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Detective Biography

Talianna glanced around to make sure no one was watching. With a killer on the loose, she didn't want to make any regretable mistakes. All she knew was that Gina Perks, an aquaintence Tali knew a little, was murdered. There were hardly any suspects, since Talianna knew that Gina didn't make friends very easily—or enemies, for that matter...
Tali was now searching Gina's room for any clues. Seeing a diary, she picked it up and was easily able to open it with a key she found while searching the room. Tali flipped through a couple of pages of scrawled handwriting. Despite the messy writing, however, one name stood out in paticular: James McCord; Tali's boyfriend. She instantly kept reading, wondering how Gina knew James.
Soon, Tali found out that Gina and James used to be a couple, until he cheated on her. On the exact same day Gina talked about James cheating on her was the exact same day James asked Talianna out for coffee. Reading more, Tali reached to a conclusion: her boyfriend was a suspect........
But unfortuantely, he was more than that: he killed Gina.
And when Tali found out, he moved to New York.
Ever since the day he left, Tali wanted to find him....
But Talianna was sure that James was gone forever.
That was, until she finally was able to pitch in enough money to go to New York.
Her goal? Find James. And hope that maybe she can bring him to justice.


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