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Annual Sleuthville Ball
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Isabel S. Abbott
Isabel S. Abbott

Mar-31-2006 17:23

Let's create an ongoing party within Sleuth, where the vodka is free, the girls are in evening gowns, and the guys are in tuxedos. Party on dudes!


Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Mar-31-2006 20:30

* puts her drink down and dances with Blueberry Hill with a happy smile on her face*

Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Mar-31-2006 22:19

After they finish dancing, Lady Emerald goes up to Lucian Ty.

"So, wanna dance with me?"

They dance happily past...

Makensie Brewer
Makensie Brewer
Super Steeper

Mar-31-2006 23:17

Makensie, who just walked in with Charlie. One of her work partners in the agency. Makensie was dressed in a long black sequined dress with black velvet heels, and a thick gold chain around her neck. Her hair was pulled up in a bun, with a few strands hanging down.

She greets her friend Leddy, and Makensie whispers quickly, "Guess we can't do our dance moves in this atmosphere" and they chuckle. Blue and Makensie greet each other, and Charlie and him give a nod, as they make their way to the drink table.

Charlie says, "Can I get you something to eat Mak?" Makensie says, "Nope, just give me the drink" He laughs, and says, "I keep finding out day by day why Ilike you" They laugh.

Makensie looks at Charlie, as he is taking a drink, and clears her throat and he looks at her, and says, "get choked?" Makensie rolls her eyes, and he says, "OH!!! Want to dance?" Then he adds a bow,which cracked her up.

He holds his hand out, and they gracefully glide across the floor (noone saw her face of agony when he kept stepping on her feet *giggle), and as they all danced on the floor, in walked......

Madame Giry
Madame Giry

Apr-2-2006 20:08

Madame Giry, with her evening gown and lucky tiara on.
"Isabel!" she called, "I've arrived!"
"You're just in time." responded Isabel," I just refilled the vodka!"


Apr-3-2006 03:56

Peet arrives at the doorstep, always fashionably late.
He smiles, "Guess the party started without me."

Peet grabs a drink from the table and starts to check on the lovely ladies...
"How are we doing this evening?"

Mark Stone
Mark Stone

Apr-3-2006 05:17

"We are all doing good." adds Mark as he walks in.

Mark gives a friendly nod to Mak and Charlie as he makes his way over to the free drink table.

*mumbles something about vodka and pulls out his flask and drinks from it*

Mark then procedes to take a seat in the corner and look at the patrons and straights is Tux.

*Mark has a look of lonleyness and drunkeness on his face*

Then walks in...


Apr-3-2006 07:01

Serges slinks his way into the bar, obviously in a pre-drunk stupor, wearing nothing but his signature towel.

He glances at Blue and LED dancing sweetly, and mumbles something unheard and slurred to himself.

He takes a seat at the bar, picks it up, moves it to the center of the room, and sits, waiting for...

Madame Giry
Madame Giry

Apr-3-2006 12:52

Madame DuPois to arrive.

Lucian Ty
Lucian Ty

Apr-3-2006 14:25

Lucian chuckles to himself as he is still reeling from a wonderful dance number with Lady Emerald Devon.

He sits near the newcomer, Madame Du Pois.

"Say, what a nice brooch you're wearing!" he says casually.

Du Pois blushes and sits next to Lucian.

Lucian (who is bad at socializing), smiles nervously. He glances towards Blueberry Hill and Lady Emerald Devon, who are now doing a German waltz.

"Ummm... I'm sorry, Madame Du Pois, but I... I..."

Du Pois sighs and extends a hand. "Shall ze next dance be aurs?" she asks.

Lucian shrugs. "Hey, what the heck?" He bows towards the newcomer, takes her pale hand, and floats towards the dance floor just as Blueberry Hill and LED finished their waltzing... and Spanish tango music filled the air.

But another guest was already on their way. Bursting through the doors was....

Trelane Rahl
Trelane Rahl

Apr-3-2006 22:46

Well not quite bursting but a man in a black suit, with black shirt, an emerald green neck tie, electrum dragon pendant and black top hat (Trelane) opens the door letting a woman wearing a long and flowing emerald green dress, with black opera gloves, and a tear shaped ruby pendent dangling at the hallow of her throat with matching earrings (Cfm) walk through before walking through the door himself. He looks around with a somewhat stern look on his face. Before continuing onward he takes cfm by the arm and smiles at her for a moment before letting his face return to look of the vigilant sentinel he usually is.

"Such a loyal friend and bodyguard. Thank you," exclaims Cfm.

"Where would you like to head to first C-c-c," He stops himself for a moment before he can make an error and then continues, "Errr.. Ms. C?"

Her cheeks flush a pale pink as she leans against his arm and says, "I'd love to see you on the dance floor! I'm sure with all the practice you've had, you've got all the moves."

He shakes his head and laughs, "I'm not exactly sure they are ready for that yet. How about we start with a tango?"

She steps back just a bit to face him, her bright eyes smiling up at him, lips turn up into a smile as she says, " Sounds wonderful!"

He glances around for a moment smiles again as he holds out his hand, "Excellent! Let us dance!"

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