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The Daughters of Miss Violet Parr
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Violet Parr
Violet Parr

Feb-25-2009 03:59

Leopold Parr walked as fast as he possibly could in and around Victoria Station. The young officer had anticipated the arrival of his younger sister with great trepidation. He finally saw her waiting for him in a mauve overcoat and a large purple hat through the window of one of the station’s waiting rooms.

When Miss Violet Parr got up and walked out of the waiting room, Leopold’s walk turned into a sprint as he finally reached Violet and hugged her tightly in a collision of joy.

Violet pushed hard against his force not to fall on her back. She kissed him on the cheek and whispered. “Really Leopold, this show of affection can do with some self-restraint!”

“Two years in France…” Leopold replied, “…haven’t changed you a bit!”

“I know better than to let the French freely mold me to their pleasing!” Violet Parr huffed in a mock of indignation. Then she turned her gaze to a young girl standing next to her looking curiously and cautiously at Leopold. “…but I am afraid I can’t say the same about young Isabella.”

Leopold looked at his young niece in utter astonishment: Isabella was a pretty little thing with curiously mixed features. At such a young age, her skin looked like a yellowish tanned shade of ivory. She had long light brown hair, hazel eyes and a serious look of disapproval on her face.


Clift Garrett
Clift Garrett

Feb-28-2009 08:55

**The Docks - Midday**

Clift raised his head over the men and moving crowds, and he could see the City of London clearly at the edge of the horizon.

Next to him on the ship's deck stood a man who seemed and felt much like him, down on his luck, and somewhat depressed.

Clift had heard his friend refer to him earlier as 'Joseph' and Clift immediately recognized him as Joseph Zeo, a famed New York detective who like him was recently down on his luck.

Clift Garrett was not down on his luck professionally, he was still solving cases, hunting villains and doing at the needs to be done -solo.

He decided he was the kind of detective that worked much better alone without an agency, and had decided with the support of his friend/romantic interest Mak to go solo as a detective.

His relationship with Mak was pretty funny now that he thought about: It was an on again, off again, in between type thing since the very start and it carried out that way up to the birth of Cody James his beautiful son.

Clift felt very guilty about not being there for Mak throughout her pregnancy or even through her delivery of Cody. But Mak was gracious enough to forgive Clift and all went well from the moment he picked up his boy between his arms: Cody James Brewer-Garrett.

He also felt equally guilty about not being there for Violet when she was pregnant, but he had better reasons not to be there for Violet.

Miss Parr disappeared in France for two years, and he could never reach her and she only reached him to tell him the news of her birth of his daughter Isabella with a picture of the pretty little thing.

The rest of the information he had about Vi was communicated to him through Mak, whom Violet seemed to trust more than him. Clift let it be, but was determined to see his daughter now, in London the City of Cities.

Clift wanted both Cody and Isabella to be raised in one house which he lived in, but knew it would be impossible to realize that dream.

Clift Garrett
Clift Garrett

Feb-28-2009 09:12

Clift was starting to get bored.

There was about half an hour to kill before the Ship reaches the docks. He moved to where Mr. Joseph Zeo was, and put out his right hand. "Mr. Zeo?"

"Yes," Joseph Zeo was caught off guard. He shook Clift's hand firmly saying, "... and you are?"

"Garrett, Mr. Clift Garrett, a detective like yourself. Recognised the name... after all we're both NY detectives and bound to know one another."

"Yes, Mr. Garrett, I vaguely recall your name... Aren't you the detective who worked the most high profile case of the year?"

"Yes I was." Clift nodded proudly. "It was also the most dangerous!"

"So what brings you to London?"

Clift smiled. "Two things, a villain, and a pretty little doll."

"I see," Joseph nodded. "Well I am here for a much needed change of scenery myself."

"I can't imagine what London has to offer that's so different from NY."

Joseph laughed heartily at that, he continued chatting with Clift until they both heard the ship whistle blow.

Clift excused himself to go get his luggage.

As he moved quickly across the deck he wondered if the tip he got about Violet Parr was true.

His London source said she was back and was last seen at Victoria Station with her brother Leopold and two little girls. One with light brown hair and one with dark brown hair.

Clift figured the light brown haired child must be Isabella, but the other one? Could it be that Leopold had possibly married and already had a daughter of his own?

Clift hoped the tip was true: It meant he had a very good chance to see his daughter face to face and finally have Violet answer him back on a few things he never got the chance to ask.

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Mar-1-2009 11:41

Bane came out of the shower wearing a motel bathrobe, while drying his hair with a towel. His face was all covered by it as he rubbed his head hard. He walked in the direction where he knew the bed was and dropped himself on it…“Grrrrrr…” came a heavy growl right from behind him. Bane stopped rubbing and listened carefully, having trouble to believe what he had just heard was real…or…maybe wishing it wasn’t. With the towel still over his face, he fumbled with his hand around him through the bed, stopping as he felt something hairy and wet. “Grrrrrr…” came the sound again. Bane jumped off the bed as if he had just sat on burning coal, throwing the towel away: “PIERRE!?!”

