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Sleuth March Madness
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Mar-1-2007 13:41

In honor of that lousy waste of a month February being over, I have decided to hold the first-ever Sleuth March Madness Tournament!

The premise is pretty simple. We compile a list of 64 of the game's most recognizable players, seed them into a tournament bracket, and allow Sleuthville to vote for the "best" in each matchup.

Rules for eligibility:
You must be subscribed and over 30 days old
You must PM me with your intent to enter the tournament or to nominate an eligible member for the tournament. If you are nominating someone, you must also be subscribed and older than 30 days.
Entries and nominations should be messaged ASAP. As soon as we get 64, the seeding process will begin and the matchups will be posted.

After the initial bracket is filled, I will post a few matchups here every day. Then, the people involved in those matchups will have an opportunity to say "anything" on this thread that they feel will allow them to advance to the next round of competition. Sleuthville votes will be what decides the winners, and voting information will be coming soon.

The overall winner of this tournament will receive $100,000 sleuth cash.

Please begin sending your nominations and entries to me ASAP, and good luck!



Mar-9-2007 16:43

Let's hear it for SERGES!!!
His friendship has been one of the priceless gifts Sleuth has bestowed on me :)
The guy is just tireless and his contributions to the game have made it all the more enjoyable for the whole community. He has helped make Villain Hunting a more fun, competitive experience, and less lonely. He keeps our boards and chat rooms clean, works night and day on the AVL, and is a leader in one of the most successful and powerful agencies in the game. He's given us all so much So, of course:

Lucky Stiff

Mar-9-2007 16:46

I am officially starting to hate this thing :)

I have three people to speak for in this match, and I promise you one of these days I'm totally gonna shut up....just not today :)

I totally love Leddie, and miss her now that she's not as active as she once was. Lady Ruby Caplan has been a great friend to me, whether it was just to chit chat or talk about something more serious. She is close to my idol, I wish I could be half as brave as she has been in her life, uprooting herself multiple times, first in the name of a greater experience, and next in the name of love. I think she's just generally an awesome person and I respect her outspokenness, her sense of humor, and her ability in this game :)

Adam Carter, the reincarnation of the great Bill Oakes, game board poster extraordinaire, has become my own personal "International Man of Mystery". He gives me advice, he listens to me bitch about everything in this game, and the place wouldn't be the same for me without him. I am sooo happy to have him as my friend.

and finally, Serges. My BFF :) I don't know WHERE I would be without him. He's incredible, he's funny, he's super smart, and so dedicated to this game it borders on mania. He has helped me through multiple personal crises, put me up in his home, made me fall in love with his son, and made my first RL sleuth experience one of the best I've had in my life. I love this man a ridiculous amount and consider him like family (with a nice incestuous twist, since lets face it, hes a perv lol).

Vote for Serges, Adam and LRC, they all deserve to be in this competition :)

(Bobo, come home! I miss you buddy!)


Mar-9-2007 16:48

Yeah, everything Tunviel said, plus... well, he makes me laugh so much I think I've lost ten pounds.

Vote for the man who uses laughter to burn calories!! VOTE SERGES!!

Con Artist

Mar-9-2007 16:52


Woody is the director of the number one agency in sleuthville. He has been a fantastic mentor to me and many other detectives. Always willing to help new and old members alike he is an asset to Sleuth. He has more patience than any person i have seen and will give people a chance when no one else will.


What can i say Adam has stuck by me in these last few months. He's been there when i have needed to shout, cry and laugh and just generally talk and talk about one particular thing or should i say person :). I have confided so much with Adam and i know that i can trust and rely on him 100%.

He has been remarkable in re organising HH:NY when it was going through a less than perfect stage (no offense guys). He is a regular member of chat and provides us all with hours of amusement and entertainment.

I feel privilaged to be friends with such a nice guy he really does deserve your vote.

Old Shoe

Mar-9-2007 16:53

*gets really confused politicking and starts kissing hands and shaking babies*

Thanks Rhi n’ Biggles! Rest assured that a vote for me is a vote for more pathetic and obvious attempts to get attention from strangers, corruption of childhood icons, abuse of loser animals and ill-planned justice dished out at the tip of a bad-smelling moderatin’ spoon :P

*translates to French*

Votez Cronsh Pâté!!!

