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Detective Biography

As a new visitor to New York, I always had dreams of what it would be like. Exciting. Thrilling. Full of adventure. This city was thrilling alright, but in the sense of murders in Sleuthville. The thrill of the kill.

The first day I was in New York, I decided to take the subway, like they said everybody does. I got off of the subway (after a rude man had commented on the loveliness of my legs, though it did boost my self-esteem) and stepped into what else- a subway grate. This would have been okay, had I not been wearing my new black, boa, leather, Filippo Catarazzi stiletto heels.
Obviously, the heel had broken off. Just my luck. I went to a local shoemaker's, to see if who could fix my new, yet surprisingly unhappy shoes. I had overheard an uppity Sleuth, bribing the shoemaker, for info on an alibi. This guy had no clue what he was doing!

"Um, excuse me?" I asked him.
"What, baby?" he said. "I haven't got all day."
"Well, there's no need to bribe- um what's your name? Milton over here. If you just go to The Twisted Thread, you'll find some better clues."
"What makes you say that?"
"I'm an ex-cop."
"Hey, you could go far in the private investigation business."
"Do you really think so?" I ventured.
"With a mind like that, Sleuthville needs you around here!"
"Thanks. And good luck on your case!"
"Thanks. You too."

And that's how this all started. Now I might not be the greatest detective in New York. I'm not even sure I'm in the top twenty. But I love this town, and although I'm sitting, in my old stilletos (still broken, by the way), drinking bad, cheap coffee, I wouldn't have things any other way. Ok, so new shoes would be nice, but you can't have everything you want.

Ahh, a new customer. Maybe new shoes are in the cards!


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