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Detective Biography

Bean-counter. Number bot.
I used to get that a lot. That was me, Jack Holms, Certified Public Accountant. Back then, I had a modest practice in Los Angeles, did the books for the five and dime down the street, the drug store on the corner.
Then it all changed one day. It had been an unusually long one, Bob Price had really made a mess of his grocery business and I had just declared a truce with my adding machine. The battle would continue tomorrow. And right when I reached for my hat there was a loud rap upon my door. My motivation was to leave out the back and escape the monotony for the evening, but times were tough, and if this were a customer, I needed the business. Hoping that it wasn't some agent come to collect, I gritted my teeth and opened the door, revealing a character I would not soon forget. He was about twice my size, with a sharp features and a stern look upon his face. Thinking that I had better scrape together my rent at this point, the visitor opened his mouth to speak.
"You Jack Holms?" He said, his brow furrowed in distrust.
"Yeah that's me," I replied cautiously.
"I've got something for you," he said, and I felt my knees start to give way until he removed a piece of paper from his hip pocket.
He handed it to me. Apparently a prominent businessman from San Diego had just opened up a bar a few blocks away and was looking for me to provide bookkeeping for the operation, but I needed to be able to start tonight. That last part I found odd, because if there was ever a professional that could afford to keep the 9 to 5, it was the accountant. But, another curiousity of mine got the better of me first.
"How much will it pay?" I asked.
"$100 a week for 2 nights' work." I was floored. I was lucky to scrape together $50 from a client for a month's worth of bookkeeping, when I was able to collect in the first place. Needless to say that this ominous character had made me an offer I couldn't refuse. Now I wish I had. For as the days and weeks unfolded I found that this little operation wasn't on the "up-and-up." Indeed, that note had originated from one of LA's premier mafiosos. I was in over my head. I must have asked too many questions, and one night I awoke to discover my apartment engulfed in flames, likely set by the same mercenary that had delivered the note to me that night everything changed. I escaped that night, barely, by running out the back of my place. And the next morning, I was greeted with the best news I had had so far since accounting for the mafia: the papers had said I had died in the fire! With mafia out to get me, who am I to ask for a retraction? There was no one in LA for me anyway.
I decided to make a new life for myself in New York as a private eye, always keeping the other eye on the mob. And just in case word carried that Jack Holms was still kicking, I decided to borrow the first name of the world's greatest consulting detective.
I hope he doesn't mind.


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