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The any location place :)
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Makensie Brewer
Makensie Brewer
Super Steeper

Dec-22-2008 10:32

((this is a thread that can be about any location, instead of having a specific place and having to skip around threads. Except for the USS Sleuthtania...that can be kept as its own when on ship))

((I copied and pasted Acemasters last update in the USS thread to here..since Mak is no longer on the ship))


Clift Garrett
Clift Garrett

Jan-5-2009 02:09

"Is everything okay Violet?" Clift asked her when they were walking.

"Yes, why shouldn't it be?" Violet turned to him suddenly.

"Ace told me about your accident in the apartment with Leopold. Hope you are feeling well.." Clift turned to her.

"I am fine, yes thank you..." Violet's voice trailed off.

"Violet," Clift's tone fell, "If there is anything going on, I would like to know about it."

She nodded to him politely as they reached the Tea Merchant's Shop. "Tea?" She asked him.

"Yes, please!" He replied. "If the English can do anything right, it's Tea and Breakfast!" He teased her.

She chuckled merrily as they went in for Tea and questioning about Lil.

Clift Garrett
Clift Garrett

Jan-5-2009 02:11

As he sat across from Violet, he could not help thinking about Mak and how Ace just came in and took her from his arms. How did he manage that? Clift thought.

He clumsily stumbled across his friendship with both Miss Parr and Miss Brewer when he attempted kissing both at the Sleuthetania. Why can't he choose? Why does he want them both in his life.

When he was with Violet he terribly missed Mak. And when Violet was not around he wondered when she will appear next.

Both Violet and Mak could read his mind so easily. He liked that about them, but did not know what his true feelings about them are.

Makensie Brewer
Makensie Brewer
Super Steeper

Jan-5-2009 06:55

Meanwhile, Ace and Makensie made it to the bar, with Ace finishing up with.....".....and that was the last time I went fishing with my grandfather. I didn't like the fact that I fell in the lake, trying to catch some dumb fish"

She laughed, throwing her head back, as he opened the door for her.

"After you", he said, making a goofy face.

She chuckles, and steps in.

The bar was filled with a slight smokey haze, and people laughing, and talking. It wasn't real busy, but, enough to almost be drowned out by all the cigarette smoke.

They made their way up to the bar, to talk to the bartender.

Her mind went to Clift, as it always did, then back to Ace. Shaking it off, she smiled at the bartender, and explained why they were there, and asked if he noticed Lil in here at all before her disappearance. She wanted to see if she was seen talking to anyone, or meeting anyone.

He shook his head, and said, "I'm sorry that I cant help you. She is one of the good people, but, if I hear anything, I will be sure to let you know"

They thanked him, and walked out.

"Man, is it ever glad to be out of there. Sophicating", she said, cringing.

Ace agreed, then said, "Ok, so, we were shot down there, now, any more ideas?"

She didnt seem to hear him, as her thoughts were scattered, and she couldn't get Violet and Clift off her mind.

"Mak? Makkk!!! Yoo hooo", Ace was saying, waving his hand in front of her face.

She jumped, and snapped back into reality, and said, "Oh...I'm sorry...what were you saying?"

"Penny for your thoughts?", he asked.

She chuckled, and said, "Oh, nothing major to talk about. Anyway, what were you saying?"

Ace knew eactly what, or rather WHO, she was thinking about, and although it, strangely, bothered him, he didn't make any comment. There was business to take care of, and he didn't have time for other things.

"I was asking where you wanted to go next. Makaroni", he said, grinning.


Makensie Brewer
Makensie Brewer
Super Steeper

Jan-5-2009 07:03

Makensie smacked his arm, and laughed, then said, "I don't know why I didnt think of it before. Lil owns a bar, down by the tea merchant. All the DPI agents hang out there, maybe we should try there to see if anyone has seen her come in"

He agreed, and said, "Worth a shot"

Makensie didnt feel like she was getting anywhere in this case, and was growing more frustrated by the minute.

As they were walking along, they came upon the tea shop.

Looking in the window, she saw Clift and Violet sitting down having some tea, over, what looked to be, a deep conversation.

She watched Clift, as his expression was like he had seen a ghost. He noticed her, and watched her and Ace walk by.

Ace didn't notice them in the shop, he was lost in one of his stories again. Which, she enjoyed listening to.

If Clift was any other detective, she probably would've suggested they stop in to see if they discovered anything, but, he wasnt just any detective, and she couldn't get her mind more scattered than it already was. She had to remain focus or she knew ctown would tell her that she was off the case.

There was a time and place for all things, and she is certain that Clift and herself will do some talking later on....but, now, she had to find Lil.

Ace was kicking at a rock ,as he walked down the sidewalk, making jokes, as Makensie laughed, as they made their way to Lil's bar.

luc pfeiffer
luc pfeiffer

Jan-16-2009 14:18

Luc strode into Ace’s office, his arms loaded with a cardboard box that moved and jerked up and down at the oddest moments. A scratching sound also emanated from the box as Luc set it down on Ace’s desk. “I’ve heard about your method of rating the proficiency of a detective by having them find a cat. I want you to use your scheme to find out who sent me this mongoose.”

