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quarterly round townie deletion
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mary glass
mary glass

Sep-16-2006 10:24

there is a great variance between the older players and agencies
and those who came along later...a gap that perhaps is too hard
to close...might i suggest quarterly rounds where the townies are
deleted for all...the older players would still have the advantage of
money, experience points, general knowledge of the game but the
quarterly deletion of townies ( all players having to reacquire the
townie favors every 90 days ) would make the game more competitive among all players and add some challenge every 90
days for the older players...


Ms Helen
Ms Helen
Con Artist

Sep-16-2006 13:48

Whilst I respect your idea and opinions Mary I'm afraid I completely disagree with them.

You say there is to much of a gap between older and newer detectives for them to compete well this is not true. Newer detectives and agencies can compete in treasure hunts and win especially now since so many of the older detectives are competing in Villain hunts. Newer detectives can soon build exp up as well in a good agency because most agencies put a lot of effort in to helping there new recruits do this. Also don't forget the older agencies were new at one point and had to go through the same thing of building money, exp, equipment and size up. One day the new agencies will be as big if not bigger than the older agencies.

Please don't forget either that there are many risks which both old and new detectives have to take. The risk of 3 FA's which just recently a couple of the older detectives have had to endure can cost literally eveything. Also the the risk of being pirated, several detctives have already lost lots of cases and money because of this.

To say there is too much of a gap between everyone one is completely unjust. People just need to have patience and work hard then they to will have everything an older detective has.

Sorry that I've rambled on a bit everyone but when I get on a role I find it hard to stop oops :)


Sep-16-2006 13:58

Looks like your suggestion has grown arms and legs since you first put it forward Mary but there is something I’d like to clarify if I may.

Your opening suggestion implies you feel the routine loss of contacts would benefit newer players, who are currently struggling to compete with more established players/agencies. I’d be interested to hear how you feel the newer players are disadvantaged, other than a lack of skills, money and game knowledge (all things that come with time and dedication).

The loss of hard won contacts would, to my mind, simply hinder new players further still. The detectives who (I think) you hope to constrain with this will generally have earned sufficient skills to enable them to solve cases without a contact, whilst those you hope to help won’t have that advantage.

Would it really be the thing to make all the non subscribed players sit up and subscribe? If so then it’s a move I’d be prepared to accept but I’ve yet to read anything here to convince me it’ll perform that wonder.

I take your word on it working for other games, but as Serges so eloquently put: sleuth is simply not like other games. It was this uniqueness that first attracted me and is what keeps me here still.

I think Serges idea of an intermittent opportunity to swap contacts would be more suited to meet your objective of helping new players compete, as it would give younger agencies a helping hand in getting a full complement of contacts as they grow.


Sep-16-2006 14:19

I disagree with losing contacts. It may seem to new detectives, that agencies have an advantage, but actually that is not really true.

Usually agencies have to work hard to recruit agents that have the right contacts. With all the equipment stealing and non player activity, that is not an easy task. Also, some agencies, like mine, do not recruit based on contacts, we recruit based on player activity.

Also, sometimes, players become inactive for long periods of time, so alot of directors, are left trying to check PE cases with many agents - which is very time consuming and tiring.

Lastly, the treasure hunts are very random. So, even if your agency has all the contacts, there is no guarantee that you will get the favor needed for a hunt. Even when the required favor is received, you still may have a case that does not use the PE contact you have.

Makensie Brewer
Makensie Brewer
Super Steeper

Sep-16-2006 14:40

I dont like the idea of losing my contacts after so many days, and having to work again, gaining them. It is not my problem if new ones coming up, are having trouble gaining a contact or just are plain lazy and dont want to work and put the time in, to get the contact. I like it how it is now, and I hope it never changes. I:)

shell marple
shell marple
Con Artist

Sep-16-2006 15:30

"there is a great variance between the older players and agencies
and those who came along later...a gap that perhaps is too hard
to close."

I wonder how some of the seasoned detectives would feel about that statement seeing as they already have surpassed many older detectives, myself included.

Agatha Misty
Agatha Misty
Old Shoe

Sep-16-2006 15:53

Hey Mary hope the drink is good!

Gedds has said what I was thinking, the detectives who you may hope to constrain will generally have earned the skills and the knowledge to solve cases.
As for the die rolling, I may have a Calligraphist contact in Shanghai but I may also have more than half my cases that he cant help me with and some tight liped suspects. All I can count on is experience in solving cases and that comes with solving loads of cases and learning how to.

Hawkeye Harris
Hawkeye Harris
Battered Shoe

Sep-16-2006 16:42

Many have eloquently stated their arguments in favor of retaining town contacts, so I will only say: I am not resistant to change, but in this respect I vote to keep contacts. I don't know about chaos, but there is a tremendously large random element to this game already, enough to keep me on my toes. I knew when I started playing Sleuth that I wanted to grow as a detective, and the best way for me to do that was to align myself with more experienced players (i.e., agency). I'm still working to complete my contacts, and the thought of losing them would, well I shudder when I say this, but I'm afraid it might actually run me off. I have enough "chaos" in real life, let's not ruin Pleasantville (uh, I mean) Sleuthville :) !
Just my opinion, I know others differ - and I appreciate that we can all discuss it here courteously... (Mary, I'll join you - got any Shirley Temples? :D)


Sep-16-2006 17:34

Speaking for myself, I got my first PE contact after +150,000 EXP. Others got their PE contact after less than 10,000 EXP. There's already a random (chaotic?) element build in that advances some players to others. Some players get a hint contact first before a PE contact and vice versa, which is another random thing that advances some players in comparison to others.

Suppose a player that earned his PE contact much later than other players...does he/she still need to be randomized more by eventually loosing a hard earned PE contact? I'm all in for an element of risk, just as long as hard work doesn't get penalized for that....

Why not offer some features for ppl that like to gamble, double or nothing or something like that? Like if you have an FA, you can place a "bet" with Shady on your next case. Either you get rid of that FA or you get a second one.

Ranier Peperhaut
Ranier Peperhaut
Washed Up Punter

Sep-16-2006 18:05

I also completely disagree with losing your contacts.
As so many have mentioned, there is already so much randomness is the game, it is very satisfying to know that our contacts are the one thing we can count on time after time.

I understand the frustration when you are a new player, with hardly any skills, and no contacts to help you... but that's part of the game. You work through it. There was a time when I had to quit half my cases because I didn't have the right skills, contacts, etc, and I chose not to join an agency. Nothing is worse than clammed up people!

But with lots of time, and hard work, I worked through it. Key word being WORKED through it.

My love of the game is to see how far I can get myself, what I can accomplish with what I've got, and how I can get further ahead. I don't see how "leveling the playing field" for long-timers and newbies would help anyone further themselves in the game.

It's not like we're all in a race to reach one big prize, and some of us are starting out with an advantage. That's simply not true. We all started with the same opportunities. We are just at different points in the game. Just like in life. Someone older than yourself has racked up more experience than you. It's cause they started before you. Once you reach their age, you'll be at the same level they were at before.

I would be devastated and, honestly, pissed off if I lost my contact that I worked so hard on. Like I said, it is the ONE thing that we can continuously count on.

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