So—now that that ugly business is over I wanna say a few things about a couple others. First, I’m raising the roof (and a litter of baby rats, actually) for KJ Jazzy Serges! This dude is flat out one of the smartest, quickest-witted funniest people I’ve ever met, period. Seriously – he’s a jet-fueled, pony-stomping, funk-blazing, mirth-making genius – I’m a crooked abacus with a missing bead. Plus, he’s worked like an obsessive-compulsive beaver to bring a vastness of sleuthy richness to our lives with tons of cool games and threads on the boards and the AVL expansion and –ladies- he’s got a frickin’ Thundercat tattoo!!! Mee-YOW!

Second: cenoecox is, in my humble opinion, the best kept dirty little secret in all of Sleuthville. She has NEVER posted anything that wasn’t raunchlarious, and trust me, if you get to talkin’ to her you’ll figure out real fast that the public stuff is just the tip of that slimy, stanky, bad-dream makin’ latex ugh-pile! Check it out:

“Do you think Prince's full body wax would be a LOT of hair? Isn't he only like, 4'10" or something? Besides, I bet he has that sparse body hair that looks like taco meat. I bet Rosie O'Donnell would leave a bigger hair trail than Prince.....”

Go cen and Serges!

woggle woggs
woggle woggs

Mar-9-2007 16:55

Vote for Cow Ward II!

Having known him for most of my waking existence, I can confidently say that the support for him coming from the entire other 50% of his agency is well placed. Not only is he a dedicated and skilled villain hunter, but with his mouth frozen in an open position, he is also particularly adept at catching flies and other nearly non-edibles.

Coco Cola
Coco Cola

Mar-9-2007 17:32

calata has been a wonderful contributor for a long time and Izolan though a younger sleuth impresses me every day with her keen love of the game.

Besides this they are both fantastic people.

Go Guys!

Story Teller

Mar-9-2007 17:48

< Secret_Squirrel

Serges knows I love him, so I can say this safely.


She's the mod that sets the standard for all us other mods. (another fine sentence Squirrel)

When we're all banging on, putting forth our own personal opinions, getting feisty, and trying to wrestle Serges knifeboots off him so we can have a go, REDA is there doing what mods are meant to do. Moderate.

Go back through Reda's post history: you'll find helpful, equal, rational statements and arguments, for the good of all Sleuth.

And when I think of all the Newbie questions that she must have has answered... *shudders*

One of the oldest Sleuths (in Sleuths days 1000+), a Director of one the oldest and best agencies that's ever gone round, Fat Kitten, Reda is often the ballast in a sometimes otherwise very tilty Sleuth Ship.

She has earnt our respect, and in all honesty, she has earnt your vote.

Vote for Reda.

Squirrel out.

Emma Barlowe
Emma Barlowe

Mar-9-2007 18:15


Okay, I haven't known Lulah for 14 years...but I can tell you that in the 7 months-ish I've been sleuthing, she has been a constant rock for me. If you need something, she makes sure you get it. If you are having a bad day, she makes you laugh. If there's any sort of problem, she fixes it. She is an amazing, warm, funny, genuine person inside Sleuth and out. Lulah cares so much for others that it just radiates off her (in fact, I have the burns to prove it!). I can't say enough about Lulah (and she's willing to move al-Q into my basement in THAT rocks! All al-Q all the time!!)!

Lulah may not be one of the better known names but she is probably one of the most dedicated and loyal players of the game. She and Tin and John built al-Q together and raised us from the depths of the agency lists to where we are in 6 (no, wait, now it's 7) short months. I've said it before and I'll say it again - I think that's an incredible accomplishment and I'm proud to have been part of it. So....the bottom line is:


(Oh, and PS...thanks to all of you who voted for me in the last match up. I'm so happy to be a part of this community. It meant a whole, whole lot! :) )


Mar-9-2007 19:06

I guess since im not old enough to vote *SOB*, i might as well campaign..

VOTE FOR WOODY ALLEN!! .....woody & (h)ellen= woody allen..geddit?DUH *slaps face* haha sorry im a bit high on redbull now n im talkin crap

but what im bout to say now ISNT crap...u have to vote for them b/coz:

woody is so darn helpful n patient, answering my gazillion Qs each n everytime i ask them(n ofcourse hes my boss too hehe so a few brownie points wont hurt :P)

and what else can i say bout helen except shes ACES..(great minds remember? hehe)..come on england! :P

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