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Graduation in 14 days! I need your help!
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The Limping Lady
The Limping Lady

May-11-2006 15:34

I'm a senior in high school and so close to graduating... but I still have a homework assignment to do that I need your help with. I have to make a survey of people and what they believe. Is there anyone willing to aswer about ten questions for me? actually, if a could get three people, that would be better. I appreciate any and all help. Thanks!



May-11-2006 18:52

Discussion in a calm, friendly manor is always encouraged. I am not moderator of the thread jojo, just looking in on it because of a few complaints already, just keeping it in check.

Old Shoe

May-11-2006 18:56

Yes, you are okay in setting up this thread. It is just hard to control opinions and emotions in moderating.

Old Shoe

May-11-2006 23:19

Funny how controversy tends to follow on the heels of the things that are most interesting, no?

Good luck LL as you Limp towards the end of high school...let us know how your survey goes, and maybe we can all whistle the graduation music for you or something :)


May-12-2006 02:55

Personally I fail to see how anything that's been written here so far could be damaging to anyone's frail emotions. This thread is not even a discussion but only a query into opinions on a certain subject.

If complaints are the be all and end all of everything no one can express any opinion at all anymore. I think we should be worried more about the fact that some people can't live with the idea that others might have different views than what they were told.

I rest my case...

Safety Officer

May-12-2006 07:15

lol i just thought I was doing the pub quiz... oops :s

jai holmes
jai holmes

May-12-2006 08:36

Do these questions apply only for Christians? Cos I'm not one. I've read the Bible just for knowledge.

jai holmes
jai holmes

May-12-2006 12:22

OK I want answer these questions, since they are mostly directed towards Jesus Christ, Bible, Church and Christianity. I'm Hindu and so cannot say much about them. Though, I have read the Bible (A briefer version of the old and new testemant).

There are so many religions, Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Christianity etc etc etc. To think, newer ones are being introduced still. Yet, we all believe in god in the various forms made by religion.

I want to know the answer of this question even though it may involve slight controversy (please dont delete it). How can a person of one religion say that his religion is real and all others are wrong?

If I being a Hindu were to say that Bhagwan (Hindi for God) is the only one and the great battles between the Devas and Rakshasas were real, then obviously there was no Old Testemant. No Moses, Abraham, Jacob, Adam & Eve and no Jesus as the son of God.

Similarly, If the history of the Greeks and Romans, their Gods, is to be believed than theirs is the one and only religion and no other.

So while we all believe in our own religions, whose is the real one. There is no doubt that there can only be one real religion.

Who can explain to me that his religion is the real one.

Joe Rock
Joe Rock

May-12-2006 14:16

Jai, I don't think anyone can point to one particular religion and say it is the correct one, although I am sure many will try.

About a century ago I received a BA degree in religious studies. If I recall a "genuine" religious experience was defined as a transcendant experience that caused permanent belief and behavioral changes. My particular "transcendent experience occurred at the age of eight when I fractured my skull in a sledding accident. Despite being unconscious, I managed to walk home. Halfway there I awoke to find myself covered in blood and holding a strange man's hand. My family assures me I was alone when I entered the house.

If I were Hindu perhaps I would have held the hand of a Hindu deity. Being Roman Catholic I was rescued by Christ or one of the Christian Saints. I believe God reveals himself to each of us according to our particular needs and culture. God is much too great to be fully perceived and defined by humans. I believe each religion is a small reflection of God. To try to see the whole would probably be far beyond our comprehension.

To answer Limping Lady's Qs:

I believe in God and that Jesus is the Christ. The Son of God and a member of the Holy Trinity.

I believe that the soul is immortal and survives death. I do not know what the afterlife is like. If Hell exists, I hope Purgatory also exists so minor sinners like me don't have to spend ALL of eternity with the likes of Adolf Hitler.
Heaven is a return to God. We get there through the gift of grace and God's mercy.
I believe in this because I was raised Roman Catholic and because having held the hand of Someone Greater than I, my life has been permanently changed.

Moderators please feel free to delete this. It is not my intention to offend anyone with my personal beliefs.

Congrats L. L.

John Hale
John Hale
Yarn Weaver

May-12-2006 20:46

Joe, you're on safe ground. The danger in threads like this is when someone becomes sensitive about what they read, especially when it is a response. So far, so good. I'm looming over this thread specifically because I'm an atheist. If it irritates me, it'll have nothing to do with belief, other than a belief in basic courtesy.

Logan Creed
Logan Creed

May-13-2006 19:41

I'm glad this post has been allowed to stay. Fascinating stuff. Since I've enjoyed reading everyone's opinion, it only seems fair that I throw in my two cents.

1. Do you believe in God?

2. Why or why not? Internally, I have not been able to convince myself that any aspect of my personality or being is an aspect of a soul or a higher power. The closest thing I have been able to equate with a divine spark is one’s conscience. It does not seem to solely exist as a by-product of socialization nor evolution. However, that being said, I do not believe it is irrefutable proof of a soul. Looking externally, the complexity (and immensity) of the universe and the existence of life does convince me that that there is much more to our physical reality then we presently understand. Therefore, simply given the lack of information which we know, I do not believe the evidence is sufficient to rule that there is, or is not, a God.

3. Who do you think God is/ what is He like?
If there is God, I am doubtful that s/he/it is a personal God that concerns him/her/itself with the affairs of our day to day life. I think it may be very possible that a God may struggle with the same struggles we have with consciousness; the value and purpose of existence.

4. Is Jesus the Son of God? If not, who is he?
No. I believe he was an admirable man of his times that believed deeply in his vision of morality.

5. If not God, who/what do you put your faith in?
The Golden Rule. It makes sense in a world completely without a value-driven God, while at the same time satisfying my conscience.

6. Do you believe in an afterlife? What is it like?
I hope there is one, but I am not convinced of it.

7. How does one get to heaven?
If there is a heaven, I hope one can get there by standing before God and honestly saying that you used all your capacity as a human being to try to understand how to live a meaningful life.

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