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Sleuth Olympics Fourth Week's Activities
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Pinball Amateur

Aug-23-2016 23:44

There will be 4 activities this week. All events start on Thursday, August 25, at 12:00 AM, SST. Good luck. ;-)

1. Sleuthetania Scavenger Hunt - All team members will board the Sleuthetania and hunt for a list of items that will be provided to them on the Sleuth Talk boards Thursday morning. As with the other hunts, once a team member has found the first item on the list, stored the item to the Agency locker, and sent a screenshot or copy/paste of the reward page to Riza, team members may proceed to look for the next item on the list. The team with the most items found gets 10 points. Team with the second highest amount found gets 7. Third gets 5. Fourth gets 3. PLEASE REMEMBER: Once you are on the boat, you CANNOT access your Agency, so clean out your locker before you board the ship. Riza will be expecting a screenshot of each team's locker before Thursday.

All teams may do a MAXIMUM of *TWO* trips on the Sleuthetania. You have until Wednesday, August 31, 11:59 PM, SST, to complete this activity.

2. Journal Pages Hunt - While on the boat, all members will do a hunt for Journal Pages. We have recorded each person's current collected Journal Pages. On Thursday, September 1, around 12:00 AM, SST, we will again compile a list of everyone's collected Journal Pages. All participating players get 3 points (this means you have to collect at least ONE Journal Page to get the participation points). The player with the most Journal Pages collected gets 10 points. Player with the second most Pages collected gets 7 points. Player with the third most Pages collected gets 5 points. Player with the fourth most collected Pages gets 3 points. And yes, there can be more than one point winner on the same team.

3. Introduction Creation Contest - Each team will create and submit TWO intros. One MUST be set on the Sleuthetania, and have a nautical theme. The second MUST have an Olympic theme of some kind. Spelling and grammar will be taken into account.


Sal Iva
Sal Iva
Little Monster

Sep-1-2016 19:17

Oops. :D

Autumn, Sultry and Etain: YOU"RE the greatest, girls.

Sultry De Mon
Sultry De Mon
Con Artist

Sep-1-2016 19:40

Aaw, thanks Sal. It definitely has been our pleasure. You make a wonderful Charlie.
I like the name! Sal's Angels. Has a certain ring to it.

Also, thank you to those who gave of their time to create this event and to judge these games.

I have meet so many wonderful people during these games. Until next year.

The Olympics Fan
The Olympics Fan

Sep-1-2016 21:02

Thank you, everyone, for voting. The results are in, and have been tabulated by three judges to ensure accuracy. Congratulations to all the nominees. You've all shown great Olympic spirit and passion. Here are the winners.

The Most Valuable Olympians for each team are:

For A Race to Adventure: Luc Pfeiffer

For Rick's Cafe Americain: Autumnspings

For Chariots of Fire: BadAss AND DevilishWings

For Feminine Assassins: Ms. Helen

Congratulations to all the Olympians!!! You've shown true Olympic spirit during these Games, and you deserve the recognition of your teammates.

The Most Valuable Olympians for all the teams are:

First place: Autumnspings

Second place: BadAss

Third place: Mortimer Maze

Congratulations to you all, Olympians!! Your teammates have honored you with a great tribute for your contributions to the Olympics. Thank you all for your efforts. Let's give them all a round of applause!

The Most Valuable Olympic Supporters are:

First place: Breitkat

Second place: Riza Hawkeye

Third place: Vulkie3

Again, great job to ALL the teams and supporters of the Sleuth Olympics. These Games could not have been implemented without all of your support. Thank you.

The Olympics Fan

Con Artist

Sep-1-2016 21:36

Congratulations to Chariots!

I hope everyone had a wonderful time and I think every team did their absolute best. Congrats to everyone who had the stamina to finish this! (I think that is everyone, lol.) This was definitely a marathon and imho, it was as taxing as a real one, just in different ways.

I echo my teammates' sentiments. We worked very well together and our personalities meshed well together. The organizers did a fantastic job with our group, intentionally or not.

On another note, I've had a few people mention they would like to read our message boards and poke around Rick's erm... I mean Sal's.

If you are interested please send me a PM once you are no longer in an agency and I will extend an invite.

Again, congratulations to everyone!

Con Artist

Sep-1-2016 22:32

And I can't believe I forgot to thank anyone who voted for me. You're all delusional but thank you. :)


Sep-1-2016 22:40

Then call me delusional, Autumn :)

*Still groaning about loss of lengthy speech due to time out*

In short, congrats Autumn to be elected as overall MVP and Breitkat for showing such initiative and perseverance.

And special thanks to the Charioteers for being such awesome team mates.

*Loathes much shortened version of speech*

Con Artist

Sep-1-2016 22:58

thank you badass. congrats on your win. :)

Ms Helen
Ms Helen
Con Artist

Sep-1-2016 23:45

Sindy, I'm never going to be able to look Squirrel in the eye again after that :D

Congratulations everyone, it's been lovely to get to know so many of you. It would be great to keep the camaraderie up and keep the boards active like they used to be, it makes things so much more interesting when logging on here :)

Congratulations too, to all the Most Valued Olympians and a big round of applause to you.

Thank you to my team for voting for me. that's very sweet of you. Just to let my team know I actually tried to vote for all of you but they wouldn't let me haha :)


Sep-2-2016 07:20

Congratulations to Chariots of Fire! Great team work on your part and thank you for keeping us on our toes.

Every team was worthy of finishing first but as in all competitions there can be only one official winner, but I consider all of us to be winners. We made new friends, we had a great time and I for one learned how to RP :-)

I would like to thank my teammates, guys, you are great and Sal I do like the sound of Sal’s Angels. Maybe if we ever get together in another competition we can use the name :-D

Special thanks to Breitkat and all the judges. Without you this competition would not have been possible.

Mortimer Maze
Mortimer Maze
Old Shoe

Sep-2-2016 14:36

:))) a very good joke!
Third most Valuable Olympian for all teams? :)))))))))))))))))
I'm laughing myself on the floor of my apartment. Impossible!
Who will vote for me except Squirrel? :))

Some great players here, great personalities, great characters and am happy to be part of this elite group!
We all are the Olympic winning team here!

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