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Detective Biography

Here I am, at my scuffed mahogany desk, with little business, not much money, old age (I'm pushing 350 days!), and not much to my name. Sure, I had some experience, and I wasn't totally broke, but I wasn't a legend, and I wasn't totally clean on my record.

Although I am reasonably popular with the village regulars, and am a force to be reckoned with, I still was just ordinary. Until that fateful day...

It was late November of last year, I was in a rut, almost broke, and had no friends. But what I did have was hope.

Just as I was about to turn in for the day, a loud knock came from my door. It was familiar, but I thought nothing of it. I went to answer the door, suspecting it was my angry landlord, here to collect the two week's past rent, but wait! It was Thomas Cook, from my childhood days!

See, we were childhood sweethearts, until he left for college, and found himself a rich, beautiful fiancee. I was crushed when I heard the news of their engagement.

"What are you doing here?" I asked incredulously. I still had hope that he had left that good-for-nothing wench, as tears began to run down his chiseled cheeks, and the tears turned into wrenching sobs.

"Cheryl was murdered!" he wept, bitterly, and full of grief.
"I went to her apartment, to, um... well... check up on her, and there she was, in bed, in her nightgown, with blood on her beautiful face!"
"Beautiful my ass," I thought to myself, though later I began to feel guilty.

"What do you want Tom? For me to come back to you? To stomp on my already broken heart?"
"No." he said coldly, tears abruptly stopping with his sudden rush of anger. "I want youto find her murderer, to solve the mystery. Whoever did the dirty deed, is gonna pay, but I need your help."

"Fine." I said, with a tear almost running down my cheek. Thomas would never be mine again. His heart belongs to a different girl, in a grave.

"What do you charge Gwendolyn?" he asked.
"Please don't call me Gwen, everyone calls me Madame Giry now, Madame for short." I replied.
"Why not Gwen?" he retorted, with his familiar resilience.
"That was the name of my childhood years. Don't remind me of them Tom. I've grown, I'm not the little girl in braids down the street anymore. I'm respectable."
"You're never gonna change, you know that?" he said.
"Sorry, but weren't we solving a murder before, or has... what's her name, Cheryl? risen from the dead?" I replied sharply. Why, oh why was I being this way? I loved him, not hated him.

*Those who check out this bio, keep watching every day, for I'll add on to the story.


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