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Mystery, Danger, and Too Many Sleuths
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Jack AT
Jack AT

Jul-9-2007 10:32

A young man confronts Jack Altavon Talison. The man says he is Roger Acton, and he has a case for Jack. Something involving murder, pie, dead Zachary Acton, and more murder. And a suspect called Jerome Lormos.

"And what do you pay for this?" Jack asks.

"$600 for solving the case." Roger replies.

"Er...uh...I guess I'll take it."

"Did I mention I told an assortment of other detectives about it? And that I will gve the reward to the one detective who solves the case, using all means possible?"

"Uh, no, you didn't mention it until now."

A knife is suddenly thrown at Jack. It narrowly misses him.


Talianna Periwinkle
Talianna Periwinkle

Sep-8-2007 18:55

"Thanks," I said in relief as my savior wiped the blueberry and batter from my face. "Thank you... um..."

"Mack Hazard," Mack answered, a smile gleaming on her face. She stuck her hand out for a shake. I sighed and with a swift of my head motioned that I was currently unable to lend a hand. "Oops! Sorry. It's so customary... You understand..." Mack said, embarrassed.

"Of course," I replied, smiling. My grin probably didn't look that impressive and charming with blueberry stuck in my teeth. Mack hurriedly untied me and helped clean myself up.

"My name's Talianna Periwinkle, but you can call me Tali," I said once I was free. Mack smiled and we shook hands this time.
"So, Tali, what brings you here? And why did you have a pie on your face!?" Mack asked.

I explained to her about Jerome and how he invited me over.

"However, as to why I had been smashed with a pie, I cannot answer that," I sighed. Mack looked slightly surprised at the mention of 'Jerome'. "So, why did YOU come here?" I asked.

Mack Hazard
Mack Hazard

Sep-11-2007 21:29

I sigh. This was going to be a long story. I told her about what happened at the bar. She seemed trust worthy enough so I also told her about the creepy feeling I had in the ally. Nothing seemed to suprise her at all. In fact, she seemed quite calm.

Scotty Holmes
Scotty Holmes

Sep-23-2007 18:39

I watched the door close shut behind the man who'd just left my office. Roger Acton was his name and I didn't like his story one bit. Still six hundred bucks is six hundred bucks and there's not a lot I wouldn't do for that kind o' cash.

Apparently he's been all over town getting every private dick on the case, offering the money up to the one that catches his brother's murderer. Did this wiseguy think I was some kind of idiot? I wasn't about to work for free, so I took fifty up front and the rest when I bust the case.

I took my feet down off the desk and sat up in my chair. It was a mistake. My head started pounding and my vision blurred. I opened the bottom drawer, took out my half-empty flask and drained it. My throat burned as the whisky went down. At least I could see again. I could see a whole lot more if the power hadn't been cut.

I got up, grabbed my pistol from under the desk and my coat off the back of the chair and hit the road. It was time to pay a visit to the stiff, Mister Zachary Acton.

Mack Hazard
Mack Hazard

Sep-24-2007 20:11

Talianna was sitting behind the counter in the kitchen, scooping up pie remains from the tin and putting them on the china plate. I had finished searching the house for clues and felt completely hopeless. I had reached a dead end. Talianna handed me the plate.

"Here. You could use a pick- me- up."

"Is it safe?" I asked.

"Of course it's safe." she laughed, " I've been licking it off my face until you came along."

I took the pie.

"I feel so stuck. I just wish I knew where the victim lived."

"Oh, he lived next door." said Talianna. I dropped my plate on the somewhat dusty floor.


"Jerome and Zachary were next door neighbors. It was all over the news. That's why the police suspect him, because he lived so close by."

I quickly ran out the door, Tailanna calling in my wake:

"Aren't you going to help me clean up this pie?"

Mack Hazard
Mack Hazard

Sep-24-2007 20:17

I ran out the door and went to the house next door. Again I felt a pair of eyes watching me as I looked into the windows of the house. Tailanna had neglected to mention that the body was moved to the morge, but maybe I could find clues that the police missed. I looked at the lock. Same lock as the one next door. I had leaned down and began to pick at it when somone tapped my shoulder.

Scotty Holmes
Scotty Holmes

Sep-25-2007 05:52

I whistled a cab and one pulled over. As I got in I said to the driver "Down town morgue and step on it!"

Twenty minutes later I was there. I paid the driver and gave him a quarter for getting me there fast.

