudding, vanilla mousse and a selection of Danish pastries was presented...

Fresh steaming black coffee and a pot of proper tea with a side bowl of fresh cream and sugar was clearly visible...

French breads, loafs of whole wheat bread together with an assortment of croissants lay next to dishes of cheese, jam & honey along with a tray of caramel date mini-cakes.

Cheese & chutney sandwiches were placed next to the large glasses of fresh juice and assortments of exotic fruits placed on a bed of fresh strawberries and wild berries that awaited all the morning visitors.

The way to the dining room is paved with a sensual, aromatic and captivating smell.

There was a knock at her door, and she went to greet her first visitor for the morning...

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