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Detective Biography

I remember a time when people helped each other. Neighbours and friends stood up for each other, watched out for each other. It was not that time.

I started my practice years ago. With a dream in my heart and a bit of cash in my pocket, I set out to make a difference. To help people. I was going to heal the sick. Save the dying. Give hope to the disheartened. I set up shop in the city of Kensington, in west London. It was near where I grew up, so I felt comfortable there. I already knew many of the locals from my time spent carousing the streets as a young lad. I must admit my vices, though few.

The pace picked up as the years passed and before I had a chance to stop and realize, I was running a successful office, and helping as many patients as I could. Call it stress. Call it boredom. Call it idiocy. It wasn’t enough. All I had achieved in those years simply did not fill me up as I thought it would. I began to wonder what a different life would be like. One that charged against the stoic rigidity of my daily doldrum. A little mystery. A little thrill. An existence, I’ve come to realize, I was not ready for, nor wanted, despite my yearnings at the time.

Our city, like all thriving metropolises, had a dark and suspicious underground. Many from that society were patients of mine. They wanted the best. I enjoyed the glimpse into a life unknown, full of everything I thought I was lacking. Patients were always ready to share tidbits of their life and trials with a doctor. Especially one as highly regarded and respected as I was.

It was one regretful day that did me in. I could hold back no longer. I had to hear more, see more, feel more. More of the excitement and thrill of the underground life. What happened there? What were the secrets hiding underneath the dirty streets? I asked. I listened. I found out. Then they found out. Found out what I knew and who told me. A patient that even I could not save, once they were through.

That same fate was almost mine. It was reputation and connections that made them realize I would not go unmissed. So a far worse fate was bestowed upon me. My name was scarred. My reputation soiled. I was disgraced and looked upon with disgust. Friends and neighbours turned their backs on me, and abandoned trust in me. The underground could not see me dead, but they saw to it that everyone looked at me like I should be. All lies of course, but what was I to do. I had let my foolish desires take over my heart. It was fate coming back to me, reproaching me, forcing me to make right for my selfishness.

I had lost all I had worked for. But it was right in the eyes of the world. I set forth to make up for my misdeeds. I had been stripped of my license, but I knew that somehow I had to help people once again. If I couldn’t save them, maybe I could save their memory. Find the truth of what happened to them. I made up my first card that very day. Ranier Peperhaut, Private Detective.


Order o Socrates:  Poor(-3)
Arcanum Brthrhd:  Good(10)
Cosa Nostra:  Fair(6)
Eastern Triads:  Fair(6)
Circle of Light:  Poor(-2)
Green Hand:  Poor(-3)
The Tea Steepers:  Great(110)
Shangri La Tigers:  Terrible(-110)


Barber (New York)
Priest (New York)
Waiter (London)
Podiatrist (London)
Fortune Teller (Shanghai)
Silk Merchant (Shanghai)
Concierge (Delhi)
Podiatrist (Delhi)
Barber (Cairo)
Waitress (Cairo)

Arch Villains

Captain Gustav Glock

Countess Aurelia Severn

Professor Dragutan Lancaster

Letitia "the Pistol" Blood

Baronness Violet Musgrave

Doctor Omar Mahendra

Admiral Madonna Scroggs

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Medea "the Squeak" Cain

Baronness Ravenna Thorn

Morgana "the Hawk" Frost

Godfrey "Needles" Mahendra

Books Collected

The Mysterious Affair at Styles
Agatha Christie

Secret Adversary
Agatha Christie

The Hound of the Baskervilles
Arthur Conan Doyle

A Scandal in Bohemia
Arthur Conan Doyle

The Adventure of the Empty House
Arthur Conan Doyle

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Arthur Morrison

Dick Tracy
Chester Gould

The Murders in the Rue Morgue
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Edgar Allan Poe

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A History of Indian Philosophy
Surendranath Dasgupta

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