Standing outside the plain-looking joint, I started to thinking this case was gonna be a cinch as I pulled my cigarettes from my inside pocket and took one out. What kind of nut-job stuffs a guy full of pie before killing him?

I stuck the stick in my mouth and lit it as I entered the morgue, blinking at the bright lights that made my head thump again. I told the receptionist "I'm here to see about Zachary Acton," as I took a pull from the cig.

"One moment, Sir." The broad got up from behind the desk and walked through a door off to the right, but not before I got a good look at her. She was wearing a white blouse and a black knee-length skirt that was tight against her ass. With her blond hair and blue eyes, she was pretty, just not my type. I liked 'em dark and dirty.

She returned with the doctor. "I wondered when you'd get here, Scotty," he said. Me and the doctor went back a long way. I brought his brother's killer to justice. Some said four pills in the chest and two in the head was a little excessive, but the doc was grateful and we'd been friends since.

"I hear there's a hefty reward for whoever catches the killer?"

"That's right, Doc, and I intend to bag it. So if anyone else comes knockin', I wouldn't mind if you weren't too helpful."

The doctor laughed. "Sure, but I gotta do my job."

"That's what I like about you, you do things by the book. It's not for me, but I can appreciate the sentiment."

Doc laughed again and I clapped him on the back as I said, "Come on, it's time to meet the infamous Zach Ac."


Sep-25-2007 16:50

"Hum, not too bad of a brusie on the head." I said exaiming the body. I looked at my papers I got from my friend who worked at the morgue.

"The're worng about the murder weapon." I concluded. I started toward the door as it opened.

"What in great Scotts are you doing here!" said the docter who obiusly was not the best of the best.

"Mary Easter let me in she works here you idiot." I said. A man was behind him. I guessed it was a detective.

I eascorted myself out before he or the docter could say anything.

"My next stop is the neighbor's house." I said driving in my car to Jerome Lormos's house to investigate.

When I got there I noticed a woman there who was suprised to see me.

Mack Hazard
Mack Hazard

Sep-29-2007 12:13

I jumped. It was the same woman I ran into at the bar. She eyed me suspiously.

"Is this Jerome Lormo's house?" she asked.

"No." I replied, hoping that Tailanna would get out before this woman showed up.
"This is my friend's house. Jerome lives next door."

"Oh, so your a friend of Zac's?" She asked as she flipped open a notebook.

Uh oh.

"I thought this was Danny's house." I replied, hoping she wouldn't know the neighborhood too well.

"Oh," she said as she closed the notebook,
"Sorry to bother you." And she attempted to walked away. I let out the breath I didn't know I was holding and for her benefit knocked on the door.

No answer.

"Hey, Danny. It's me." I said to the silence. I turned around to find her watching me.
"He said he's in the shower. You know how some people are. They have to turn off the water, dry off, get dressed while you are out here waiting."

She nodded with understanding and walked off to Jerome's house. When I saw her disapper beyond the door, I quickly picked the lock and slid inside.

Mack Hazard
Mack Hazard

Oct-6-2007 18:52

I locked the door behind me. Pie tins littered the floor. There had to be at least thirty of them. After putting on my gloves, I picked one up and wondered if I could get a finger print from the back. Not that I had anything to compare it to. I traced my finger along the bottom where the pie would be. Cherry, I thought as I licked the crumbs from my finger.

I put the pie tin by the door so I would not forget it (Like the police would miss it when they had thirty to chose from) and crept into the room. Flipping though the tins on the floor, I found a small thread. Edmond Locard once said every contact leaves a trace, which sums up to mean everywhere you go you leave a little somthing behind. Whoever was here left a thread, which I stuck in my pocket for safe keeping.

A shelf of nick-nacks was sitting on a wall nearby. I inspected it carefully. eight statuettes sat in a row with a gap in the middle. An examination of dust reveiled that the missing statuette had a square base. Was it stolen or or used for something more sinister? After making a note of it in my notebook, I noticed a long a hair was on a neighboring statuette.

I picked it up. Blond with the cuticle (a sack on the end of a hair) still attached. Might have been a cocindence, but I stuck it in my pocket anyway.

Suddenly the doorknob started to rattle.

Mack Hazard
Mack Hazard

Oct-6-2007 18:56

Where to hide, where to hide? I wondered as I opened a door nearby. It was the bedroom with a small closet and a bed.

Under the bed. No, hiding under the bed was such a childish and immature cliche. Closet? Also a cliche, but with much more room. I ran in a quietly shut the door.

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