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Mystery, Danger, and Too Many Sleuths
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Jack AT
Jack AT

Jul-9-2007 10:32

A young man confronts Jack Altavon Talison. The man says he is Roger Acton, and he has a case for Jack. Something involving murder, pie, dead Zachary Acton, and more murder. And a suspect called Jerome Lormos.

"And what do you pay for this?" Jack asks.

"$600 for solving the case." Roger replies.

"Er...uh...I guess I'll take it."

"Did I mention I told an assortment of other detectives about it? And that I will gve the reward to the one detective who solves the case, using all means possible?"

"Uh, no, you didn't mention it until now."

A knife is suddenly thrown at Jack. It narrowly misses him.


Talianna Periwinkle
Talianna Periwinkle

Aug-27-2008 20:42

I nodded. My head started getting a wee bit fuzzy. A drug cartel? Confusion hit me harder than a truck. Something wasn't right... why was my brain feeling like one of those smashed pies...?
"Does... does anyone know... what kind of drugs we're talking about?" I stuttered embarrasingly. I placed my hand to my head, as if having a migraine. What if... those pies... were filled with these drugs...? More importantly, what if by being smashed with one, I was starting to get affected?

((OOC: Sorry, haven't been online in *forever* I'm a wee bit out of the loop. I looked at past pages, but still a little confused. Good job at playing my character! You guys are awesome!!))

Mack Hazard
Mack Hazard

Aug-18-2009 09:10

"Tali," I asked, "are you all right?"

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