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Isabel Abbott
Isabel Abbott

Mar-13-2006 17:19

I thought it would be cool, to have like, a section, where we could be our characters, and hang out, and create drama.... I'll start:

"She walked down the street, confident, but aloof, mightily, though as if on a cloud. She sat on a solitary park bench, in her red silk dress, and stiletto heels, when....


Talianna Periwinkle
Talianna Periwinkle

Mar-18-2006 18:57

....that Shadisius was related to one of the detectives.

"Related? how?" Rhiemma asked.

"I, uh, mean, he used to be one of your gumshoe pals' friend.... or was he a boy friend?" Shady said thoughfully. "Like, back in San Diego he was one of their friends or somethin'. What was her name......"

"You're sure it's a 'she'?" Rhiemma asked suspiciously.

"Positive. But I don't know if it's the same person he's after... that could send him to the electric chair, I dunno...." Shady went on.

"Um, none of the detectives I know ever lived in San Diego..." Rhiemma said to herself.

"Actually, there was one." Tali was there along with Isabel. "Me."

"Talianna? You were Shadisius' girlfriend!?" Rhiemma asked, surprised.

"He said his name was James and that he was asscoiated with the bank there... He really could be charming at times... until I realized his trick. I saw him steal from someone and kill them afterwards for being a witness. That's why I came to New York... to track him down," Tali whispered fiercely.

"Sooooo, is he after you?" Rhiemma said.

"Well...." Isabel began.

((check out my detective's bio, and it'll probably be clearer to you guys.... I just had to add that in!))

Lucian Ty
Lucian Ty

Mar-19-2006 18:56

"Manfred Gesling, the Priest, never told you guys that I'm a distant, distant, DISTANT niece of his. And... ya know how Shadisius is Manfred's nephew... I'm sortta (in a distant way) RELATED to him."

Rhiemma and Talianna cried in disbelief. "You're his..."

"Around the lines of a distant cousin. And I accidentally stumbled upon his little "secret" a few years ago. A beautiful ring from Peru, belonging to one of his friends...went missing. Shadisius (James) stole it and...I found out. I...saw him carrying it around one day. I couldn't believe it, but there ya go. And he knew I knew. So...he wants to kill me so I don't run to the cops and end his career and possibly his life."

Isabel began weeping. Shady, in spasms of pain, clasped the poor girls hand. "Isabel... don't worry. I've always hated my brother. We'll put an end to his stupidity."

Isabel, sprinkled in tears, suddenly gasped. "Oh my gosh!! Mukunzu was Oliver's girlfriend!"

Rhiemma turned to face her. "Mukunzu? Oliver?"

Talianna put her hand to her lips. "Oliver... James's best buddy. Oh gosh, Isabel... I know..."

Shady straightened. "Mukunzu Brewster was Oliver Flaharty's girlfriend. Oliver Flaherty was murdered a few years ago. A famed detective rumored to have recovered the priceless antique: the Jade Ring of Peru. The ring was stolen...Oliver's life brother was responsible."

Isabel frowned. "Mukunzu lived in Africa all her life."

Shady shook his head. "Not ALL her life. Ten years ago, she came to America and met Oliver."

Rhiemma laughed. "Mak has a sister? Impossible!"

Shady sighed. "B-R-E-W-S-T-E-R. Not B-R-E-W-E-R. Mukunzu, though a relative of Makensie's in a bizarre way...was not her twin. Actually...the girl was adopted by Makensie's parents."

"How do you know this?" Talianna asked.

Shady smiled. "Because, even though it's unbelievable, I am................"

Charlie Cain
Charlie Cain

Mar-20-2006 07:54

Also a Brewster relative."

Shady lets a erie laugh leave his lips.

Meanwhile across town another trio enters Big lucy's Cabaret.

"Wheres Big Lucy?" asks Mak to the bouncer.

"Who's askin?" ask Bruno the Bouncer.

"We are." says Charie while opening his coat and pointing to his pistol.

"Oh, she,s in tha back talkin to Freddy tha Finger le me go get her." said Bruno.

