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2010 March Madness
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Anais Nin
Anais Nin

Feb-22-2010 13:47

Waaaay before my time here, Serges hosted Sleuth March Madness in 2007. I thought it looked like a lot of fun, so... without further ado, The copy pasted rules from then with minor modifications! ;)

The premise is pretty simple. We compile a list of 64 of the game's most recognizable players, seed them into a tournament bracket, and allow Sleuthville to vote for the "best" in each matchup.

Rules for eligibility:
You are not allowed to nominate yourself.
You may nominate up to 3 persons.
The nominated must be over 30 days old by March 1, 2010, and active.

Entries and nominations should be messaged ASAP. As soon as we get 64, the seeding process will begin and the matchups will be posted.

After the initial bracket is filled, I will post a few matchups here every day. Then, the people involved in those matchups will have an opportunity to say "anything" on this thread that they feel will allow them to advance to the next round of competition. Sleuthville votes will be what decides the winners, and voting information will be coming soon.

The overall winner of this tournament will receive $100,000 sleuth cash.

We will start the voting on March 1st, so get your nominations in as quickly as possible! Please PM me the nominations, and I will be posting a list of who has been nominated, the brackets, and all that fun stuff as we go. :)


Talia Rune
Talia Rune

Mar-8-2010 12:12

I would like to offer my endorsement to two people.

Ms. Violet Parr is a wonderful agent, whom I have had the pleasure to work with for the last few weeks. She is an excellent writer and role player and not to mention a very sophisticated lady.

I met M. Lacrimosa on the role playing stage. He is a wonderful writer and truly an asset to the community.


Mar-8-2010 13:53

I would like to speak up for:

turtledove, who is just a fabulous person and who really deserves your votes, just because I said so. ;-D Seriously, if you know turtledove, you know it's true, and if you don't know turtledove, you really need to meet him!

ShadowChii is another valuable member of the community, who may not hang about in bar chat or on the boards much, but she makes her contribution with Intros and Scripted Mysteries. I'm sure we've all enjoyed at least a couple of her works at some time.

On the other hand, Violet Parr is a very visible and also valuable member of the community who loves to roleplay and welcomes everyone to said roleplay. This vote is going to be a very difficult one for me, and will be the second time I have to pull out a coin to flip. Grr!!

What can I say about topkebab that other people, who are currently more missing and possibly dead than I am, haven't already said? No one ever proved those charges against her! Seriously, tk is a terrific lady that I am proud to call friend, and I hope you vote for her! She's a great sleuth, a helpful person, and she loves to get involved, even if it's just with digging shallow graves in the woods. Oh... did I say that out loud?

M. Lacrimosa is a terrific guy who is fun to chat with, fun to roleplay with, and pretty easygoing most of the time. He's also a terror when he wants to be, but in a fun way... if that makes any sense.

Rosamund Clifford... do I even have to tell you why she deserves your votes? Come on, people!! Rosamund is an author extraordinaire, as well as the champion of Cairo and Sleuthetania, always trying make those sparsly-populated places more popular (play her SMs!!). She's been a member of the community, like, FOREVER, and she's always helpful, generous, and kind. Without her, Noir would be a lesser place.

Kyle XY Rocks
Kyle XY Rocks
Pinball Amateur

Mar-8-2010 14:17

My endorsements are towards ML. He's a all-around Great guy! Vote for him and you won't be sorry! :)

Ms Helen
Ms Helen
Con Artist

Mar-8-2010 14:54

Anais has had to dash off to work so I'm posting on her behalf today.

In the next 24 hours please make your endorsements for this last group of wonderful people in Round 1.

Aknas vs Caledonia
LauraVo vs Vulkie3
BreitKat vs Hannah Glass
Geddes vs Emerald_

The winners of the last group and therefore going through to the next round are:

Miss Snopes
Molly Maltese

We have had another tie this round between Anais Nin and Heimlich Von Victor.

After a re-vote Kachenka and Peter O'Neil have tied again. Anais has decided therefore that those tied will face a threeway next round.

Congratulations to todays winners and good luck to the next group. Anais will be back to fill her usual position tomorrow :D

Peter O'Neil
Peter O'Neil
Old Shoe

Mar-8-2010 19:10

Thanks to my loyal supporters. Hope you're still around next round.

Just checked out who I tied with. WOW. Quite a resume. And Kachenka, you dress well, too. Wherever you are.

Violet Parr
Violet Parr

Mar-8-2010 23:22

My endorsements for this round will go to Aknas & BreitKat.

Aknas is a good friend and such a sweet soul. Everyone who ever had to deal with her in the slightest knows that. She is one of those players whose presence in the community instils a sense of calm and serenity.

Breit is to me a personal hero for having been one of the driving forces for what is now known as the role playing stage. She is also an excellent writer and a very kind person.

Wishing everyone the very best.

*nods politely*

Washed Up Punter

Mar-9-2010 08:47

My endorsement is for Vulkie3. What's not to like? She's awesome!

Sir William Weine
Sir William Weine
Lucky Stiff

Mar-9-2010 09:03

I would like to endorse for Vulkie3 too.

I met her when we were in the same agency and she has been a great friend to me on Sleuth. Vote for her as she deserves it.

Anais Nin
Anais Nin

Mar-9-2010 13:43

Thank you Ms Helen!

Round 2! (Can you believe we're there already?!)

Shady Vs. Harry Jones
Elizabeth March Vs. Leola Luiza
Riza Hawkeye Vs. Joseph Zeo
Treschaude Vs. Elizabeth Christie

Good luck!

March 7th winners:

Violet Parr
M. Lacrimosa
Rosamund Clifford

The way the ties are going to go since Kachenka and Peter O'Neil tied AGAIN, is the two tied matches will both move on and face a three way vote in round 2.

Lady Zeugirdor
Lady Zeugirdor
Pinball Amateur

Mar-9-2010 13:53

I would like to endorse LauraVo and BreitKat

LauraVo is great agency mate. She is always fun and spices up our agency message board. I've been amazed at how much she puts into the game considering her family and school work. She may not be all over the message boards or role playing (as I believe she would love to be more involved in that), but she is never one to back down from lending a helping hand to any detective.


BreitKat, I don't know very well. But I do know that she is willing to take risks to help new players. I know from experience, as she helped me out in my sleuth childhood. I've always appreciated her for that help. Everyone knows she chimes in with help on the boards and if she doesn't know what you need, she knows who to send you too.


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