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CONTEST: Survivor Sleuthville
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Heimlich VonVictor
Heimlich VonVictor

Oct-1-2009 22:03

Do you have what it takes to outlast all others? Do you think you can rise above the rest and stand out as the ultimate contender? Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to Survivor: Sleuthville!

10 Detectives enter, face off against each other in a different challenge every week, and the last left standing will be crowned Sleuth Noir Survivor! The winner will walk away with a one-year subscription to Sleuth Noir and bragging rights over the entire community. The rules are simple:

1. The first ten Detectives to post an entry will be entered and placed on two teams of five.

2. It's advisable to be subscribed. Some of the challenges may require travel, and if you can't participate, it's likely your team will vote you off at elimination. I won't bar anyone based on this, but it's your call.

3. The losing team at the end of each event will have to vote off one member. To do that each team member will submit a PM to me, which will remain anonymous with the name of the person he or she is voting for, and a short reason why. It can be as simple as-

Name: Heimlich VonVictor
Why: He didn't write any of the poem. It's no wonder we lost!

4. Challenges will be one week long and a winner will be announced at the end, in the event of a tie, a coin will be flipped.

5. Anyone may enter including mods, editors, or even Ben and Sunny themselves if they so choose.

6. The contest will begin when all ten detectives have entered and been placed on teams. It will conclude after nine weeks of elimination challenges.

That's all! Get out there and outwit, outplay, and outlast!


Heimlich VonVictor
Heimlich VonVictor

Feb-22-2010 12:54

There would be no landslide in either direction after all! Over halfway there and there was no majority! Without a doubt every single vote would count! Heimlich pulls another vote and holds it up. There are colorful flowers all over it and the writing is extremely professional, “Riza Hawkeye”

Joseph and Riza both begin breathing heavily; six votes were needed to win, five to call for a run-off, what would happen? Heimlich reaches in and draws yet another vote. He unfolds it and holds it up for everyone, “Joseph Zeo”

A tied vote! Eight votes in and still no winner! The jury begins looking at each other, trying to figure out how each voted, wondering if their votes have been counted yet.

Heimlich pulls out the final two votes, he places one on the rim of the bucket, and opens the other. He glances at the vote before holding it up to the crowd, “Riza Hawkeye”

“Five to four,” Heimlich says, “this vote will determine everything.” Even his hands begin to shake as he opens the final ballot. Without looking at it, he thrusts it towards the contests, a gasp is heard, and the entire assembly goes quiet. The contestants are quiet, but the name on that ballot resonates in each one of their heads. The final ballot is cast for…

Riza Hawkeye!

“Congratulations!” Heimlich says finally breaking the silence, “With six of ten votes, Riza Hawkeye you are the first Champion of Sleuth Survivor! You have not only won the contest, but also the respect and admiration of your fellow competitors. Congratulations!”

Riza sits in shock as her fellow contestants congratulate her. The look on her face plainly shows that she never dreamed of making it this far, but the stars were in her favor this time!

Congratulations and thank you to everyone who participated. This was, as I said before, as much fun for me as it was for you. Riza will be receiving a 1 year subscription to Sleuth Noir as promised!

Heimlich VonVictor
Heimlich VonVictor

Feb-22-2010 12:55

Stay tuned for a full wrap up post later tonight, and in the meantime feel free to post your reactions, experiences, or anything you feel on this thread. Thank you for making the first season of Survivor Sleuthville so memorable!

Heimlich VonVictor
Heimlich VonVictor

Feb-22-2010 13:01

"Joseph," Heimlich says with a smile, "you came this far and no one can doubt that you deserved this just as much as Riza. One more vote would have put it into a run-off. I'm sure if Season 2 happens, you'll be a serious contender for the crown once again. You've been there for every elimination including your own, and without a doubt have proven yourself to be among the strongest players in the game."

Heimlich leans over and hits a CD player, "Shall we give you one more for the road?" he says with a smile.


Feb-22-2010 14:40

Congratulations Riza. A very, very good job, winning against Joseph Zeo. It was a tough contest, but you've managed to pull it of. My respect goes to you and Joseph Zeo, for making the finals ^=^.

*Shakes hand of Riza*

*Shakes hand of Joseph*

*Goes back to Ctown, to ask how his "accomodation" was, sleeping 4 weeks in a car*

Safety Officer

Feb-22-2010 16:58

It's over? Really!

Congratulations to all the contestants, assorted judges throughout, and the eventual Survivor, Riza Hawkeye.

I'm pretty sure if this had been on a real Island it'd all have gone Lord of the Flies months ago. But I'd still have had my money on Riza to be standing on the beach waving at the rescue helicopter with one of Anais's finger bones stuck through her nose, Vulkie's femur bone clutched tightly in her hand, clothed only in a belt of the shrunken heads of past competitors.

