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Mystery, Danger, and Too Many Sleuths
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Jack AT
Jack AT

Jul-9-2007 10:32

A young man confronts Jack Altavon Talison. The man says he is Roger Acton, and he has a case for Jack. Something involving murder, pie, dead Zachary Acton, and more murder. And a suspect called Jerome Lormos.

"And what do you pay for this?" Jack asks.

"$600 for solving the case." Roger replies.

"Er...uh...I guess I'll take it."

"Did I mention I told an assortment of other detectives about it? And that I will gve the reward to the one detective who solves the case, using all means possible?"

"Uh, no, you didn't mention it until now."

A knife is suddenly thrown at Jack. It narrowly misses him.


Kevin Greene
Kevin Greene
Old Shoe

Oct-25-2007 00:50

"Um, the note, the note. Um, let's see..." I said, searching my pockets. "Oh, here it is!" I said, pulling out a chewing gum wrapper. We all chuckled, but Mack looked a little worried.

After I finally found the note, I showed it to the gals. It had three names on it: Christina Reinhardt, James Anderson, and Jerome Lormos.

Mack and Talianna both jumped. "I put Christina behind bars!" Mack exclaimed.

Talianna looked frightened, "I put Anderson in jail, for C-can..." Talianna stuttered. She couldn't finish her sentence. She just stared of deeply into space. I pulled a chair over for her and she sat down. Then Talianna turned and said the scariest thing.

"Cannibalism!" We all jumped at the word. We were still there in the Hall of Records, so we decided to look them up as well.

I guess that shows Mack's experiment was probably right.

Talianna explained some more. "I highly suspected cannibalism in the case. Then, I found human blood everywhere in his house! Then-"

Mack interrupted, "Oh no! It says here that James Anderson got parole three weeks ago!

"How does a murderer-kidnapper get off on parole?" Asked Talianna.

"That's our legal system, for ya!" I chimed in.

We looked up Zach Acton as well, since Talianna found that note listing him with several detectives. It turns out he is, or rather was, a detective himself. Looks like we got a gumshoe killer on our hands!

Talianna Periwinkle
Talianna Periwinkle

Oct-31-2007 09:23

My hands started shaking.
"I never thought I'd have to relieve the Anderson Case," I whispered. "A bloody mess, that one was... literally and figuratively." Mack had a shiver go through her spine. Kevin gulped.

"Wait, Anderson's back, and we all know Jerome is a suspect in Zach's killing. What about Reinhardt?" Kevin asked. I turned to face Mack.

"Was Reinhardt arrested for cannibalism?" I asked her. Mack's eyes seemed cloudy. I awaited patiently for her answer while the impatient Keven started looking through the records.

Mack Hazard
Mack Hazard

Nov-3-2007 17:32

"I never arrested Christina Reinhardt. She was a ruthless killer and I had all the evidence she left behind. I had solid proof." I began.

"So what happened?" Talianna asked.

"The police department I worked for had a hidden drug oporation. When I came up with the evidence, the cheif thought her arrest might bring attention to the department and attention was not what they wanted. He refused to let me arrest her. That's when I quit being an officer and started being a private detective. I never thought I would see her again."

"What was her emo?" asked Talianna.

"Well most of her victim's were men and we would find them with their...." I paused and looked at Kevin. He was sitting down now, still looking through records.

" cut off"

Kevin looked up in horror, looked around the room as if Christina was in the room right then, and crossed his legs.

Anthony Ciarlante, P.I.
Anthony Ciarlante, P.I.

Nov-6-2007 11:46

*I'm Kevin Greene's other profile. Consider me him.*

"Okay, did you ever find their... um... yeah, you know." I asked.

"No, I never did." Mack answered.

"Oh God!" Talianna yelped.

"What???" Mack and I asked in unison.

"I hope she didn't... EAT THEM!!!"

We all jumped down, each grabbing a book and searching violently through them.

Kevin Greene
Kevin Greene
Old Shoe

Nov-11-2007 16:39

Just to clarify, Anthony Ciarlante is me. :-)

Mack Hazard
Mack Hazard

Nov-12-2007 08:04

As I flipped through the books two questions popped in my mind. 1) Was Christina a cannibal or was she just the killer for Anderson? 2) Which morge was the body at now? I felt that if I saw the body I would find some further clues.

"Kevin, can you pass me the phone book?"

Kevin passed me the phone book and I flipped to the listing of city morges. Because there was a lot of them, I ripped out the page and stuck it in my pocket.

"Hey guys, would you like to see the body?"

Kevin Greene
Kevin Greene
Old Shoe

Nov-12-2007 12:32

"Ummm, no!" Talianna shuddered, "I may be a detective, but what if his pen... well, you know... I can't look at it!"

"No, but Kevin can! And, that will incriminate Christina if its missing!" Mack said, staring at me.
was reading the book, and at the mention of his name tuned in. When he slowly pulled the book down from in front of his face, the gals were staring at him.

"Why are you two looking at me???" I asked, chuckling. Mack pointed her finger at the door.

"Go! To the morgue!" She said. Talianna chimed in with, "To hark! To hark! Go scour the countryside! To the morgue, go yonder way, and see if that dude's ding-a-ling is missing!"

We all burst out laughing. After we were finished, I said,

"I guess I missed something. Why aren't you two coming again?"

"Because were wome-, oh what the heck. Let us BEGONE!!!"

We laughed again, and it was two the morgue!

Mack Hazard
Mack Hazard

Dec-19-2007 08:03

"No," said the doorman.

"No?" I asked. We had walked an awefully long way and the doorman would not let us in.

"The doctor pacifically asked me not to let anymore people in. He is trying to conduct the autopsy and he can't do it if a detective barges in every few minites. I'm sorry but I can't help you."

I turned to the others.

"Do you two have any ideas?" I asked, looking at the building next door, "before I think of a crazy one."

Kevin Greene
Kevin Greene
Old Shoe

Dec-21-2007 23:36

"Uh oh! I think Mack has alreday thought of a crazy one!" I say, as Talianna and I blankly stare at each other, with horrified looks on our faces. Then we burst out laughing.

"I don't see anything very funny!" Mack said, "So, do you have a plan?"

We stopped laughing at once.

"That's what I thought. Then, here's my plan..."

Mack Hazard
Mack Hazard

Dec-23-2007 08:37

The wind whipped through our hair as we stood at the edge of the building's roof. Our eyes were focused on the drop below.

"I'm not so sure about this," said Kevin nervously. We were standing on the roof next door. One miscalculation and we would fall to our deaths. I turned to Kevin. His face was pale. Talianna had her face buried in Kevin's arm. Out of fear or something else I don't know.

"Lucky," I thought as I saw Talianna's good fortune.

"Only one of us has to jump across, then they can unlock the side door and let the other two in." I said

"I'm not jumping." stated Talianna, finally getting her face out of Kevin's arm.

"Neither am I." stated Kevin.

I sighed. I really didn't like heights.

I walked to the middle of the roof then I made a full run to the edge. Just when it seemed I was running out of roof, I jumped.

The wind whipped through my hair as flew through the air. I prayed that I would land safely in those moments. I felt like it took forever but it must have lasted a couple of seconds.

I landed hard. I took a moment to catch my breath then I slowly got up. I bent my legs to see if they weren't broken. When I realized I was fine, I started to laugh and jump up and down. Then I heard another thump. Kevin had jumped too.

"I thought you might need back up so when I saw you land, I jumped too."

I was taken back. I didn't think any one would jump after me. We headed for the door that lead off the roof.

Suddenly we heard someone yell.

"Wait," they cried.

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