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Mystery, Danger, and Too Many Sleuths
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Jack AT
Jack AT

Jul-9-2007 10:32

A young man confronts Jack Altavon Talison. The man says he is Roger Acton, and he has a case for Jack. Something involving murder, pie, dead Zachary Acton, and more murder. And a suspect called Jerome Lormos.

"And what do you pay for this?" Jack asks.

"$600 for solving the case." Roger replies.

"Er...uh...I guess I'll take it."

"Did I mention I told an assortment of other detectives about it? And that I will gve the reward to the one detective who solves the case, using all means possible?"

"Uh, no, you didn't mention it until now."

A knife is suddenly thrown at Jack. It narrowly misses him.



Jul-12-2007 16:19

"Reflexes, excellent when playing a game of death." Until now, the young woman had gone unnoticed, shrowed by the darkness of the room's corner. Danger seemed to seep out of her very skin.

Christina Williamson
Christina Williamson

Jul-13-2007 07:16

Christina pouted in her seat. "Damn that knife being throw when it did" she thought as she sipped her drink, "I guess thats what happens when a girl trys to eavesdrop."

There was only one thing to do. Track down Jerome Lormos.


Jul-18-2007 12:24

As I eavesdroped on Christina I realised I had to do the same thing. "a knife being throughn at Jack, $600 bucks being rewarded to the detective
who will solve it first." I said. My eyes started to dance in excitment "$600
bucks here I come." I started around the corner when someone stopped me.

Mack Hazard
Mack Hazard

Jul-26-2007 14:07

I bumped into 48484848. She ran into me so hard I spilled my Coca-Cola on my only good shirt.

"Watch it will you?" I said angerly. 48484848 mumbled something about $600 and left.

"What was that about?" I asked as I slid next to Christina.

"What was what about?" I stared at her. No way anyone could have missed that collision.

"What happened to your shirt?"

"I spilled my Coca-Cola."

"Let me buy use some drinks." She got up and left me to stare at Cyrus. He took her order and assumed the role of Soda Jerk.

"If you wanted Coca-Cola, you should have went to the restraunt across the street." he said jokingly. Christina didn't laugh which was very odd for her. She soon came back.

"What's wrong?" I asked. "is he back?" I asked, referring to Daniel, Christina's old boyfriend.


"You're very distracted."

"Promise you won't tell."

I nodded. She looked around to see if anyone was listening then told a story of murder, pie, dead Zachary Action, a suspect named Jerome, and $600.

I had dropped my jaw by the end of the story.

"I say we make a toast." suggested Christina

"Good idea" I looked at my drink. Something was wrong. It seemed somthing was sufficating the bubbles.

"I'll be right back." said Christina and she went to a table in the shadows. I quickly swiched the drink and pretended to act innocent. She came back.

"A toast to our new case." She said then she drained the glass. She immediately fell on the table.

Mack Hazard
Mack Hazard

Jul-26-2007 14:13

I grabbed her wrist and found her pulse. Enough poison to knock her out, but not enough to kill her. That galss was meant for me, but why? Only Cyrus and Christina touched my glass. It didn't make any sense. Why would Christina want to knock me out? Maybe so she could get a head start.

I took advantage of this moment and left to find Jerome Lormos

Mack Hazard
Mack Hazard

Aug-27-2007 20:46

I crept down the ally toward Jeromes house. As I walked, I felt the strange feeling that somone was watching me.


Aug-28-2007 08:50

Stooby stood in the shadows and flipped the coin again, light catching the edge in a brief starburst as it spun end over end before being caught silently and then flipped again.

Stooby watched as Mack entered Jerome’s house. Never one for rushing in or for doing things the hard way he waited knowing fully well he’d be able to follow Mack when he left the house.

Again the coin flipped into the air.

Talianna Periwinkle
Talianna Periwinkle

Sep-1-2007 21:46

Talianna Periwinkle was actually inside Jerome's house. Jerome had sent her a letter at her office to meet him at his house. Something about a guy named Zachery Acton, a friend of his, who was murdered. Normally, Tali's clients came to her, not the other way around. But she was desperate for some clients.

To her surprise, when she walked into the opened door, someone smashed a pie into her face, tied her up to a chair, and left her inside the house. She had no idea who had attacked her; the house had too many shadows to see a face.

Now she was tied up to a chair, with a pie smashed into her face that tasted like blueberry, and she was utterly alone. At least the attacker was kind enough to leave her nose and partially her mouth open to breathe. If only the batter wasn't stuck to her eyes...

Mack Hazard
Mack Hazard

Sep-8-2007 11:30

I knocked on the door . No answer but the door seemed easy to pick. I picked it and quietly snuck into the house. As I entered, I noticed a smashed pie. Blueberry! I could barely make ot an impression of a face. Someone was in a hurry to eat if they didn't even cut out a piece like a decent person. Then I thought maybe they had to drink somthing to wash it down. Maybe I could find a glass in the kitchen with fingerprints. I made my way for the kitchen and imagine my suprise to find a woman tied to a chair with pie on her face.

"Oh my gosh," I exclamied,"Are you okay?"

"I've been better." the woman said. I quickly grabbed a towel and washed off her face.

Talianna Periwinkle
Talianna Periwinkle

Sep-8-2007 18:55

"Thanks," I said in relief as my savior wiped the blueberry and batter from my face. "Thank you... um..."

"Mack Hazard," Mack answered, a smile gleaming on her face. She stuck her hand out for a shake. I sighed and with a swift of my head motioned that I was currently unable to lend a hand. "Oops! Sorry. It's so customary... You understand..." Mack said, embarrassed.

"Of course," I replied, smiling. My grin probably didn't look that impressive and charming with blueberry stuck in my teeth. Mack hurriedly untied me and helped clean myself up.

"My name's Talianna Periwinkle, but you can call me Tali," I said once I was free. Mack smiled and we shook hands this time.
"So, Tali, what brings you here? And why did you have a pie on your face!?" Mack asked.

I explained to her about Jerome and how he invited me over.

"However, as to why I had been smashed with a pie, I cannot answer that," I sighed. Mack looked slightly surprised at the mention of 'Jerome'. "So, why did YOU come here?" I asked.

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