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Pet Peeve
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Old Shoe

May-2-2006 20:26

So this has ALWAYS been a pet peeve of mine; since the beginning of my Sleuthing.

*NOTE: This is not as big of one as the waiter/waitress 'fiasco' was*

Take a look at Sleuth Admin's detective page, for example.

Order o Socrates: Good(10)
Arcanum Brthrhd: Good(10)
Cosa Nostra: Poor(-3)
Eastern Triads: Good(10)
Circle of Light: Poor(-2)
Green Hand: Good(10) "

Notice that of is "o", not "of" in Order of Socrates
Notice that Brotherhood is shortened, and the word Dies is completely absent
"La" is missing in La Cosa Nostra
Isn't it "The" Green Hand, "The" Eastern Triads?

Now I know this was done because of margin widths, but can it not be fixed in any way? It's not only annoying, but also can be confusing as to what the factions are called. Perhaps they could even be shortened to just OS, LCN, DAB, GH, CoL, and ET? (Although that would be very confusing as well)

Just something that's always bothered me.


Henry Walker
Henry Walker

Jul-24-2007 20:57

The misspelling of Brotherhood is weird on account it has no vowels. That was the first thing I noticed. Another pet peeve I have is that if you ask the people, i.e barber, banker, questions while you're not working on a case...all they say is I don't know what you're talking about???

Old Shoe

Oct-18-2007 01:30

*Bumps it like a rocket named Roger for Clemens and any newish folks who want to get their whine on*

Oh. And as to the Henry-guy's problem, the question-asking utility is pretty much useless to the unsubscribed. It's been a while since I've tried, but I think you can still get a more interesting (but equally useless) answer if you ask them about pirates. Don't point out the irony of hearing "I don't know about that" when you ask the barber for a haircut. It's been done.

Currently irritated by everything about this guy who calls himself 'Benny Ninja" on Top Model. Kinda want to force him to shave his Metallica moustache with a bunch of dull, rusty 'Benny Ninja stars'.


Oct-20-2007 02:07

I am irritated when people think technology is magic. No, I have no clue who logged onto your PC, I don't have a crystal ball to tell me, it's not like your computer scans their fingerprints and mails it to us, or we magically put up some sort of survailance camera to watch this at all times >< In fact, you haven't even given me YOUR name. lol.

Old Shoe

Mar-12-2008 05:10

People who can't drive in the snow, but insist on driving in the snow.

People who insist on cycling in the snow.

People who insisted on cycling in the snow but then realized they weren't a fricking cross between Lance Armstrong and a polar bear, and ended up walking their bikes in the snow.

People who shovel my snow, making me feel guilty because I have to reciprocate.

People who shovel their snow and then shovel mine, pre-emptively stealing my chance to reciprocate and (again), making me feel guilty.

Shoveling snow.

My shovel.

The snow.

This guy:

Subtitles on TV when the speakers are speaking perfectly clear English.

The words "embrace", "goddess" and "celebrate", especially when used a) by or in proximity to Oprah Winfrey or b) in commercials for women's razors.

This guy who feels the need to hoot while he's lifting weights at my gym. (Hoot! That was a hard one! Hoot! Wow, that one was just as hard as the one before it! Hoot!).

Hearing about puppy mills on the news, and to a lesser extent, the existence of puppy mills per se.

Student loans.

Student loan repayment schemes conveyed via automatic phone message (Hello! Our records indicate that you are now in default! We suggest you pay us $33 dollars a month for the next 723 months or give up all your dreams of home, boat or recreational vehicle ownership! Have a great day!)

Racist taco commercials.

The fact that now matter how hard I squint my eyes, click my ruby slippers together, cross my fingers and wish my little ass off, there will never be a new episode of the show 'The Wire'. Fare thee well, McNulty et al :(


Mar-12-2008 08:25

Getting the feeling you don't like ANYTHING related to snow, Crunchman. Although, I really understand that last one. C'mon with the Jamaican accent, dude - YOU'RE CANADIAN!!! Reality check, Aisle 3 please... (Hoot!)

Ashley Rimmer
Ashley Rimmer

Mar-14-2008 10:37 pet peeve is when people keep on repeating themselves.

We heard you the first time!!!!

My other pet peeve is when people spit when talking. EWWW!!

Diane Russell
Diane Russell

Mar-14-2008 11:00

It peeves me when someone pulls out in front of me when I'm driving, making me brake, and then proceeds to drive 5 miles below the speed limit... what's worse is when I see that NO ONE is behind me, therefore that idiot driver COULD HAVE waited till I passed and then pull out and drive slowly.

Cordelia Falco
Cordelia Falco
Battered Shoe

Mar-15-2008 05:29

People who leave supermarket trolleys in car parking spaces.


Multiple exclamation marks - mind you, that's not new, look at Queen Victoria.

Men on trains who think it's OK to elbow me in the side because they're reading a newspaper.

Anyone who doesn't get the fact that using headphones is supposed to mean that other people can't hear what you're listening to. Or doesn't care.

Parents who think it's fine for their child to repeatedly kick the back of the seat in front (often found on planes and in cinemas).


Thank you. I feel better now.

Diane Russell
Diane Russell

Mar-15-2008 09:42

Cordelia, that last one REALLY peeves me! Or how about parents who let their children scream and cry in a restaurant without removing them so everyone can eat in peace? Really rude! (One exclamation mark)

Tireless Tiger

Mar-15-2008 09:56

You have touched on a good one, both of you. Then there's the parents who not only do all of that, but expect the staff to watch after their children, after all the parents are out for a night to relax.

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