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Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin
Tale Spinner

Feb-22-2004 20:32

I have a couple of questions I'd like some feedback on. Please Answer by replying to this post.

1) Is the game fun? Really fun, kind of fun, funner than going to the dentist?

2) Can you think of anything that would make the game more fun?

3) Is the game too hard? Too easy?



forced grip
forced grip

Feb-14-2007 17:09

1) Fun
2) An extra payment method that works in non-PayPal countries (Moneybookers for example)
3) Just right

Berry Polter
Berry Polter

Mar-4-2007 11:46

Very much fun.
It needs more misteries than 4 a day.
You are doing a great job.
Too bad that I cannot subscribe otherwise I would.
Could I visit other towns or buy an office as a nonsubscriber?
And the misteries have the same difficulty as their level says (begginer is very easy).
You should find a way for lowering the loading time.


Mar-6-2007 07:41

1. Wonderful fun.

2. If at all possible, pictures that match descriptions (i.e. obviously thin people not being described as heavy).

3. I've been playing for about two months. Got thrown into the harder cases by doing favors that were a level above what I'd been playing. I'm working on Hard now and it provides a good level of difficulty.


Mar-6-2007 23:39

1) Very fun...

2) you can make a Hotel in each city....for the arch villian hunter - in the hotel the detective can rent itens, can buy information about PE, and pay to file a's will like a agency....but, of course, that's not cheap...i think to do this with one spot in my agency, but the others directors don't like the idea...i think that's good...

3) the dificult arre perfect...some times it's easy, but sometimes it's almost impossible...but now it's too hard to gain skill points...but it's perfect...

congratulations for create this game...and if you want to make a sleuth in portuguese, i will help you, i'm sure a lot of people here will play...

Cherry Pitt
Cherry Pitt

Mar-16-2007 17:29

Brand new detective here!

1. Very,very fun.

2. Maybe a countdown of how many experience points are needed to get the next skill point

3. You are brilliant. It is perfect.

S. Holmes Jr.
S. Holmes Jr.

Mar-16-2007 18:57

Greetings from Finland! I'm a fan of Sherlcok Holmes, Hercule Poirot and couple of other detective series. And you might guess, that i really love that i found this game! :D

1. It is not only great fun that a fan of detective things might find, but also it is exciting and interesting. Geniously great, you're brilliant! :D

2. Hmmm, i... i can't really think of any improvements, it is so good. Maybe add Sampo web-bank to subscritpion delivery, more easy donations for me. ;)

3. Just started, can't say... but i like it for now, for start. Thank you for the game! :')


Mar-16-2007 22:00

As far as mystery or detective games (very few of either out there) this has kept my attention for almost 6 months now! I usually go play 20 different games a day, and get bored easily, so thanks for a beautifully captivating game where we can choose to go solo or work with others(and what a great sense of teamwork here, too bad RL couldn't learn how you do it)

My only question, then is even though I have many skills accrued, and experience points as well as contacts, I still find it very hard to solve the AI cases without almost taking the leap at an "educated" this intentional, being AI? I have been holding off on villain hunts, because I have already "retired" a few detectives taking those chances alone. In an agency you have help, but not for AV hunts. Or should I just keep tucking away extra $$ for shady while I save $$ for an AV hunt?

Overall, I love this game, and love that this game is constantly expanding, making it something that you can really build and grow with throughout. Thanks to all involved, and happy sleuthing! :)

Ranier Peperhaut
Ranier Peperhaut
Washed Up Punter

Mar-17-2007 09:53

Hi Aubrey, I was only able to solve maybe 60 to 70 percent of the AIs I tried to do, when I first started doing the AV Hunts as well. I say, go ahead and give it a try, because it doesn't matter how long it takes you to do one, or how many cases you have to quit. I know one person who just finished one hunt after two months!

Once you are able to finish a hunt successfully, you will get MUCH BETTER gear from the prince, which in turn will make your next hunt/round of AIs so much easier. The more villains you catch, the easier the AIs become.

I actually started hunting when I didn't have all my contacts either, so it's definitely possible to still catch a villain.

My other advice is when you are unsure don't guess. Ever. Even if it is your last case of the day, and you are down to two people and you are 99% sure... cause you could be wrong. I'm not sure what your shady cost is right now, but it gets really high, really quick. The last one was almost $650,000 for me. And I'm sure it's much higher now, as that was months ago.

So go try hunting! It is such a great element to the game!

Old Shoe

Mar-17-2007 12:29

The game is loads of fun! I agree that you are brilliant!

The only glitch that I see, is that the Shady character seems to ask for a lot of money. I think there should be a way to cut his prices in half. Maybe it could be an added skill?

Keep up the great work! Thanks :-)

Old Shoe

Mar-17-2007 12:35

There already is a way to get a cheaper Shady rate, in fact, there are two!

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