Indeed, stretched on his back in all his length and also almost fully covered in mud, there was Pierre. After a moment of astonishment, Bane stuck his arms in his haunches and started talking to the dog as if he was a person, obviously annoyed and mad about the situation:

“That’s it, Pierre! You stepped over the line! You made me mad! Now listen here: ‘I’ am a MAN and ‘YOU’ are a DOG! That means that ‘I’ sleep in this bed and ‘YOU’ sleep outside with the others animals! Now get out of here, because ‘I’ need some REST! Got it?” With this Bane pointed with a swift move to the door. “OUT!”

The moment Joey’s hand had made the brisk move, Pierre started showing his teeth. A long and heavy growling came out from his throat. Funny enough, he didn’t bother to switch his position while doing this.

Bane started to feel a bit dizzy from the headache. He hit his head hard during the crush, so a large bump was crowning his forehead. He shook his head a bit to recover his focus and then pointed his angry eyes back towards the dog.

“OK! Then it’s settled: ‘YOU’…take the bed and ‘I’ will sleep on the couch! Got it?” With this he laid his tired body on the couch and felt in a deep sleep, not minding that the sun was still right in the middle of the sky.

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Mar-1-2009 12:26

By the time Joey woke up it was already evening. Looking around the room, he noticed Pierre seemed to have disappeared…again. ‘Finally some good news’…he said to himself. He threw on a clean suit and then headed towards the reception to see if he could have a chance to fill up his belly and also to find out…’Where the hell is this place, anyway?’

He found the same ‘enchanting’ fat lady at the reception desk, looking now as boredom had managed to win yet another victory over her. Upon a quick and somehow painful conversation he finally managed to get out of her that he was somewhere in a place called Shottesbrooke, close to the small town of Maidenhead and that ‘if he would have the pleasure of leaving’ he could still catch the last train to London from there. ‘It departs only in two hours from now’…she said. ‘Also…we’re not serving more food tonight.’ Looking at her face while she was saying that, Bane couldn’t help himself thinking that was the most devilish expression of satisfaction he had ever seen. Upon considering his options…and also the ones of his growling stomach, now in deep pain, Joey decided to leave that ‘wonderful and welcoming place’. To his luck, he managed to get a ride up to Maidenhead, where went straight into the train station. ‘London ain’t bringing me good memories, but anywhere MUST be better than here’…he thought.

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Mar-1-2009 14:48

He stepped up on the waiting platform and lit himself a cigar to make time pass faster. The train entered the station with a long screech. Just a few couples came down. Looking along the platform Bane noticed there were not many travelers at that late time in night: a couple of old hags, a family, some workers and…a nun. She wasn’t carrying any luggage. ‘Maybe she’s only carrying her faith around’ thought Bane, wandering then why would he make such an ironically rude remark. ‘Maybe the last events had made me a little cranky…’

There was though something strange about that nun. Bane couldn’t stop looking at her, yet he could not pinpoint what exactly it was that was making him feel like that.

“AAALL ABOAAAARD…” the intendant’s voice startled Joey. “This train is due to depart in 5 minutes! AAALL ABOAAAARD, please!”

Bane slowly grabbed his bag and headed towards his train car. As he was climbing the stairs inside, it suddenly stroke him: ‘A nun wearing makeup?!?’ Indeed he realized the woman dressed as a nun had a pair of the most beautiful green eyes he had ever seen…and they were adorned with mascara! Bane quickly leaned back to take another look at her, but she was gone. ‘Eh…what the hell do I care?’…said him to himself, finally reaching the car’s floor and heading for his compartment.

“Tickets, please” said a man in a railroad suit stepping out of a coupe right in Bane’s face, startling him a bit.

“Damn it, mate…I haven’t even reached my compartment and you’re already asking me for the ticket!” He reached in his pocket though and handed him the small piece of paper.

“Wrong car, sir” said the ticket controller looking at him disapprovingly. “This is first class. Please move onto the regular cars.” Bane opened his mouth to say something, but the man started again cutting him off. “And Sir, we do NOT allow animals running loose through the train. Please put a leash on your dog and please do NOT disturb the passengers in the first class car.”

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Mar-1-2009 14:49

With this the man pushed Joey away and went ahead on his business. “Tickets, please…”

Bane just stood there somehow astonished, mouth open. He then looked down at his feet where he discovered…obviously Pierre. “We cannot work like this, dog” he started. “If you’re gonna follow me around, we have to set some rules. Ok? Now, rule number one: ‘I’ call the shots! Understand?” Pierre was sitting and looking up at him. At Bane’s last word he lifted both ears and leaned his head just a bit on a side. Joey felt somehow encouraged by getting this reaction out of him, so he continued, raising a finger. “Good. Rule number two: No more appearing and disappearing! You’re gonna give me a heart attack if you keep acting like this.” For a moment there Bane was almost under the impression that Pierre was actually understanding him. His illusions were scattered the next second, as the dog just got up and left in the opposite direction as if he would not even exist. “I HATE THIS DOG!” shouted Bane in despair and then his attention was attracted by a small scream of fear. Turning his eyes he saw an old lady who appeared as if she had witnessed the whole ‘conversation’ between him and Pierre. Noticing his eyes pointed at her, she quickly stepped inside a compartment and Bane heard the lock as she was switching it on.