And of course congrat's to Heimlich who has been just as equally a survivor in his own competition. 3-4 months!!! is two or three lifetimes in Sleuthville, so thank you Heimlich for your perseverance and good grace (well at least publicly :D) throughout.

I think however (my paid Shady Bill aside), it's safe to say that the real winner of Survivor has been Sleuthville!

EVERYONE, from those that have kept a close on proceedings, to those who never look at the boards, have and will continue to benefit from the myriad of intro's and prospective Scripted Mysteries and the plethora of great ideas that have come out of this event.

It's been a great community event. Thanks to you all!

Squirrel out.

Riza Hawkeye
Riza Hawkeye
First Nomad

Feb-22-2010 17:04

Er...thanks, Squirrel...I think. *blink*

Thanks so much everyone, it's been an awesome time! And congrats to JZ too, who played a great game as well! :D

Ms Helen
Ms Helen
Con Artist

Feb-22-2010 17:25

A very very big Congratulations to Riza, and also to JZ. I can honestly say that I had no clue which way it was going to swing, it had me guessing all night :)

I also have to say a very big thank you to Heim for being a survivor in his own right. It takes a lot of commitment to run such a big challenge and keep everyone interested for the duration. I think you succeeded without a doubt.

This has been wonderful thing for Sleuth allowing a lot of new friendships to form and a lot of new content to be added and thought about.

I PM'd my vote to Heim last night purely because I didn't have time to put my thoughts to paper. Now that I have the time I think Riza and JZ both deserve to know who I voted and why.

JZ - I had immense fun working with you in the first challenges and you have shown your full commitment to the contest throughout. You have won immunity week after week and clearly put your heart and sole into everything you produced. You are a fantastic team player whether it be in your writing, in the contest or in treasure hunts. And of course you are a fellow agency mate.

Riza - Again I had immense fun working with you in the first challenges. I think before the contest we had only spoken a couple of words in bar chat. The contest brought us together and since then we always seem find fun...and trouble whatever we're doing. You didn't win many of the later challenges but I think anyone can see you put everything into what you did and have provided some great content to think about. And of course I don't think anyone will forget how many cases you completed in 'that' torterous week.

I really struggled with this decision and at one point wanted to forfeit my vote because I didn't know which way to go. In the end I voted for dogged determination, so my vote went to Riza.

Keira Ann
Keira Ann

Feb-22-2010 18:40

I have been following Survivor Sleuthville from the beginning. Wow, what an exciting game it has been! I don't participate or post a lot on sleuth threads. But this sure kept me interested. Congrats to Riza and good job to everyone.

Heimlich VonVictor
Heimlich VonVictor

Feb-22-2010 22:20

Well everyone this is it. Congratulations to Riza Hawkeye, the very first Sleuthville Survivor. Congrats and thank you to everyone who participated. This has been a blast. Honestly I didn’t think this was going to go over well. I didn’t think we were going to be able to get the contestants, and I was afraid that people might drop out midway. That didn’t happen. We not only filled up quickly, but with some of the most well known and high profile players in Sleuth Noir. On top of that, everyone who participated had an absolute blast. It was tough, but it was fun.

Riza, enjoy your 1 year subscription. I hope it helps you to stay around for a long time.

Joseph, you will receive a 6 month subscription in honor of being Survivor Sleuthville’s runner-up. Congratulations on making it that far!

As far as the rest of you, I can only hope that the door prize and the experience itself is enough reward. You were part of something that has never been done before and did it well. Thank you for being a part of this contest for the past four months. I know it’s something I will never forget and I’m sure neither will you.

As far as season 2, well that’s yet to be seen. It’s certainly possible, and the interest in it from both this season’s players and from outsiders has been enormous. I may host it again, but if someone else wishes to host the 2nd season, be my guest! I may even try my hand at being a participant next time and be on the other side of the kneecap bashing.

Until we meet again my friends!

Joseph Zeo
Joseph Zeo
Tale Spinner

Feb-22-2010 23:13

*waking up and see everyone has packed up and left*

Wow! (sorry i had a busy morning and missed all the action) This is amazing! The entire game had the drama and plot of well scripted mystery! I am really glad that Riza won. Her dedication to all the challenges as well as her characters made her a totally well deserved winner. *Hugs, shines her crown for her* Heim, thank you for hosting the Sleuth Survivor. This had been a really amazing experience and if there is a Second season, i'd love to be a judge for a change and let others have the chance to experience the turmoil, er, i mean fun and excitement. Seriously, this had been a great challenge to the body mind and soul, and i'm glad I've participated and that everyone have all Survived.

*Look at his skinny frame and ran to catch the bus that's leaving* I better gain some more weight now that it's over. Wait up!!

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