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Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin
Tale Spinner

Feb-22-2004 20:32

I have a couple of questions I'd like some feedback on. Please Answer by replying to this post.

1) Is the game fun? Really fun, kind of fun, funner than going to the dentist?

2) Can you think of anything that would make the game more fun?

3) Is the game too hard? Too easy?



Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin
Tale Spinner

Mar-25-2006 13:05

Yes, I would like to eventually move to some kind of sidebar that shows:

1) Messages
2) Agency members online
3) Friends online

In particular, I think we need to get rid of the automatic message popups, since they require disabling popup blockers.

R Anstett
R Anstett

Mar-25-2006 13:37

We can use Inboxes more than Hangers anyday.

Cassandra Hauer
Cassandra Hauer

Apr-4-2006 04:39

I understand the need for the three-strikes thing on false accusation, as detectives we have a responsibility to gather accurate evidence. But I'd love to see either more than three chances, or for Shady not to charge so god-damned much for removing them.

Sherlock Holms CPA
Sherlock Holms CPA

Apr-4-2006 16:32

Before I write this, I want to say that I think the Shady concept is brilliant in that it keeps us focused and adverse to guessing, especially as we gain more experience.
However, I have an idea that I think will not only appease the grumbling about Shady's cost yet still prevent random guessing.
Perhaps Shady's cost of removing strikes could be inversely related to the number of experience points earned since the last strike. Detectives could pay the cost as soon as they get a second strike, but this system would also reward those detectives who take the risk and keep doing cases with 2 strikes in the hopes of driving down Shady's cost... greater risk should mean a greater reward.
However, I still think that experienced detectives should be penalized more for guessing, but they should have the same opportunity of reducing Shady's cost, perhaps up to a maximum percentage "discount," which I believe should top off at 75% for gaining experience equal to 50% of your base experience (experience points at the time of the last false accusation)

Here's a model of what I mean:
Suppose a detective gets a second false accusation on their most recent case. They have 100,000 exp points.
Base Shady cost: Remains unchanged (I don't know what this is because my character is around 50,000 at the moment), but let's assume $50,000.
Now, said detective (we'll call him "Agent") can eat this cost now to remove the strikes, or continue doing cases.
The next day, Agent solves 8 cases of a variety of difficulty levels for 10,000 of new experience points. He checks Shady's price.
The calculation:
Base Shady: $50,000
Agent has increased his exp. by 10% since the strike. The 75% discount is given in full when the detective earns at least 50% of the base experience. He's progressed 1/5 of the way toward that goal and therefore earns 1/5 of the discount, or 15%.
New Shady Price: $42,500.

What do you think?

Madame Giry
Madame Giry

Apr-4-2006 16:51

I love this game, and as a Sleuth addict, I understand how much work you put into Sleuth, Ben.

1.) Like getting a root canal fun! I love this game. It's all that I love, and all that I need online.

2.) I think that there should be a complaint system for the pervs online (not for them, to prevent them!)

3.) I love that we can choose the difficulty of the game, but I think it needs to have more curveballs, more twists to the mysteries.

All in all, I love Sleuth, and I hope Sleuth will continue to thrive. Thanks Ben!


Apr-17-2006 22:40

1. The game is REALLY fun! It improved immensely when I joined an agency.

2. I think that when you are doing a favor for a townie, that particular townie should never clam up while you're on the case for him or her.

3. The jump from hard to really hard seems pretty high - or maybe it's just the peter principle for me. LOL

Will Black
Will Black

Apr-18-2006 15:20

1. AWESOME! I am a hardcore gamer, but this is the only online game I play now! (I dumped about 50 others).

2. I think you should higher the false accusation limit to five.

3. Shady's prices! (I know, I know, shut up, right?) ;-)

Old Shoe

Apr-30-2006 00:28

hey Ben...I totally get and applaud your efforts to bring Sleuth to a wider audience, but there's something that puts me off my sleuthwaffles.

not sure if I did that right so I'll quote the msg:

"Iam detective X X I am currently working on the case of
the scarlet hand by nancy drew does any one have any hints please
call ###-##5-7237"

I wouldn't probably have paid it much notice but lately I got a bunch of PMs from people who are new asking me to buy them a gift subscription. I don't really care about that but there's something about the combination of the recent influx of young people, asking strangers online for favors and money, personally identifying info on msg boards that makes me nervous. maybe board mods should delete ASAP posts that give random people (boards are public) a way to get ahold of people's private info?

*puts on a helmet*

safety first kiddies.

Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin
Tale Spinner

Apr-30-2006 16:04

Good point crunchpatty.

It is not recommended that you place any personal identifiable information of the public boards.



May-6-2006 19:23

generally fun, but it mildly irks me when the storylines dont match the cases. for example, in one story, the clients mother was killed. but when you star the game, the client is listed as the mother, and other suspects say "the mother had a motive because etc." also, the motives dont seem too serious. ie. victim was killed because she forgot two birthdays in a row. especially when there are two suspects who have that same motive. i know its all supposed to be random though. good work though. :)

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