Upon going through a couple of cars, Joey finally reached his compartment and set himself comfortable. Only one other person was in there with him: a man dressed in an Arabic suit and…well…looking Arabic. Bane could easily tell he was tensed: he eyes were suspiciously looking around, he kept on arranging his turban every two seconds and his fingers were constantly tapping on his knee. ‘This guy must’ve overstayed his welcome in England, I reckon…’ Another thought then hit Bane and managed to take completely his mind off his companion: ‘The restaurant car!’ He got up and headed towards it.

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Mar-1-2009 15:26


In half an hour Bane’s belly was fully stuffed. He leaned back in his seat and lit himself a cigar to relax.

Just as he was about to state he was finally having a good moment, the car’s door suddenly burst open and Pierre entered in a rush, running through the middle aisle like crazy and dragging a couple of table tops along with him. Needless to describe the mess he left behind upon exiting the compartment though the opposite door. Closely behind him followed the ticket inspector Bane had met earlier. Noticing Joey, he stopped right in front of his table. “SIR!” he started with anger, “I have instructed you to keep your animal on a leash. Please do so. If not, I will have to ask you to disembark from this train on our next stop, along with your…BEAST!” With this he turned straight around and left, not giving Bane any opportunity to respond.

Joey got up from his table, cursing again and again in his mind and exited following Pierre’s tracks. He went through several cars up to the end of the train. While crossing in front of his coupe on the way, he saw his companion was not there. He went ahead. Reaching the storage wagon, he heard Pierre’s barking. ‘Good’ he considered. ‘If he’s stuck in there, he won’t bother me anymore.’ With this Bane stepped up to the door attempting to block it.

The train shaking kept opening and closing it back. Not little was Joey’s surprise as he had approached the door when he noticed inside…’A foot?!?’ He quickly went in, his eyes falling upon Pierre who was sniffing up and down the corpse of what seemed to be a man, hidden behind some crates. Bane approached him slowly, wondering if it was a stiff or only a drunk. His question has found its answer fast as he noticed the meat hook stuck right in the middle of the man’s chest.

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Mar-1-2009 15:54

Upon checking the body up closely, Bane was again truly surprised to notice the man was none other than his…now ‘former’ compartment companion. His turban and long traditional shirt were now gone though, as he was wearing just a regular pair of suit pants and regular shirt. Even though Bane had no actual talent towards the detective work he’s been running…reason for which it also didn’t pay good…he did learn a couple of tricks though. The fact that there were no signs of a struggle around led him to make the assumption the victim knew its aggressor…or just didn’t fear him. The hook was inserted in the lower part of his chest, which meant that the killer may be slightly smaller that its…dead friend. Also, the fact that it was stuck in a soft point and not in the ribs showed Bane that either the killer knew what he was doing, or just didn’t have enough strength to go through the bones. “I’m thinking…maybe a woman” Bane mumbled.

All this detective work was suddenly rendered completely pointless, as Pierre barked and jumped like an arrow towards…the aggressor? Bane caught just a glimpse as this person went through the door with Pierre on its tail, but it was enough to make him exclaim: “The NUN!?!”

As Joey was ready to follow the two, he stopped in his tracks noticing the head of an envelope coming out from under the body. “I guess Pierre can handle this by his own” mumbled him, leaning and picking the envelope up. Only one thing was inside: a picture. Bane took it out: “Violet Parr!?!” He turned it around hoping to find a writing or something, but there was none. He then searched inside the envelope, but it was empty. Closing it up, Bane noticed it looked as if it has been worn for while…or kept in a book. The paper presented clear marks as if something wider than that picture had been kept inside it. “A letter…” Bane thought. “Well…maybe the nun has it now.”

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Mar-1-2009 15:55

Joey took one last look at the corpse to make sure he didn’t miss anything and then left through the train to find Pierre and hopefully also his target. While walking the aisle he kept on mumbling to himself…”Violet Parr...Again? What the hell is it with me and this woman? The second time I step inside England and again I stumble onto something related to her! Well…this time I WON’T get involved. That, Miss Parr, it’s a promise!” A couple of steps more…”Who the hell am I kidding?” He stopped then as his ears picked up Pierre’s ‘musical’ voice.

Joseph Zeo
Joseph Zeo
Tale Spinner

Mar-2-2009 01:20

The trans-Atlantic ocean liner could not enter the shallower water of the river Thames. Passengers had to be ferried to the dock on smaller ships. Upon setting foot on the transfer vessel, Zeo met Clift again.

The renowned detective was friendly enough, and it always felt good to meet someone from your hometown when traveling abroad. Zeo introduced Gregory to Clift, and their topic of conversation drifted to the location of their accommodations in London. Gregory told Clift the address of their to-be-residence.

“I believe the place is several blocks northwest of the New Scotland Yard headquarter at the Victoria Embankment. It’s not too far from the dock. You should be able to get there on foot within half an hour.” Clift replied in hopes of assisting the two new arrivals. Zeo thanked Clift for the information. Their ship finally docked and they parted company.

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