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ICP agency takes your money.


Feb-23-2007 08:10

Newbies, be very careful about ICP... he takes your money for no reason, and doesn't help you out.

Cost me 2k before someone warned me, don't let it happen to you!


Lucky Stiff

Feb-23-2007 08:50

Good for you for posting JLBW.

I think someone is confusing Sleuth with some sort of Donald Trump inspired property acquisition game.

Battered Shoe

Feb-23-2007 09:09

Some agencies, especially newer ones do charge reasonable rent to help defray the cost of running an agency. But in return for that, agents should be able to get advice, access the equipment locker, get help with case files, and get financial help with Shady if necessary. So yes, if any agency is asking for money and you are not seeing any benefit in return, you are well-advised to look elsewhere.

Many agencies do not charge any rent at all, FYI.


Feb-23-2007 11:55

That's werber #2 try to enter in my agency again...

do you belived...he kickked off one time becouse he ask for money and for itens...and he even know nobody....

whatt a loooser...

My agency charge 250 per day to help with the rent, and to have money when some detective need to pay the shady....
but never forget...with you don't know the guilty...don't "close yoour eyes and kick" ..just quit...

Old Shoe

Feb-23-2007 12:04

It appears ICP is under new management, so I think it is safe to join now

Izabella Irenka
Izabella Irenka

Feb-24-2007 02:34

Werber#2 is still harrassing my detectives on a daily basis knowing that he will not be allowed in the agency. There needs to be a point where this kind of behavior is reported. Thankfully I was notified before any money or equipment was taken (thanks Beef and Briekat!), but according to other posts it was not caught in time. When is the "correct" time to bring this to light? I don't want to see agencies or detectives that are intent on having a good time sleuthing be brought down by this sour apple.


Feb-24-2007 02:38

This is in the "light" for a while now :P
So I guess any smart agency who reads the boards will know what to do.
Please just get back to recruiting. Dont let one person dominate this board with anything else.
And... if anyone harsses you in PMs - There is this little button called ignore. When Ben sees that many ppl push ignore on the smae detective, he takes action.

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