Ace blinked and looked up at Luc from behind his desk. “What mongoose?” he asked. While trying to keep the lid on the box from popping up, Luc explained that he’d come home two nights previously to find a wooden box in his living room that had a slat broken in its top. There’d been nothing inside the box, and Luc had simply puzzled for several hours over why someone would break into his apartment only to leave an empty wooden box behind. It wasn’t until something landed on his bed at three in the morning and startled him awake that he realized that something had been in the box. He’d gotten up, turned on the light and flipped everything over in his room before he found who (or in this case what) the culprit was. A small animal, about 15 inches in length, covered in brown fur, with beady black eyes and hissing at the top of its lungs, had taken refuge at the bottom of his dirty clothes basket. At least until Luc had dumped everything out. After that it zipped under a dresser and then when he’d bent down to look under the dresser at it, it had zipped out and taken refuge behind a bookcase. At this point, Luc had tired of playing hide and seek at 3:30 in the morning with something that obviously hadn’t wanted to be found, so he’d shut his bedroom door and gone back to bed, leaving the creature to explore the bedroom at its leisure.

When he’d awoken the next morning, the animal was nowhere to be found at first. The windows weren’t opened so Luc had decided that the thing was hiding and might come out for some food.

luc pfeiffer
luc pfeiffer

Jan-16-2009 14:20

Given that the thing had looked somewhat like a weasel, he figured it was better to make it some scrambled eggs over a salad. No luck. The animal apparently didn’t like scrambled eggs. He decided to go down to the corner deli and buy some roast beef, some pastrami, some turkey, some sausage and some chicken. At least he’d have something to make his lunch with the rest of the week.

The creature had finally come out for the pastrami. He thought he’d detected some signs of movement under the dresser when he’d set out a small plate of chicken but no go. The pastrami, though, had apparently been smelly enough to tempt it out of hiding. Over the next day, he’d managed to get the creature to calm down and come out of hiding for a new plate of pastrami. (Luc had already set up a ‘catbox’ in the bathroom for it and closed the bedroom off from the rest of the apartment. No point in increasing the amount of work he was going to have to do to clean up after the thing once he’d actually managed to coax it out of hiding.)

Then earlier that morning, he’d been able to grab the thing, put it back in its wooden box (semi-repaired) and take it to a vet. By the time he’d reached the vet’s office though, the creature had broken through the wooden slats again. Luc had asked the receptionist if they had a box or something that he could use in its place and eventually they’d located a cardboard box that probably wouldn’t even last as long as the wooden one had. He hoped he’d find something more substantial during the day but so far nothing had come to mind.

luc pfeiffer
luc pfeiffer

Jan-16-2009 14:21

After pouring over a zoology text for a few minutes the vet had determined that the creature was a mongoose, native to India and southern Asia, definitely not normally found in downtown Manhattan. The vet had offered to euthanize it since it wasn’t the type of creature zoos were normally looking for and pet shops probably wouldn’t take it. Luc had declined his offer and gotten the vet to do an initial examination on him. The secretary had lost her sandwich from her lunch in the process but had seemed mollified somewhat by the fiver Luc had slipped her to get herself something else for lunch. Overall, the mongoose was healthy as far as the vet could tell, not having examined many mongooses in his short career.

Luc agreed that it looked healthy, given his albeit somewhat greater amount of experience in dealing with weasels, skunks and ferrets. But that still left the problem of what to do with the thing in New York City. Then Luc had hit on the idea of finding the person who’d gifted him with it in the first place and seeing if they in fact wouldn’t like a new pet for themselves. Which brought the problem back to Ace. “So Ace”, Luc drawled, “can you find the owner of this mongoose or not?”

C.M. Withers
C.M. Withers

Jan-16-2009 15:04

C. M Withers sat there looking at this person, wondering to himself, How Bizarre.

As Luc looked at him, Cane cleared his throat, and said, "Ummm, sir, I don't know why you think that I am Ace. Yes, it is true, we look an awful lot alike, but I am filling in for him. Ace is on a trip with some friends at the moment, and won't be back for some time..but, maybe I can help you with what it is you need?"

Luc frowns, and said, "Well, I guess you will HAVE to do, since Ace is nowhere around"

Cane was up to his ears in murder cases, he couldn't possibly find time to deal with a cat, or a mongoose, or any other kind of animal but, he was a professional, and he helped all.

"I will see what I can do", Cane said, in a dismissal, as he looked at his paperwork that was a mile high on his desk.

luc pfeiffer
luc pfeiffer

Jan-16-2009 19:25

"No need." Luc replied, retrieving his box. "Although I AM mildly astonished at what a 'Mr. Withers' would be doing sitting behind the desk in the office with 'Acemaster' on the door. I do hope you pass on the message that I was looking for him when he returns. Either you need to get your name on the door too, or it's terribly rude to be using his office without at least having the courtesy to pass messages on. Have a good day." Settling for a nod in parting, Luc turned on his heel and left, box still jostling on its own under his arm. He left a message with the Clerk at the front of the office and returned home to his houseguest and a fridge full of pastrami.

C.M. Withers
C.M. Withers

Jan-16-2009 19:35

Cane chuckles, and wonders, Rude people really do exist. Amazing on how some think they are the boss, no matter where they go.

He would've came back at this gentleman, if you could call him that, but, he didn't have the time. He had more important things to do anyway, he thinks.

He makes sure to ask the real boss ,on whether his name should be on the door too, then he chuckles, again. Writing a note, he puts "Ace, my man, you had someone stop in wanting u to locate an owner of a mongoose...and here I thought we investigated murders. Cane" Not like he wasn't going to let him know anyway, if he would have time for such things.

OH well...there are murders to solve, and Clients to see. Who has time for animals?, he says out loud, and continues his work, quickly forgetting this man who showed up.

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