"That's alright we'll go." says Lucian.

as the trio makes their way to the back Charlie nudges Lucian and says " Were being followed I noticed a black sedan out side that seemed to get here when we did. Then that guy over there the one who looks interested in us but not too interested in us got out. He's been eye'n us since he walked in." Lucian says " yeah I got him you go see if there is anyone special in the car I'm gonna go pay visit to our friend there and Mak you go see if you can talk with Big Lucy and Shadette okay?"

Lucian heads over to the guy who came in after them and ask's him quite bluntly why he's following them. The man answers " I dunno what your talkin about get lost pal"

Lucian says " look PAL I know your following us who are you working for? Tell me and I will make sure you dont get busted up by old Bruno over there."

The man runs off towards the back alley with Lucian right behind.

meanwhile Mak's back talking with Big Lucy.

"Where's Shadette at?" asks Mak

"aint seen her in a couple days." replies Big Lucy

"Come on Lucy I know you know where I can find her then, right?" Mak says.

" Yeah check out the old house on 3rd and 12th." said Big Lucy

just then the man comes busting through and slams into Big Lucy but keeps on running with Lucian right behind him. Lucian stops as the man jumps the back fence and runs off down the alley. "Did you get thing?" ask Lucian abit out of breath. "Yep I know where Shadette is, wheres Charlie?"

as Charlie made his way toward the car he comes around a dumpster to see a man the man looks like..?

Talianna Periwinkle
Talianna Periwinkle

Mar-22-2006 18:13

...Milton the Shoe maker! He's bound and gagged and tries to alert Charlie.

"What are you doing here!?" Charlie asks as he unbinds him. Milton pants.

"I-I need to tell you... something..." Milton pants.

"What? WHAT!? Tell me!" Charlie demands.

"It's... it's about Shadette... she... she....."

Charlie Cain
Charlie Cain

Mar-25-2006 07:55

"She's missing I found this." he said as he handed Charlie her left brown buckle shoe.

Charlie inspects it and finds...............

Mark Stone
Mark Stone

Mar-25-2006 08:26

...And finds blood on the bottom and is now quite curious to what has happend.

As Charlie looks up he sees Mark Stone walking up.

"Good God, Milton what has happend to you?" Ask Stone.

"I was about to make boots for this man when I turned my back on the door for just amoment and then I felt a sharp pain in the back of my head and passed out. When I awoke, I was here untill Mr. Cain found me."

"Mr. Cain," Says Stone, "I would watch your back if I where you. Make sure that you are not getting your self into more then you bargend for. I am sure that I will be seeing you around."

Just then Mark Stone Walks into the mist of the night and dissapears.

Then Charlie....

Madame Giry
Madame Giry

Mar-31-2006 17:01

Turned the corner, paranoid, and afraid.

At that point, Isabel and Talianna were not with eachother. Talianna, so afraid, was almost unconscious with paranoia. Isabel dragged her near the clocktower, and left her in an obvious spot for her friends to find. Then she fled to a nearby tavern, when...

Isabel S. Abbott
Isabel S. Abbott

Mar-31-2006 17:10

Sorry I haven't added to the board before. I changed avatars. (I was originally Isabel Abbott) I had to go on to France for two weeks, in a hotel with no internet.

... Talianna slowly gained consciousness. "Charlie?" she screamed,"Mak, are you out there?" Then, Shady appeared at the street... Meanwhile, Isabel went out looking for everybody. There was a terrible mistake. What people didn't really know, was that she was the fourth Shady sibling. Her real name was Shadeena, but she changed her name to escape the past. She spotted Mak out of the corner of her eye. "Mak!" she cried. Mak ran to her, unaware of the danger we were in, when...

Charlie Cain
Charlie Cain

Apr-4-2006 10:46

Charlie steps out of the alley rubbing his head. "What happend to you?" asks Talianna.

Charlie replies "Some one came up behind me and hit me on the head as I was checking out a strange car that was parked right over there. The next thing I know I'm waking up in the alley. Did anyone see where the car went I think it was Shadisius's car."

Just then a scream was heard from..........

Madame Giry
Madame Giry

Apr-4-2006 17:01

Mak, when Shadisius had emerged from the shadows of the alleyway. Charlie ran to the petrified sound, and ...

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