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Ask a Q, Get a Lousy A!
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Talianna Periwinkle
Talianna Periwinkle

Sep-8-2007 19:16

Okay, I got this game from some other message board...

Basically, you ask a question that usually regards Sleuth (but it doesn't have to) and the next person has to answer that question with something that probably doesn't even answer your question, or is just some silly answer (oh, and that person than asks a question)

For Example:

RandomGrl123: Why do suspects keep clamming up on me?

SomeGuy456: Because they want you to go away so that they can secretly plot your death...
Why must I subscribe to travel?

HomoSapien: Because the money is used to make paper dolls.
Where..... Blah blah blah

Get it? Cool! I'll start...

Whose shadow is looming over the Sleuth Light in the banner/theme?


Fatima Blusch
Fatima Blusch
Assistant Postman

Apr-27-2017 01:34



Kathryn Rose
Kathryn Rose

Apr-27-2017 06:20

Thank you :D

Caramelton John
Caramelton John

Apr-27-2017 16:20

As much as Chuck Norris could.

If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers, how many pickled peppers did Peter Piper pick?

Jesse Hunter
Jesse Hunter
Santa's Little Helper

Mar-10-2021 14:08

Two half peck’s worth.

If you traveled back in time and met your parents on the day before you were conceived, what would you tell them?

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